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 MMM C7 Round 7 Scores

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Admin Mag
Admin Mag

PostSubject: MMM C7 Round 7 Scores   16/11/2017, 23:20


-Following the Assignment - Did you read the assignment details?:

You will be judged on how well you have followed the assignment details.
If the round requires a "Profile" shot, this generally means a side on view.
As the photographer. it is up to you to read all details and follow them closely.
We will endeavour to list as many details as possible for you to follow.
Point deduction may occur.
-Creative Flair - Imagination, Setting/Background all come under this:

As the person behind the camera your shots will be from your own imagination.
You can however use the internet to search for inspiration to help you along the way.
We love creativity and hope to see your potential shine through.

-Overall Quality - Lighting, Pose and Pixels all come under this:

In this competition, we have decided to be picky on the poses/lighting and overall quality of your shots.
As judges we will try our best to help you improve along the way.

Please remember: We are keeping the scoring to simply scores with only brief comments to keep the threads cleared and free from any overflow of questions having to do with scores each round. If anyone would like to know more specific reasons for deductions, or has any direct questions, etc. please pm the judge(s) personally....we will respond through pm to you.

Words by ArtsyAmy495

Anyone can criticize...can YOU inspire? - unknown

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Admin Mag
Admin Mag

PostSubject: Re: MMM C7 Round 7 Scores   17/11/2017, 00:13

This WAS an Elimination round. BUT you are all safe due to the delay in R7 scores from losing our judge, Kittymeow,

and one model has been eliminated already.

However, this does mean that the next round (Round 8) only the TOP 3 will continue on to compete in the Semi-Finals (Round 9)

kissy  To see your scores and comments from the judges click your models name below your picture kissy

(See Round 8 assignment details for this round's winner surprise twist.)

The Top 3 Placings

1st Place with 98.5/100

Justin Silverman:

2nd Place with 96.5/100

Neil Gibson:

3rd Place with 93.5/100

Hassan Faisal:

4th Place with 92/100

Demetri Cruz:

5th Place with 91.5/100

Dion Cardenas:

6th Place with 87/100

Sebastian Cruz:
7th Place with 86.5/100

Leonard O'Brien:

Devon Hopkins by Lilly

Anyone can criticize...can YOU inspire? - unknown

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MMM C7 Round 7 Scores
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