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 OBITUARIES - Round 1 Scores

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Admin Mag
Admin Mag

PostSubject: OBITUARIES - Round 1 Scores   2/12/2016, 00:15


- I highly suggest you do NOT lose any entry pics and/or SAVE any stage/room/etc. you created for an entry for every round…
this MAY become useful in later rounds…

- Example pics will be provided each Round using RL examples so as not to take away any creative ideas for your
in-game styling, set-up, shots/pics, and/or staging.
- Each assignment turned in for Rounds MUST portray the specified death + have a brief description.  
- Your background, staging, lighting, props, styling, colors, makeup, poses, etc. is all whatever you choose to use for your entry,
but should make sense for the shot/death you are trying to portray.
- Assignments will be posted every 7-10 days and you will have 7 days to submit (extensions will only be granted if asked for &
you may have up to 2 additional days.) If any extensions are provided, the next assignment will be posted by pm (private message)
to all models who have already submitted their entry, so they may begin the next assignment. All assignments are already ready and
will be provided to at least two judges to share with models by pm when needed. However, please do NOT post an entry for the new
assignment before ALL models have submitted the previous round’s assignment and scores have been posted for that round. This will
help keep everything sorted properly. You will be notified in the comp’s thread when it is okay to submit entries whenever assignments
are released by pm.
- First picture submitted will be the one judges use to score. Check, double or triple check it is the right one before uploading!

NOTE: An in-game shot that is uploaded to a photo sharing site and/or a border is added, is NOT considered “EDITED”. Editing is for
any: drawing, blurring, shading, lighting , cutting out, inserted backgrounds, or other more detailed enhancements. Sharpening also is not
considered as editing. (*just be careful to not over sharpen.) But as mentioned, editing is not required & there is no preference. It’s just we
want judging to be fair as far as what is able to be accomplished for photo editing shots & in-game shots. (“apples to oranges”--both fruit,
but completely different & are judged accordingly) This will allow models to compete with similar type entries opposed to opposites.

- Obituary Relevance _ /10
- Death Factor: _/10
- Creativity _/10
- Quality: _ /10
-Stage/Overall Picture: _/10


Stage/Overall Picture, Creativity, &/or Quality
These 3 groups flow together with scoring and entries/shots are looked at to see if the entry/contestant is using an "in-game" or "photo-edited"
shot/stage. If doing photo editing we look to see how well the sim/objects are placed/blended into the background; are there jagged edges, poor
lighting/shading effects, right proportions, etc. For in game shots we look to see how well laid out the stage is and how well all items used are placed
(no odd objects showing that should be hidden such as lighting), and all of the placement & layout of the scene. A photo edited shot should look more
realistic because of all the effects & editing you can do to enhance a shot (just like in rl photo edits) just sim-i-fied (with your sim as the person in the pic)
& in-game shots should have good setting/staging using in game lighting and objects to enhance the overall shot. You're the 'photographer' trying to show
your creativity in your shots using solely your game or enhancing with editing. We judge according to what is submitted.

Obituary Relevance
These will be scored by how well the entry is explained for each assignment. Only brief explanations are required, but the more creative, the higher the
points will be. Do not be intimidated if you think you are not the best writer! Whether your obituary style is humorous, tragic, sad, or simply stating the facts,
ALL creativity is encouraged, so just start here if it’s your first time doing an narrating for your sim pics, but for many of us, we ALWAYS have thoughts or
ideas of just what our sims are or SHOULD be saying if they could actually speak. You are just giving the voice. Lol Have fun with this one!

Death Factor
These will be scored according to how well your model is portraying the "Death Scene" in each shot and how well their style and poses go along with the shot
for each assignment. Your shots should all have a more eerie feel to them since after all, your model is dying. (this score will affect scores can affect the
other here too).

Please remember: We are keeping the scoring to simply scores with only brief comments to keep the threads cleared and free from any overflow of questions
having to do with scores each round. If anyone would like to know more specific reasons for deductions, or has any direct questions, etc. please pm the judge(s)
personally....we will respond through pm to you.

Anyone can criticize...can YOU inspire? - unknown

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Admin Mag
Admin Mag

PostSubject: Scores   2/12/2016, 00:17

Amy Picked- MI (Drew & Anastasia)+ SMTD (Drew & Thalia)
Ina Picked- FL (Drew & Anastasia)
Jen Picked- AB (Adelina & Evelyn) + IGG (Thalia)

***PLEASE NOTE: There is an error on the actual Score Cards for Drew and Thalia's overall total.
They are +1 pt for SMTD Bonus Pts that weren't added in.
(The correct total will be changed on next round's Overall Pole.

TOP 3:

Judge Comments for Anastasia:

Like a Star @ heaven

Judge Comments for Drew:

Like a Star @ heaven

Judge Comments for Thalia:

Remaining Placements:

Judge Comments for Evelyn:

Like a Star @ heaven

Judge Comments for Kristine:

Like a Star @ heaven

Judge Comments for Adelina:

Like a Star @ heaven

Judge Comments for Madison:

Like a Star @ heaven

Judge Comments for Alana:

Like a Star @ heaven

Judge Comments for Amethyst:

Like a Star @ heaven

Judge Comments for Aviana:

Anyone can criticize...can YOU inspire? - unknown

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OBITUARIES - Round 1 Scores
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