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 Game Update - June 15, 2017 - The Sims 4

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PostSubject: Game Update - June 15, 2017 - The Sims 4   20/6/2017, 17:24

SimGuruNick wrote:
Update: 06/15/2017 – PC Version / Max Version

Hey Fitness-Simmers!

Fitness Stuff is just around the corner, and assuming it’s not currently leg day for you, it’s time to Pump *clap* you up!

*begin the motivational music… maybe something that sounds good while running up stairs in Philadelphia*

*queue the motivational slogans…*

   Let’s get physical!
   You can’t fall if you don’t climb!
       Is that motivational?
   You’re better sore, than sorry!
   Feel the burn!
       Climb a little every day, keeps the fire at bay.
   Fitness is the most underrated of all the -nesses!
   If you’re running with me, be prepared to walk.

Yo, Adrian, are you feeling motivated? Also, Bob, that one person that likes to go by just Meg, and everyone else… are you feeling motivated?! Alright!

Um… I only finished the intro class on motivation… I guess you can just hang out on the couch now. Probably grab a snack. Play a game… like The Sims™ or, you know, watch some videos… about The Sims™ or whatever. Oh… we have some issues that were addressed in this release, you could read about those too.

General Issues

   A Sim can now sit upon the Executron Executive Desk Throne at a desk.
       Sims sacrificing comfort, desks and chairs working together… mass hysteria!
   We addressed an issue where Sims were getting a bit too much hot tub in their beverage… Sims will no longer dip their drink into the waters of the hot tub.
   Male Sims wearing leggings will no longer wear them under underwear, but will now wear them over underwear.

Vintage Glamour Stuff

   Children will no longer play with makeup autonomously.

Bowling Night Stuff

   Sims will no longer attempt to bowl at inaccessible bowling lanes.
   We addressed an issue that could cause the screen to flicker when switching floors while bowling.

Get off the couch, clap your hands, and feel good - you just did half a jumping jack! Until next time,

[posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who got a little overzealous with the workout motivation and pulled a muscle.]
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Game Update - June 15, 2017 - The Sims 4
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