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 Simplistic Magazine Comps: R2 (Halloween Costume Party) Scores

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Admin Mag

PostSubject: Simplistic Magazine Comps: R2 (Halloween Costume Party) Scores   19/10/2017, 03:21


CREATIVITY: Judges look at the amount of detail in the actual shot entered for each assignment, and the props (objects, etc.) & background used to “show-off” your model. It is good to be as cohesive as you can with the overall idea/theme you choose you do for your shots. (Make sure you pics are easy for the judges to understand your creative vision for the shot). You are allowed to submit short descriptions, explanations, and/or intros to each shot you submit to help us to understand what you were aiming to achieve in your picture.
POSE/STYLE: You will always want to be sure your model’s look/style is different from the previous round or application shot; the attire of your model scores in the Pose & Styling category. Also please be sure that the actual pose ties in with the assignment’s requirements or the overall theme/idea/creative vision you are aiming for in your pics. It is not required to use pose player…some shots can achieve the necessary pose in-game with creativity. We do not deduct points if pose player is not used. You are scored according to how well the pose ties into your shot.
QUALITY: The aim for quality is magazine quality. Judges look at the amount of cleanness/clarity (are shots fuzzy/blurred in areas), focus, lighting, and the amount of detail of the actual model that is showcased in your pics. Please remember that we do not deduct points for shots which are purposely blurred; however, it is best to explain this briefly with your entries to insure points are not deducted unnecessarily.
EDITING/IN-GAME DETAIL: Judges will pay attention to the amount of effort & detail that the models put into either editing their shots (if you are photo editing) or in the actual use of the game to stage your model's shot (if not editing). This competition is designed for either and now each contestant will receive scores based upon how they choose to enter their shots.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: All shots submitted are scored according to how well each judge feels the total package views. This is entirely independent for each judge & views may or may not be the same. Also you can have points deducted in other categories but still score high in this category if a judge still feels the pic is presented well.

Anyone can criticize...can YOU inspire? - unknown

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Admin Mag
Admin Mag

PostSubject: Re: Simplistic Magazine Comps: R2 (Halloween Costume Party) Scores   19/10/2017, 03:21

Everyone once again did an amazing job with this assignment. We loved seeing all your beautiful creativity.

Well, the judging starts now...lets see the results.

First we'll start with the Bonus Points. Remember each round our judges have 1 bonus point to giveaway, and every round one of our judges will have an additional point to giveaway. For this round there is also an additional credit that was given to those with their assignments in by the due date.

*Round 2 has only Amy and Jen judging.

Bonus Points (BP) Giveaway:
Amy: (Belladonna)
Jen: (Belladonna)
Jillie: n/a

+0.5 assignment in on-time credit (Belladonna, Cat, Anna)

This was a Non Elimination round. YOU are all safe

eeeeeppppp To see your scores and comments from the judges click your photographer's name below your picture eeeeeppppp

The Top 3 Placings

1st Place with 97.5/100


2nd Place with 93/100


3rd Place with 92.5/100


Safe Photographers

4th Place with 88/100


5th Place with 82/100


6th Place with 0/100

**Marina (No Pic/Entry)**

Anyone can criticize...can YOU inspire? - unknown

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Simplistic Magazine Comps: R2 (Halloween Costume Party) Scores
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