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 Round 3

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PostRe: Round 3

guitar rock  signing in MJ, fabulous song choice, now to put me thinking cap on  thinking thinking 

**Live - every moment - Laugh - every day - Love - beyond words**
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Round 3 :: Comments

Re: Round 3
Post on 8/6/2014, 20:47  revolution-sims
Just checking in guitar rock I thought I missed the deadline and got a bit worried lol.
Re: Round 3
Post on 8/6/2014, 21:29  mamajanaynay
@revolution-sims thanks for checking in! I thought you weren't going to make it!  nopeekin 

@Fantastic, Ya!  wootwoot wootwoot and thanks for getting you assignment in! When I heard this on the radio when it came out, I loved it right away.
Re: Round 3
Post on 8/6/2014, 21:43  mamajanaynay

Hello all creators and contestants. I bring some good news and some bad news. I'll bring the bad news first.
Ravenholdt1 and model Kosia Johansson have withdrawn from the competition due to RL commitments. Best of luck to you Raven, hope you will still lurk the rounds when time permits. We will miss you.  hugs 

Now for the good news. Due to Ravenholdt1's withdrawal, everyone who has checked in and/or submitted their assignment for this round will automatically advance to round 4. Those who have not checked in and do not do so by the deadline tomorrow Monday June 9 will automatically be eliminated.  

Creators those who have not yet turned in round 3 assignment please submit them to me by PM as I still need them.
Re: Round 3
Post on 9/6/2014, 05:58  Tacha75
Don't remember if I checked in but I am still here and working on my assignment :)
Re: Round 3
Post on 9/6/2014, 11:34  MadelynsMommy
I could have sworn I checked in here sorry about that......Everyones entries look great!!

Will have mine in later today.
Re: Round 3
Post on 9/6/2014, 15:04  mamajanaynay
@Tacha yes hun you checked in. lol Thanks for turning in your assignment.  luv u 

@ Michelle, thanks for checking in hun, I was getting worried there for a minute.  hugs 
Re: Round 3
Post on 10/6/2014, 04:31  revolution-sims
working on my assignment now. Im thinking it will be in some time after 12 >.<
Round 3
Post on 10/6/2014, 14:14  mamajanaynay
@rs, love the picture! Thanks for getting this in! luv u

@Michelle, your pic is awesome! Love how you took a scene right out of the video.  hugs 
Re: Round 3
Post on 13/6/2014, 20:04  heather1307
I am so sorry for not handing in.
I feel so horrible this just flew over my head with school starting back I've been so unorganised, I apologise again.
Re: Round 3
Post on 13/6/2014, 21:36  mamajanaynay
ayana, just pm me your assignment when you have the chance. You get to move on to round 4, because you checked in.  flower 
Re: Round 3
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Round 3

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