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 friend with launcher problems PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Tasha Seventyseven Sims
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PostSubject: friend with launcher problems PLEASE HELP!!!!   6/11/2011, 15:07

First I would like to say I arleady chatted with EA twice and I did everything that i was instructed to do and im still having the same problem, so maybe one of you guys can help me, so here is my issue

My Welcome Screen on my launcher is blank, I can not log in and I can not upload any sims. I have cleared all my cache, package files and thumbnails. I had unistalled and reinstalled my origin and my game and it's 100% custom content free, it is updated with the lastest patch, my adobe and java program is up to date as well

This is what she has in her blog, Can you help please
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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: friend with launcher problems PLEASE HELP!!!!   6/11/2011, 17:20

I had this problem too, but with mine it was bad CC I ended up right clicking on the sims icon on my desktop and running as administrator that fixed the problem for me. sorry i cant give you any more advice. hopefully isla will be able to help more

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PostSubject: Re: friend with launcher problems PLEASE HELP!!!!   6/11/2011, 19:25

That could be a problem with the EA server/her internet connection - everything on the welcome screen is online - if there's a problem with the connection or the EA server is messing up then there'll be issues with the stuff on that screen. I get it sometimes, I usually just ignore it until it goes away since I never really use the launcher for anything other than installing/deleting custom content and starting the game.

I've seen a couple of people using Internet explorer have it fixed by going to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Then click "restore advanced settings" - obviously that's just for IE users, but it's worth posting just in case.

CB hun do you know how long it's been going on for? If it's only just started then it might fix itself in a couple of days.
If it's been going on a long time then there might be more to it than that. - she might need to check her video drivers are up to date and still meet the requirements. EA support should have already done that - they should have asked her to post a DXDiag and it would have shown them anything that wasn't up to scratch.

If all else fails and there's nothing that needs updating, it might be a case of "we're going to have to just bug EA until they sort it" . If she gets back in touch with them and tells them she's tried everything they've suggested and more then they have to help her. She could even offer to post a DXDiag for them to look at if they don't ask for it. She could also try posting it in the forum tech section and see if someone there can sort it out or offer her any more advice.

Oh, just in case she's not sure how to get the DXDiag:
1. click on "Start"
2. click "run"
3. type "dxdiag" and click "OK"
4. check through the tabs and perform all tests
5. click "Save all Information..." and save the text file anywhere you like

Hope this helps! :)
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friend with launcher problems PLEASE HELP!!!!
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