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 Carter - His Legory - His Life !!

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   20/12/2016, 21:33

awww thanks for reading honey, and yes they are sort of based on us in a round-a-bout way LOL (the lovey dovey stuff anyways) hearty luvs hearty luvs

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Jack's Creations (Jacko)

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   21/12/2016, 14:49

they are very loving like us :) xxx

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   30/12/2016, 09:22

Chapter 13

Oh my gosh can you believe they had triplets in the last chapter, but in saying that the kids are very cute, not sure who they look like though. Sometimes I look at them and think yesp they look like Carter then other times its more Meredith. I suppose we will have to wait and see how they turn out as they get older.
Ok lets get back to the legory then.

"Hello there"
"Hi Ina, you might want to step back as its potty training time and who knows whats gonna come out this time"
"Eh? What do you mean Meredith?"
"Well 1st it was a little pee pee, then it was something I am sure would have melted your nose, honestly god knows how someone so small and sweet could produce such an awful smell"
"Oh I get you now, I know that all too well, raised 3 of my own"
"Tell me, I give them good wholesome food, natural stuff yet their poop is absolutely disgusting"
"If I had the answer to that one sweetie I would tell you"
"Ok, lets see what you done for mommy"

Before she looked I left her to it, I know its not a scratch and sniff screen but I didnt want to take the chance LOL

"Hi Carter, hi Storm"
"Hey Ina, say hi to Ina Storm"
"Is she talking now?"
"No not yet, that will come later today, maybe"
"She is so cute, they all are"
"I know, I am so lucky to have such fabulous kids, and even luckier that their mom is Meredith. Thanks Ina for bringing her to me"
"Well, I did have a hand in that didnt I haha"
"Yes you did, and I couldnt be happier"
"Awww I'm happy for you Carter"

After Carter had put Storm in her highchair and gave her some of that lovely natural goop Meredith had mentioned he went back upstairs to collect Rain.

"Hey cutie"
"Hey Ina"
"Not you mister, this little one"
"I know haha was just joking with you"

After breakfast it was back to potty training this time with Rain.

It didnt take long and all 3 were potty trained and even walking. Just got the talking to do now and then we are set for aging up.

"Oh hey little guy, where are you off to then?"

I better get one of the parents to come get this little dude indooors before he freezes in the snow. Haha now they are all walking its gonna be hard watching that they dont let themselves out all the time. have you noticed that toddlers are expert escape artists?

"You got him then?"
"Yes, little rascal that he is. Always wants to be outside"
"Like father like son then?"
"Yeah LOL"
"Where is your wife?"
"Oh I sent her out for a bit, she was going stir crazy so needed a break"

"Hey Mrs, why not take the car?"
"I dunno, I just grabbed the 1st set of keys and now am freezing my butt off on this thing"
"Go to the diner and I will get Carter to come get you"
"Cant leave the children alone though, its ok, I will grab a cocoa and head back"
"Dont be silly, look I will call for a babysitter for the kids. Wait at the diner"
"Ok, will do"

I went back to the house and told Carter what his wife had done, called a babysitter then sent him in the car to collect her. Maybe he will get rid of his stir craxy icon too now. Had they really been indoors that long? Maybe they had LOL Oh dear will have to make sure they get out more.

"Oh hello, you must be the babysitter?"
"Yeah, am Alison"
"Hi Alison, I'm Ina"
"Where are the sprogladites then?"
"The sprog..what?"
"The children, sorry haha"
"Oh ok, they are in the family room"

I was a bit worried at 1st but Alison turned out to be a wonderful babysitter and more to the point all 3 of the little ones liked her.

"Hey guys good to see you back"
"All safe and sound thanks to my hunky hero here"
"Oh baby, you know I would always protect you"
"Hey guys, enough of the mushy stuff, you can do that later when I'm not here"
"Ok Ina, sugar lets get teaching our babies how to talk"

Meredith asked Alison to stay a bit longer and since she had a good connection with the kids she asked her to teach Rain to talk. Meredith taught Storm and Carter taught River. By the time they had done, the kids were fed, bathed and changed ready for bed. Alison got picked up and went home which left our 2 lovebirds with a little free time.

Oh good lord!! At it again. I know what I can do....

Zoom out and show you the weather. It looks beautiful doesnt it, all that snow, so white and crisp. We dont usually get thick snow here where I live, we get snow, but in dribs and drabs. I wish we could have thick snow like that just once. Anyhoo I sent our young couple to bed so that in the morning we could concentrate on aging up those little ones. I can't wait to see what they are going to look like.

So the following day, after breakfast, potty time, laundry, cleaning everyone was ready. I put out the birthday cakes ready.....

For the love of.....WHY?????

"Get out the way Ina... I got this"
"Meredith, noooooo, leave it for the fire brigade"
"Pffft I can do this, just make sure the kids are out the way"

The firemen did turn up eventually.... Anyway you will be pleased to know EVERYONE is ok. No one got hurt at all, even though Carter kept running towards the flames like some crazed lunatic. Stupid man, why do they do that? Too much excitement for me for one day, the aging up can wait. I need to lie down, or at least have a drink.

Until next time folks

hugs  hugs

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Head Admin
Head Admin

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   30/12/2016, 21:08


I guess it's been a lil bit since I read this last, had to catch up on chapters 11, 12 & 13!

So happy that Carter and Meredith are getting along so well. The wedding looked fab! Loved the names for the triplets; Storm, Rain and River. Meredith looks fab after just having 3 babies! It's no wonder Carter can't keep his hands off her. Wink lol!

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   31/12/2016, 11:46

thank you MJ, I have another 2 chapters ready (got them done before christmas LOL) so will be uploading the next one later today more love

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   1/1/2017, 12:24

Chapter 14

Well my dear readers, after the excitement of the last chapter, you know where the feckin cake went up in flames and we didnt get a chance to see the rugrats age up, I decided to go and check on Roberto and Rosa and the girls. Lets have a wee look and see what they've been up to.

"Hi there, forgive me but which twin are you?"
"Oh errr, mom...Mom....MOM!!!"
(Voice from the other room) "Yeah what is it sweetie?"
"There's a voice coming from, I dunno asking me who I am?"
(I called through to Rosa)
"Rosa its only me, Ina"
"It's ok sweetie you can talk to Ina"
(Back with twin number 1)
"Am sorry if I gave you a fright, I know its been a while since I popped in here"
"Its ok, I'm Teresa."
"You aged up, wow, last time I saw you, you were a toddler"
"Oh ok, well am now grown up so is Maria"
"Awesome, is she about anywhere? I would like to see her too"
"Yeah she's around somewhere"
"So who are you?"
"Well sweetie thats hard to explain, maybe ask your mom later"
"Ok, so are you a ghost?"
"Nope not a ghost, haha. Get your mom to tell you"
"K, I'll ask her now...Mom, Mom, MOM.."

Teresa went to find her mom while I looked for Maria. Has it been that long since I came over here? Surely not!! Obviously yes.... LOL

"Hi Maria, do you remember me?"
"Nope, but mom told me who you are so its cool"
"I am so glad she did, sorry I havent been around lately"
"Its ok, mom said you are the writer and creator and your main focus is on Uncle Carter and his family and that we are just extras in your legory"
"Well, errr yes she is right, but I will try and not make you feel like you are an extra, I will try and bring you all into the legory more"
"I dont mind, whatever you want to do is fine with me"
"Oh you are such a sweet girl"

I actually felt guilty about that, can you feel guilty over not playing with your sims? I mean do they actually miss you when you dont play with them or am I just going crazy? Probably just going crazy, nuts, insane!!!!!

"Hi Rosa enjoying the snow I see"
"Hi Ina, gosh its been so long since you came around here, and yes I love the snow"
"I know am so sorry about that hunnie, I will try and come round more often though"
"Look I know how busy you are, I heard through the grapevine that Meredith and Carter had triplets"
"Yes they did, that was a bit of a shocker"
"I thought it was hard with 2 never mind 3 haha got their work cut out there havent they?"
"Yes they have indeed"

"Hey mom, can you help me build a snowman?"
"Sure sweetie, just let me get up"

"And then you pat in the snow nice and tight like this see?"
"Oh so he wont fall over?"
"Thats right, he needs to be nice and fat, thick so he is sturdy enough"

"Wow he looks awesome"
"Thanks, my mom helped me a lot"
"Where is your dad?"
"At work, he's always at work"
"Oh, but he works hard so you can have nice things though right?"
"I suppose, wish he was here though"

Take note Ina - Roberto needs to be with family more...

"Haha 2 against 1, thats not exactly fair is it"
"I dont mind Ina, anytime I get to spend with my girls is a bonus"
"Well said Rosa, but I think maybe you should head indoors as you all look frozen"
"I think maybe you're right, girls time to go in"

when they got in, Rosa made them something to eat. I really enjoyed spending time with Rosa and the girls, pity Roberto wasnt there though. I think I will go check on the town and leave Rosa, Teresa and Maria to eat in peace.

"Ok, well am off for a bit, might go and look around town and see who is about."
"Awww thanks for stopping in Ina, it was good to catch up"
"yeah it was Rosa, I wont leave it so long next time."
"You better not, haha"
"Bye girls, be good for your mom"
"We will, bye Ina"

I left them to it and went looking around town, you know what this town is like a ghost town, there is no one around. Might be cos its snowing and cold. Oh well, never mind.

I left my game running while I done normal real life stuff, like laundry. Hate laundry am sure there are people living in this house I dont know about cos where does it all come from?? I empty the basket and low and behold an hour later and its full again!!! Ok well after I done the ever growing laundry pile I got back to my game. Lets go back to Carter.

"Hi Rain, you got big?"
"Yeah we had our birthday"
"Was I gone that long?"
"You were away for 3 whole days"

Wait was I gone for 3 days?? Oh crap yeah, sim days hahahahaaaa, thought for a second I had passed out and lost some time hahahaaaaaaa.

"Hi Storm, wow love the sweater"
"Thanks, hi Ina where've you been?"
"Oh I was over at Teresa and Marias house for a bit"
"You missed our birthday"
"Sorry sweetie, I forgot"
"Its ok"

As you can see River aged up too. They all look fab dont they? Now I need to go find Meredith and Carter to apologise for missing the birthdays.

"Hey guys...Wait..WTF....How did that happen?"
"Well Ina, you should know by now HOW this happens but if you don't I could give you the "talk" haha"
"Very funny, I know HOW it happens but HOWWWWW did this happen?"
"Errr, well we were left by you to our own devices and we got sort of carried away"
"I bet you did, you look like you are gonna drop any minute"
"I am nearly full term, you have to remember it only takes 2 or 3 days for sim babies to come"
"I know but...I was only gone for a short time"
"It only takes a short time"

Holy crap!! I need to take off the story progression I think haha.

"So how are you feeling Meredith?"
"I'm good, cant wait to have this baby though"
"You think its just 1 this time?"
"To be honest I think its more than 1 but I didnt want to freak Carter out"
"Why does he just want 1?"
"he hasnt said to be honest but am sure he thinks its just 1"
"Will it bother you if its more?"
"Not at all, I want a lovely big family"
"Oh oki doki"

Note - Do not let her have any more if this turns out to be another multiple birth. I can't cope trying to look after 6 of them LOL

"So matey how do you feel about this pregnancy?"
"Ina I am sooooo excited, I think it could be more than 1 but dont let Meredith know, she might freak out if its more"
"Oh, ok, so you dont mind if its more than 1 then?"
"Nah, I actually want it to be more, I love kids and want a huge family"

Do these guys not talk to each other then LOL

"So girls are you looking forward to mommy having her baby?"
"Yeah sort of"
"Sort of?"
"Well I want another borther but Rain want another sister"
"Oh I see, what if you both get what you want"
"You mean twins? Is mom having twins?"
"I dont know what she is having, it might be just 1 baby or there could be 2 or 3 some moms have 4 or more at the same time"
"Oh man, am not having any if you can get that many in 1 go"
"Me neither, I dont want to have a lot of babies"

I left them to it, let go find River.

"Hey sunshine how you diddlin?"
"How my did what?"
Diddlin, you know how are you?"
"You could have just said that, am ok"
"Good good, you hungry?"
"Duh...thats why am gonna eat this"

Good lord what is it with boys? The girls are all chatty and boys well they seem to be more interested in eating.

Later the whole family went out to play in the snow.

I left them to it, I didnt want to get hit by any stray snowballs.

Until next time, when we should find out if its 1, 2, 3 or more babies. I still cant get my head round the fact they are having more and I didnt have anything to do with it. Or did I muhahahaaaaa.

love2u love2u

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Head Admin
Head Admin

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   1/1/2017, 18:44

LYHO Great update! But where is Roberto? Get it? Where's Waldo but in this case Where's Roberto? lol!

I sure can't wait till S4 brings seasons into the game! Gosh I sure do miss the seasons. unhappy crys

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   9/1/2017, 16:39

In all the time I have had seasons this is really the 1st time i have actually let the weather run on its own LOL

Roberto is still there ( I checked haha ) he just wasnt in the pics as he was out at work, I think you can just about see him in one of the shots.

hugs hugs

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   12/1/2017, 16:25

Chapter 15

So last time we left the family playing in the snow. I wish we got snow like that here. We had snow last night/this morning and now its turned to mush. No building of snowmen, not enough to even build a snow mouse !! I suppose thats what happens when you live right on the coast.

Ok, lets get back to our little family to see if Meredith has had her baby yet. What do you think she will have this time, boy? girl? one of each? With this game I never know LOL

"Hi guys, no baby yet?"
"Nope, not yet, still got a day or 2 to go"
"Do you know what you're having?"
"No, we wanted to wait and see, we don't mind as long as he/she is healthy"
"Are you all set then?"
"Yes, haha, we still have the cribs and all that from the last lot and Carter went out and stocked up on creams and diapers"
"You are good Carter"
"Haha, I remember how many we went through last time"
"Well you did have 3 last time, this might be just one"
"Do you really think it will be just 1 Ina? I have a feeling its more than that"
"Time will tell I suppose"

Later that day......

"Rain sweetie, could you go get daddy"
"Yeah in a minute"
"Errr, no sweetie, now please"
"Let me just finish..."
" daddy the baby is coming"

With that Rain set off to look for Carter, I did too..........

"Quick, come, the baby..........the baby is coming"
"What now? Let me throw this in the washer, where is Meredith?"
"Crap I dunno, I will go find her, just be quick!"

I zoomed straight back to where I had left poor Meredith. You see I can zoom, being the one on this side of the screen, I just use my mouse and whooosh you can be in any part of the house you want to be. Let me show you..........


Ooopsie forgot about the baby coming......... Ok, click on Meredith ""Go to Hospital""
Now I can play around with zooming and whooshing all over the house.
It wasnt too long before Meredith and Carter had added to their little brood.

Wait there's more..........

Oh No not again.............

Well done Meredith. You have some beautiful babies once again. Oh yes not forgetting you Carter, congrats to you both.
Now where is he? I need to talk to him......

"Hey matey, first of all congrats on the bambinos"
"Thanks Ina"
"Secondly I think you need to tie a knot in it..."
"What? Oh my....... baby making stick"
"Yes, your manhood. I think maybe 6 kids is enough dont you?"
"Well, I dunno, it all depends on Meredith too"
"Dont you worry I will be talking to her too"
"Ina, anyone would think its you thats having them"
"I know its not me having them, and at the end of the day you can have as many as you want, but come on 6 kids is plenty dont ya think?"
"As I said Ina, its down to me and Meredith to decide not you!"
"I know that..... Look we will just have to wait and see what happens"

"Hi Mrs how are you feeling?"
"Tired LOL"
"I was just saying to Carter that ....."
"I heard you, and I agree with him. Its up to us how many we have, at the moment I dont want to think about having any more but you never know what will happen in the future."
"Yeah but.."
"Ina no buts. Leave it to us to decide"
"Ok,ok, I know when am beat"

"Awwww how cute"
"I know, but not so cute when they are screaming to be fed haha"

I left them to it for a couple of days. It was birthday time for the babies, toddler mayhem here we come.

They turned out not too bad. Now though the real work begins haha. We will see if they want anymore after they have dealt with the potty runs, the tantrums, the toddler tornado that rips through the house LOL

I will leave you there for now. Just a small chapter to keep you going.

Until next time.

hugs hugs

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   30/1/2017, 20:25

Chapter 16

Hey all. Yep am back with more from our ever growing Stevens Family. Am not going to hang around today and fill you up with tons of meaningless dribble drabble instead am gonna fire straight in with the update.

"Hi Storm, playing with Striker? Awww you are such a sweet big sister"
"Yeah, mom said to keep him busy while she sorts some stuff out"
"Well thats what big sisters are for, helping mom"
"What about big brothers? What do they do?"
"Oh they can help mom too and help dads when they are asked to do so"
"Good, cos next time I think River should do stuff"
"Why doesnt he do anything now?"
"Yeah but its always me mom asks"
"Am sure thats not true sweetie"
"It is, its always, Storm can you play with...Storm can you take out the trash, Storm can you empty the potty..."
"Don't you want to help mom?"
"Yeah I do, but sometimes I wanna watch tv or read a book"
"Ok I'll chat with mom and ask her to ask Rain or River next time"
"Ok, thanks Ina"

"Hi Meredith can we talk for a minute?"
"Err, am kinda busy feeding the kids just now, can it wait till later?"
"Sure ok, no problem. They are so cute, hello Lake"
"Right I gotta get the other 2 fed and then its the bigger kids and me and Carter"
"Busy busy mom then?"
"Yeah, sorry Ina can't stop and chat gotta keep moving"

Wow poor Meredith was really busy indeed. She got the little ones fed, then made hot dogs for the rest of them. Carter helped with the little ones for a bit, he potty trained Lake. Meredith potty trained both Luna and Striker. Carter taught Luna to talk while Meredith taught the other 2. Thank gawd for the bay walkers, all 3 learned to walk by themselves. Carter done a work out before bed while Meredith cleaned the house and done the laundry. Carter went to bed around 11pm and Meredith done the last round of feeding and diaper changing before she headed for bed after 1am.

Looks like the big kids are off to school.

"Hey mister driver man"
"Urrrgh yes!!"
"Drive safe with this precious cargo, no U-turns, no going up on the sidewalk, no slamming on the brakes"
"Yes ma'am"
"Good, I will be watching. Have a good day at school you 3"

"Good morning Meredith"
"Morning Ina"
"Where's Carter?"
"Oh he's taking Striker downstairs for breakfast"
"Oh so he does help then?"
"Yeah he does, now and then haha"
"Good good, speaking of helping, can we talk now?"
"Sorry Ina I have to get these little ones sorted before doing some work. We are running low on funds."
"Oh ok, can we talk later then, its important."
"Yeah sure come find me later or even better I will call out for you when I am free"
"Oki doki, I will be around here somewhere"

"There you are, I've been wondering where you have been"
"Am here Ina, am always here. In the garden, helping with the kids, cleaning, doing laundry."
"Oh you forgot, working out, swimming in the pool, playing catch with the older kids"
"Is that sarcasm I hear?"
"Maybe a little bit"
"Whats got into you?"
"Nothing, look can we talk?"
"Later Ina, I need to get the harvest in, then am off down to sell it and pick up 3 birthday cakes."
"Oh are you aging up the little uns?"
"Yeah, Meredith says its time"
"Ok, I wont keep you then. Just try and make time for me later then"
"Will try Ina"

As you can see it was time to age up Luna, Lake and Striker. Yay Happy Birthday liitle guys bday3 party time bday3

Sh*t, I gotta get some rooms sorted I think. Man I need to be more organised. Oh look its too freakin late now to build anything. Right think Ina, think. Oh I know....

That will have to do tonight. When they all get up and go off to school, I will do something more permanent. Might have to get my builders mind back on.

"Good morning Meredith"
"Morning Ina, sorry I dint get back to you the other day. What did you wanna talk about?"
"Oh, it was to do with Storm. She feels you never ask the other to help as much as you ask her"
"Oh the little...did she tell you that? Did she also tell you she was grounded for not doing her chores?"
"Err no, she only...."
"Did she tell you that she took a toy away from Luna? I bet she didnt, man that little squirt"
"Look maybe we should just forget the whole thing"
"Hmmm, we'll see"

Uh oh, think I might have upset her. To be honest I feel played, I feel as though Storm got the better of me, well she played the wrong one here. She's only a kid I hear you say, yep she is, but just you wait one day she will be old enough face her karma. Yep you can call me that now, Karma muhahahahaaaaaaaaaaa.

"Off to school boys? Striker love that green sweater, River always looking smart in your beanie and Lake rocking your leather jacket matey"
"haha thanks Ina"
"Where's your sister boys"
"She will be out in a minute"

"Morning Rain, you dont look too happy"
"Urrgh, am tired, I dont like school"
"Oh dear, is your sister still in there?"
"Yeah she's just coming"

"Morning Luna, looking forward to your 1st day?"
"Yes I am, I'm so excited"
"Oh thats good, you will have a fabulous day I just know it"
"I hope so"
"Is Storm still in the house?"
"Errr no, I think she went already"

"Good morning Storm, trying to avoid me?"
"Nope, just thought I would get on the bus early cos I like this seat"
"Oh I thought it was maybe cos I spoke to your mother"
"You did?"
"Yes I did"
"Just before I came here"

I left Storm with her thoughts, am I cruel to have put that in her mind before school? Maybe I am, oh well lets see what happens next time, I might just let it all fade away and not bother her at all. You will have to come back next time to find out.

Love to all

Thanks for reading xx

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   6/2/2017, 11:19

Chapter 17

Hello and welcome back for another instalment of Carter and his legory, even though lately its been more about the kids and what they have been up to. They did have 6 afterall so yep they are gonna take up a lot of my time and yours for the near future LOL.

That's right we left last time when Storm had played me, remember angry evilevil Will I take revenge or not?? Probably not at the moment, am too nice arent I? Anyhoo lets get on with it.

As you can see I had to add another level onto the house. I moved all the boys up to the top level and introduced an art studio for Meredith and added in some musical instruments for them all to improve their skills on. The girls are on the middle level along with mom and dad. All this building tires me out LOL.

"Well its good to see you all doing your homework"
"We have to, its the law"
"Who said its the law?"
"Mom and dad, they said if we dont do it the police will come and take us away"
"Oh, well in that case you better do it then, dont want you all to get carried away to the cellls where they only feed you cabbage and lentil soup"
"Urrrggh thats horrible"
"Oh and you have to pee in a bucket"
"What? they have no toilet?"
"Nope, no toilet at all, just a bucket in the corner and you have to do everything in that"
"Quick, get your homework done or we will be taken to the jail!!!!"

I think I put enough fear in them to get it done don't you muhahaha

"Hey River what are you doing sitting in here on your own?"
"Oh I wanted to get this done and all the girls were chatting"
"Haha well girls do chat, a lot"
"Yeah its worse cos they have their friends here too"
"Dont you like girls?"
"Yeah, I like girls but not when all they talk about is hair and barbie stuff"
"So what do boys talk about then?"
"Errrr, pokemon and minecraft"
"Oh I see, well I will leave you to get on with your homework then"

"Hey you two, how you diddlin?"
"Hey Ina, were good thanks"
"Good good, how you feeling now that Storm, River and Rain are heading for teen years?"
"Oh my god, don't remind us. Three teens in the house is gonna be crazy"
"Yep it will be, but then you decided to have them LOL"
"True, am looking forward to it to be honest."
"Meredith are you mad woman?"
"Haha I mean the girls can come shopping with me, and the boys can help Carter more"
"Is that the only reason you had kids was to go shopping haha"
"No no, not at all. I had them to be mini workers around the house hahahahaaaaaaaa"
"Haha, funny"

"Where have you been?"
"I went to buy the birthday cakes, were gonna age them up later"
"Oh ok, so soon?"
"Yeah they are A's in school so its time to get them aged up"
"Oki doki"

"Hey sexy lady come and give me a kiss"
"Don't mind if I do"

I think this is all these 2 do. I have to make sure there are no more pregnancies though. Don't think I could cope with more kids in the house LOL

Meredith has tons of laundry to do, much like real life, laundry seems to rule my home. Every time I turn around the basket is full again. I am sure my neighbours sneak in and fill it up !!


"Daddy, is it time for my cake yet?"
"In a little while darling, mom has a few things to do first"
"Does it hurt, aging up?"
"Nope not at all, it kinda tingles a bit but it doesnt hurt"
"Oh ok"
"You have done it twice before can't you remember Storm?"
"Nope, I cant"
"Well that tells me it wasnt sore, cos if it was you would remember"
"Oh yeah, ok daddy"

Ok, lets get them aged up. Sorry forgot to take pics of them blowing out the candles but I did remember to snap shots when they were all sorted.

Storm 1st

Rain next

and River.

They aged up pretty well, I think they all look more like Meredith than Carter though.

Well I am gonna leave you there for now. Until next time folks, thanks for reading

hugs hugs

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PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   31/3/2017, 17:11

Ina ... LOL, you do have a way with words!!! ... well done, more love   Love this Legory, no one tells a story like you do kissy 2

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PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   

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Carter - His Legory - His Life !!
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