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 Wick of the Wooden Shed

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Sciffy Circo
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PostSubject: Wick of the Wooden Shed   1/3/2012, 03:10

scanned by InaMac69

Based on a real person, who lived in a storage shed behind an abandoned restaurant from September 2010-May 2011, in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg, IL, going to the nearby Streets of Woodfield for free wifi.  I knew no less than a dozen homeless people in the area, ages ranging from 25-60, some with part time jobs, some with unemployment, some with cars to sleep in, some with laptops, tablets, and iPods, some with only food stamps.

Amusingly, that shed is STILL STANDING, go look in the parking lot what will soon be the new Vidalia Steakhouse.

Yes, I was homeless during that Snowpocalypse.  I just had to include it on one of my lots.  I ended up with another Sims friend who used to live in Schaumburg who'd since moved to Guam, who loved seeing my work on this lot, and Streets of Woodfield.  I knew another person, age 25, female, hiding behind the Northwest Transportation Center bus station, and another, male, age 50+, who hid in the post office building, and 2 others, age 40+, male, with part time work who slept in a car they shared, 1 male age 40+ who had a night job with Comcast and slept in the Schaumburg Library, another female age 60+ who was too prejudiced and racist to survive anywhere and eventually the cops found her something, 1 male age 40+ who played Chess on his laptop at Starbucks all day.  One male under age 25 with blond dreadlocks who rode a bike everywhere, carrying a large backpack with a laptop and drawing pad, one male under age 30 who seemed to be a student from India until I kept seeing him at the same places at the same times on his laptop, using food stamps to eat out just like I was.  

And so on.  Problems at home, I see...  and keep seeing...  You don't have a home, do you?  You're like me then.

They're hiding and blending in all around you; you just didn't realize it.  We didn't make ourselves obvious, like the downtown beggars shaking change cups, or even chasing you down the street begging for money, so people usually just ignored us and left us alone.  Check out my Streets of Woodfield lot in the community lots section, which would be across the street from here in real life, where all of us homeless people ultimately met.

Obviously, this explains why I've built a number of lots for the homeless, and do stories about the homeless, and usually have at least 1 such lot in each world I play.  Same with the low-income housing and apartments.

the video:

Yes, this was a real homeless hut, and a pretty sweet deal for the person who found it and camped out there for 9 months!  Obviously, it's changed a bit for game play, but I tried to stay as close to the real deal as possible.

If the world goes wild when loading, switch to map view till it clears up.  Fog emitters do weird things sometimes.
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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Wick of the Wooden Shed   2/3/2012, 15:32

awesome work hun

hearty luvs hearty luvs

**Live - every moment - Laugh - every day - Love - beyond words**
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Wick of the Wooden Shed
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