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PostSubject: Twallan's Mods @ Nraas Industries   Twallan's Mods @ Nraas Industries Empty25/10/2011, 14:55

Here you'll find a list and brief description of all mods by Twallan available at

Mods are listed in alphabetical order. Click the name of the mod to go to the download page at Nraas.

Any problems or questions, ask away!

Update details will be posted in the comments which will be cleared monthly.

***Links displayed with permission***

-----------------------------------  *** ----------------------------------- *** ----------------------------------- *** ----------------------------------- *** -----------------------------------

Adds in new interactions for playing animations. Can be used in combination with Cmomoney's Pose and Animation players.

Replaces recipes and compositions that are deleted once a sim has used them. If you're using Awesomemod - you don't need this, it can handle the issue all by itself.

Loader for custom careers. Be very careful with this one - If you're new to mods, or aren't very comfortable with them then steer well clear of this one. See download page for more details.  
- Additional Career Modules.

Allows you to sell more items at the Consignment store - things like sketches, potions, gems and rocks. Adds new interactions to the cash register and cashier.

Enables the EA debugging interactions - basically lets you fiddle around with things that you couldn't previously fiddle around with. It adds a new menu to every object in the game and lets you move it around etc - see the download page for full details of everything it can do.  

Removes the censor pixels (the mosaic) - basically this is Twallan's version of the 'No Mosaic' mod at MTS.

Mainly for allowing active sims to complete unpromised wishes and earn the lifetime happiness points for them, but can also be tuned to stop unlocked wants timing out and disappearing. 

Allows you to 'rotate' the outfits of all sims in your town, so they're not wandering around in the same outfit their entire lives! It allows for more automated customisation with things like accessories and new hairstyles, so you get a much more varied town. You can also specify which (if any) items you do not want to be made available for your sims to wear automatically. See download page for full list of new interactions and functions.

Error Trap
This is an absolute must have! - it cleans up script errors in your game as they happen. Anything it can't fix by itself it 'traps' and logs so your save files aren't damaged. The logs are posted in the Sims 3 root folder, and Twallan will look at any script errors that it spits out if you post them on the mod thread.

Changes the 'Go Here' interaction in game so it can be stacked in the queue, meaning you have better control over the movement of your sim, as it won't cancel out the action if you give more than one 'Go Here' instruction.

Opens up every house in your town so you can see inside them! - only when the game camera is on the lot, and Twallan warns that using this a lot will increase the game's memory usage, so be careful!

Allows you assign multiple occult/supernatural status to the same sim. Note that you will not be able to create hybrids in CAS - you must manually assign the occult in-game.

This is a really useful mod with lots of functions allowing you to have more control over your individual sims and your town population. There are so many features! It's probably best with this one if you check out the download page for full details of everything it can do!
Additional expansion mods available with extended features:
- Integration
Optional add-on for MasterController - integrates the functions into normal game play, so when you use an interaction which is affected by Master Controller, you'll get the MC function automatically, without having to open up the mod's options menu. See download page for full list of affected functions.
- ExpandedTattoo
Optional add-on for MasterController - allows more tattoo locations when using the "Basic - Tattoo" interaction in the MC menu.
- Cheats
Optional add on for MasterController - According to Twallan this mod includes some more 'cheaty' aspects of the MC and is suited to those who  want a more streamlined version. Read the notes of the base mod for more info on exactly what this does.
- Progression
Requires StoryProgression
Optional add on for the Master Controller and StoryProgression - adds in Progression Personality options to the MasterController menu
(only really useful if you use StoryProgression Personality modules)

Removes restrictions on households - allows the creation of a household with more than 8 sims, and households with no adults.
Also changes the way money is distributed when sims move.

Allows you to start the game without the disc. This mod does not affect the game launcher - you have to start the game directly rather than via the launcher. See download page for info on how to bypass the launcher.

After installing this, when you tell a sim to "Read Something" from the bookshelf, they'll only be able to select books they haven't read yet.
- Tablet Module: Replaces the 'Read' interaction on the Store content "MultiTab 6000" with one controlled by the base mod. This will crash your game if you don't have the MultiTab installed.

Great to have in combination with Error Trap, this mod periodically cleans up 'junk' in your game that accumulates during normal game play, and fixes errors.

Slimmed-down version of S3PE. This is a tool rather than a mod and is used to edit smaller-scale modification files. Don't mess with your files unless you know what you're doing! This isn't a "make modding easy" tool. Twallan warns that "this download contains an executable application. If you do not know how to install such, you should probably not be downloading it to begin with", so bear that in mind!

Prevents items disappearing from the inventories of inactive sims. Of course, there's no need to install this unless you're having that problem.

Careful with this one if you're new to mods, or just not very comfortable with them - This allows you to 'pack' up and export, and 'unpack' more than one household at the same time. Useful for moving sims to new towns - you can export an entire town of households at once if you want! Check the download page carefully for instructions on how to use it and make sure you read the notes, known issues and warnings (as you should be doing with all your mods!)

Adds more sim portraits to the game interface - you can use this in combination with Master Controller, The Woohooer, and The Mover to allow more than 8 sims in a household.

This replaces the EA Role Manager, meaning you have greater control over which sims in your town do which jobs. See download page for more detail on the options given by this mod - as with lots of these mods, there are too many to list here!

Allows you to change the flow of time in the game so it's more realistic, or just so you have more time during your sims' day to get things done! See download page for full list of new options.  

Expands the menu displayed for sims in the relationship panel, includes the ability to delete a relationship by ctrl+clicking on it and adds a numerical value for the relationships displayed.

Allows for in-game control over tuning package priority. Not recommended for those new to modding and not really useable unless you know how to create your own tuning packages for mods - so requires quite a high level of experience, but basically functions as a way for you to choose which tuning package takes priority (when you have multiple tuning packages) during gameplay, set by things like time or season. 

Promts you to save your game periodically. You can adjust the frequency of the prompts, by default it's set to start up after 30 real time (not sim time) minutes and ask you to save.

Lets you click on either image in the notification window to focus on the sim, and will display the 'known info' window when the sim is highlighted.

Overhaul of what happens when you select objects in game. Things like moving all custom interactions to the shift-click cheats menu. See download page for full list of affected interactions and features.

Adds new interactions so you can control the privacy settings on bathroom objects and stop your sims shooing eachother out of the bathroom if you want.
- UberToilet Module: Integrates the Store content "Uber Sani-Sim Toilet" into the base mod function.
This will crash your game if you don't have the Sani-Sim Store toilet installed.
- RoutineMachine Module: Integrates the "Not So Routine Machine Store object into the base mod function. Will crash your game if you don't have the object installed.

Removes restrictions on sims sleeping in double beds together. Also removes the privacy requirement on all the overridden beds.

This takes over from the EA story progression system, and allows you to have full control over what can happen to the rest of your sims while you're playing a household.
Additional expansion mods available with extended functions:
- StoryProgression Expansion
An optional extra for the original Story Progression mod with additional features. See download page for more details.
- Progression Personalities - set 'personality' modules for game progression.

Provides control over the weather system in the Seasons expansion. Adds functions for specifying weather profiles for different days in a season, and on a town-by-town basis. 

Adds the Late Night Traffic Manager to all your worlds. Obviously you need Late Night to have this mod. Gives you the ability to control the amount of traffic including fake taxis.

Best not use this one if you don't have World Adventures installed. Twallan warns that using this without WA can have "bizarre results" - it enables script error logging for travel, and allows you to travel to any destination for vacations, i.e. you can visit residential towns like Sunset, Valley, Bridgeport, Appaloosa Plains and so on (also works with custom installed worlds). It does plenty of other cool stuff too, have a look at the download page for more details.

A core mod allowing the user to see untranslated string keys in the game. This is another one not recommended for those new to modding. I'll use Twallan's words again - if you don't know what untranslated key means, you don't need this mod. 

This is Twallan's custom disease loader! It allows you to install the 4 disease type modules - Minor, Long Term, Goofy,Lethal & Zombie!
The mod will simulate the effects of the diseases in your town.

This is another mod that has a huge amount of features - it's main purpose is to change or remove restrictions on Woohooing, and to allow you to change which romantic interactions your sims can perform autonomously, i.e. if you just leave them alone and let free will take over. There's also an optional trait scoring add on available on the same page.
Additional expansion mods with extended features:
- Kama Simtra
An optional (and hilarious) add-on for the original Woohooer. Adds a custom skill for Woohooing with new moodlets etc.
- Scoring Module
Unlocks 'attraction scoring' in the base mod.

Adds all books written by sims to the Bookstore - they'll be available to buy under 'General' books.

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PostSubject: Re: Twallan's Mods @ Nraas Industries   Twallan's Mods @ Nraas Industries Empty24/7/2017, 04:17

July 2017


Vector Zombie Phase five V19

Code Update
Business As Usual Bistro V3
Hybrid Phase five V10

August 2017

Coding Update

Register Phase Twelve V81
Traveler Phase Seven V87

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Founder Mag

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PostSubject: Re: Twallan's Mods @ Nraas Industries   Twallan's Mods @ Nraas Industries Empty24/7/2017, 07:55

thank you for posting this MJ luv u hugs

**Live - every moment - Laugh - every day - Love - beyond words**
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PostSubject: Re: Twallan's Mods @ Nraas Industries   Twallan's Mods @ Nraas Industries Empty24/7/2017, 17:55

You're welcome Ina hugs
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Twallan's Mods @ Nraas Industries
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