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 Ina & Jack - A Simtech Legacy

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Ina & Jack - A Simtech Legacy   14/8/2017, 15:05

Hello fellow simmers, I thought I would start a legacy type story thing eeeeeppppp

Well it's like a legacy in the fact we will have heirs and an on going family through the generations, but more like a fun little story revolving round my simself and my other half Jacko.

All chapters are fictional in the fact we are "Sims" in this but some conversations will be loosely based on how we are in Real Life ... should be fun I think rapberry

To begin with we are living in a house that I built...yep Me!! Much to the annoyance of Jacko I think, seeing as though he is a much better builder than I am. But since this is set in MY game, I'm gonna use a house that I done, I am also going to decorate it as I want  muhahaha

This is me, Ina. I'm a painter and have joined the Painter Career. As you can see my 1st painting is complete, I know its nothing to shout about, but hey we all gotta start somewhere. OOh my butt looks good in those jeans.  lol1

This is Jack or Jacko. He loves his garden and would spend every second of every day there. In fact as you can see he got straight out the pool and started weeding. He has entered the gardener career, I thought that would suit him best. Anyway I didnt want him to go running off each day to work, I wanted him here with me. Especially when the sproggles come along, will need all the help I can get.  Very Happy  Very Happy

So this is us. We are living in Sunset valley at the moment. I like it, its easy to navigate and suits what we want for now. Am not saying we wont move in the future but for now, yep SV it is.

"Morning hun"
"Morning Jack, err honey you stink, go have a shower please. Once you're done I need to talk to you"
"Do I smell that bad?" (Sniffs own arm pits)
"OMG, see the green cloud?? Well that is a stinky sweaty cloud of garlic infused rotten cabbage. Don't sniff your pits, urrggh go have a shower"

"Right am all showered, do I smell better now?"
"Oooh, yep. You smell yummy."
"Right what do you wanna tell me?"
"Hhhmm what? Sorry was day dreaming...gawd you smell so good"
"Ina, tell me"
"Oh right, yeah.... errr... we are, well I am, no we are...expecting"
"Expecting what? OH!! Expecting, as in Baby?? We're havin a baby?"
"Yes, honey we are"

"Hun, there's no pictures in this book"
"Do you really want to see pics of someone giving birth?"
"Well am gonna be there with you"
"Yeah but at the top end honey, I dont want you to see that end, it might put you off future hanky panky"
"Why would it do that?"
"Well, in this book it says men can be put off sometimes by what they see"
"I can promise you that aint gonna happen here"
"I still want you at the top end please, just in case"
"Well let's just see what happens shall we"

"So I was thinking, about names"
"Jack we are only just into the 1st few months, we have plenty of time to figure out names"
"Ok, are we gonna find out the sex before hand or wait and see"
"I think we should wait and see"
"Ok, so back to names...If I choose 1 boy and 1 girl name and you do the same"
"Jack, we can decide later, when we get closer, on a name"
"Ok, well am just gonna throw this out there...Maverick for a boy and Jessie for a girl"
"JACK!! Fine, we will get a notepad and write those in it. Good lord man, why dont you listen"
"What? What did I do?"

As you can see the bumparoo is expanding.

"Hello little one, am your daddy"
"Aww, he is kicking"
" it a he? How do you know? Did you peek at the scan?"
"Sorry, she is kicking...I dont know what we're having. Nope I did not peek at the scan, it could be he or she or both for all I know"
"Twins!! you never said it could be twins?"
"Calm down Jack. Jeez you're more freaked out than me LOL"

"Alright hun. Look am gonna go do some cleaning. You ok?"
"Yeah am just gonna soak in the tub for a bit then I might start a new sculpture or painting"
"Ok, if you want me I got my phone on me."
"Am ok honey, no signs of little one coming yet, I dont think."

Jack cleaning the loo.

I broke the sink!!!!  oopsssi  Jacko to the rescue..  boogiboy

I started a new sculpture but had to stop, it was hurting my back. The pain just aint going away. Think I'll go for a wee walk.

Jack made it to the garden, again. LOL

"Honey it's only a wee creature, it's not gonna bite you"
"What?? Waters?? Baby....oh right. Ok hun, lets go"

With that they zoomed off to the hospital. I have a question why do the women, who are in labour, always drive?? Would it not make sense for them to be driven by their partners??

Ok, lets come back soon to see what happens with Ina & Jacko next time


**Live - every moment - Laugh - every day - Love - beyond words**
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Admin Mag
Admin Mag

PostSubject: Re: Ina & Jack - A Simtech Legacy   18/8/2017, 18:52

coolcool Awww, such an adorable story so far. I'm glad you're doing this.

I hope there are twins. twins Good luck Mama!!! At least you have a handy man who is willing to READ the prep book! too funny

Please tell me pigeons WON'T be showing up somewhere along the way? too funny too funny too funny

depopcorn Waiting for the next installment. depopcorn

Anyone can criticize...can YOU inspire? - unknown

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Ina & Jack - A Simtech Legacy   22/8/2017, 15:49

I cannot rule out pigeons for the future but for now nope no feathery friends LOL

next instalment will be posted soon (hopefully before the weekend)

heart spin

**Live - every moment - Laugh - every day - Love - beyond words**
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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Ina & Jack - A Simtech Legacy   24/8/2017, 12:06

Part Two

We have a GIRL. This is Jessie. Named by her father (Jacko) <-- dont really need to let you know who the father is but well thought it might settle the minds of those with any doubts LOL

"Hello little angel, daddy's little Jessieboo"

Awww so sweet, Jacko is actually a very hands on daddy. He is always the 1st to rush when she wimpers. In fact he reminds me of a meerkat. Always bobbing up and down to make sure she is ok.

He even helps around the house too. How lucky am I? A man who is not only a manly man, but also has this sweet, caring soft nature. I am blessed. Make not to self, thank his mother when I next see her.

"Hello, we have heard you have been in a car accident..."
"No I havent, look how many times have I told you to take my number of your feckin list!!! One more call and I..."

They hung up!! I hate those calls and we seem to get them ALL the time. How do they get your number?

"Hello baby girl, time for mommy cuddles"

Oooh looks like I actually get a chance to snuggle the little princess. Where is Jacko?

Well it didnt take long for old habits to come back now did it?? Haha am sure he loves that bed more than me at times.

"Sorry Jessie baby, I know you are daddy's little girl but he is still snoring his wee head off so you have to make do with mommy"

Time to get up Jacko, time for cake !!


Knew that would wake him lol

Aww its time to age up sweet baby Jessie. I knew it would be Jacko who done the honors.

How the heck did we get a blonde baby? Unless through the magic of mind the game actually knew both Jack and myself were blonde as babies (true).

"How did I get the potty training one?"

It came up on your wishlist LOL

You also got the talking one, maybe thats because you actually do talk more than me very funny

Yay I get to play. Hey how come I'm dressed like that? Oh yeah I remember... I'm expecting again kissy

Tune in next time to see what happens in the Ina & Jack household


**Live - every moment - Laugh - every day - Love - beyond words**
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Admin Mag
Admin Mag

PostSubject: Re: Ina & Jack - A Simtech Legacy   24/8/2017, 20:08

First, This picture is too cute AND funny...doesn't it remind you of a certain recent pic I saw on FB? LYHO

And, WOW Mama, expecting AGAIN!!!? You're keeping busy! too funny

Lovely lurk depopcorn

Anyone can criticize...can YOU inspire? - unknown

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PostSubject: Re: Ina & Jack - A Simtech Legacy   

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Ina & Jack - A Simtech Legacy
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