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 Uploading to the forum

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Founder Mag

Uploading to the forum Empty
PostSubject: Uploading to the forum   Uploading to the forum Empty22/10/2011, 16:44

Posting on the forum
1...First thing you will need is pictures/screenshots to show what you are uploading
2...To add a pic I recommend you have a Photobucket or similar account they are free to use and you can set up an account
3...When you have your pics/screenshots on Pb (photobucket) ready to use its easy
4...Go to new topic type in your subject heading
5...copy and paste the IMG code from Pb into the main post body
6...If its an item of cc from another site ie TSR then you can use the link box above click on the link box and copy the http into the top section and your text into the bottom section and that is your link done.
7...If you are posting a creation then follow step 5 above and when you come to link to your download then follow step 6 except use the share link from mediafire or similar in the top section of the link box.
8...Congratulations you have now just posted onto the forum.

If you have any problems then contact a member of the admin team and we will be happy to help.

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Uploading to the forum
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