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 Game Patch Update - Nov.15, 2017

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Game Patch Update - Nov.15, 2017 Empty
PostSubject: Game Patch Update - Nov.15, 2017   Game Patch Update - Nov.15, 2017 Empty15/11/2017, 20:01

Just a small fix. Well maybe a big fix for some!
SimGuruCleaningLady wrote:

Update: 11/15/2017 PC / Mac

I like to count things, sometimes things you don’t even know I’m counting. 99, 100, 101, 102... Did you see 102? Well, if you did rest assured, we saw it too. We cleaned up that little mess with 102, and your saves are now peachy keen.

Dead Sims hiding in the Netherworld have also been a little troublesome lately. A dead Sim that hasn’t re-surfaced will no longer be counted toward the Sim Count in Manage Households. Phew! Thank goodness because that was a lot to count!

- SimGuruCleaningLady
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Game Patch Update - Nov.15, 2017
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