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 Style - The Semi Final

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Style - The Semi Final   12/12/2016, 13:59


-Setting/Background, Creativity, &/or Quality:

These 3 groups flow together with scoring and entries/shots are looked at to see if the entry/contestant is using an "in-game" or "photo-edited" shot/stage. If doing photo editing we look to see how well the sim/objects are placed/blended into the background; are there jagged edges, poor lighting/shading effects, right proportions, etc. For in game shots we look to see how well laid out the stage is and how well all items used are placed (no odd objects showing that should be hidden such as lighting), and all of the placement & layout of the scene. A photo edited shot should look more realistic because of all the effects & editing you can do to enhance a shot (just like in rl photo edits) just sim-i-fied (with your sim as the person in the pic) & in-game shots should have good setting/staging using in game lighting and objects to enhance the overall shot. You're the 'photographer' trying to show your creativity in your shots using solely your game or enhancing with editing. We judge according to what is submitted.
-Visibility of Garment & Pose & Style:

These will be scored according to how well your model is wearing & showing off their fashion and specific item each assignment (both scores can affect the other here too).

Please remember: We are keeping the scoring to simply scores with only brief comments to keep the threads cleared and free from any overflow of questions having to do with scores each round. If anyone would like to know more specific reasons for deductions, or has any direct questions, etc. please pm the judge(s) personally....we will respond through pm to you.

Words by ArtsyAmy495

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Style - The Semi Final   12/12/2016, 14:11

Welcome to the Semi final Scores.
You all done an amazing job this round and we are so very proud of you all.
Unfortunately only 2 can move on to the final.
This was an Elimination round.

kissy  To see your scores and comments from the judges click your models name below your placing kissy



Eliminated Model


We are so sorry to lose Jen with Allie this round.
You have been an amazing contestant throughout this competition and we look forward to seeing you again in future comps.

3 Cheers for Jen and her beautiful model Allie in securing 3rd place.
cheer  cheer  cheer

Below you will find your 3rd place siggy.

Again let me congratulate you on your placing. You are a wonderful contestant and I have always looked forward to seeing your entries each round  more love

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Style - The Semi Final
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