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 Carter - His Legory - His Life !!

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   4/9/2016, 14:52

Chapter 5

OOhhh what a turn of events eh! Last chapter Kate turns up with the revelation that Piers is the father of little Kyle. This chapter we will be concentrating on Piers/Kate and the is he or is he not the father, and what will he do if he is and what will she do if he's not???? Oh so many ways this could go.... Let us go join them and find out.

"What time does the post come?"
"Anytime between 7 and 3. Why?"
"The results should come today"
"Oh for the DNA?"
"Yep, man to be honest am totally sh*tting it"
"You know, what if he is mine, I mean I'll be a dad, you know"

"What you gonna do?"
"Dunno mate"
"I mean will you make a go of it with Kate?"
"I dunno, she ain't said much. We've been texting and stuff but nothing has really been said"
"What do you wanna do?"
"Man, I have no f**cking idea. I've never thought about kids you know?"
"You and me both, but one day we knew if would come"
"Not me, I really thought I wouldnt have any"
"Hows that?"
"You know my past, I didn't have the best dad. I always thought what if I have kids and I end up like him"
"Yeah but you can't think like that, you are your own man. You can't think cos he was a dick you're gonna be one"
"He was a dick wasn't he haha"
"Yeah he was mate, your mom done the right thing by you and your sis by getting away from him when she did"
"You're right there mate"

After what seemed like an eternity, just sitting and waiting for the mail. Piers had a lot of time to think things through.

"Hey Piers, how are you feeling?"
"Hey Ina, yeah am a bit nervous"
"You thought much about what your going to do?"
"I haven't stopped thinking about it"
"You going to tell me?"
"Not yet, gonna get the results then you will all find out"
"Is that the mail?"
"Here goes, the truth, is he mine?"

Piers ran to the mail box, almost taking Carter and me out haha. I wonder if he was anxious to find out if his whole life was going to change or if he was thinking maybe just maybe he was off the hook? Lets find out shall we....

"Hey Kate, its me"

"Hi Piers, are they in?"

"Yep, they are. Look can I come over?"
"Sure you can."

Piers wanted to tell Kate the news first. So he headed right on over to her place.

"Wow that was quick"
"I need to see Kate and tell her the results"
"What are they?"
"Kate first"

Meanwhile inside the house, Kyle is playing peek-a-boo (just thought this pic was cute so had to add it in somehow LOL)

Once inside, Piers asked to speak to Kate alone for a bit. I respected his wishes and kept out the way. he spent a few hours with Kate and Kyle.

"And the monkey said ooh ooh aah aah to the big teddy bear"
"Having fun?"
"Yes, absolutely haha"

"Oh hello who the heck are you?"
"Sorry Ina, meant to tell you I hired a nanny"
"Piers go talk to her and find out more"

"So Ina, want to know more about you"
"Ok, my name is June. I am a nanny. I have recently moved here from Sunset Valley. I am 24yrs old. I am single."

(As if I didnt know all that haha, I made her but I thoght hey, the readers need to know why there was a strange person walking around Kates house)

"Are you happy Piers?"
"Yeah, I think I am. It's a whole new chapter to look forward to"
"I am glad, now are you going to share the news with everyone else?"
"In a bit. I have to go, time for work soon."
"Ok, well look. You are welcome to come by anytime to see Kyle"
"And you, can I see you too?"
"Of course you can"

"Ok little dude, I gotta go now"

"I don't think he want you to leave"
"Crap, I gotta go, sorry Kate"
"It's ok, come on Kyle, give momma a cuddle"

"Come and say bye bye to ""DADDY""
"Daddy, I like the sound of that, bye bye little dude. See ya later Kate"

"How did it go mate?"
"I am Kyles dad, the test said 99.9% positive. So yep I am now a dad"
"How do you feel?"
"To be honest, am still getting used to the idea. I did call my mom though and Trixie. To let them know they are now officially a grandma and aunt, they want to come see him. Can you believe it mate. Me a dad? I spent the day with him and Kate and well, it was amazing"
"I am so happy for you. All that worry for nothing eh!"
"Yeah, now comes the real worry though. How do I support them on my part time wage?"
"Well I think maybe you need a better job"
"Yeah true, oh and by the way. Kate has a nanny, June"
"Oh, is she hot?"
"Well, I think you would like her mate, she is just your type"
"Right am coming with you next time then, haha"

I left the boys there for just now. I do have a wee collage to show you of Kates house so far. These are not the best pics as I almost forgot to take them, I will try and get better ones for next time.

See ya soon

hugs  hugs

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Admin Mag
Admin Mag

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   6/9/2016, 06:20

Awwwww, I knew he looked just like his "Daddy"---hahaha depopcorn

Sure hope no little ones are watching for the name of his dad coming up,,,,,what type of a guy he was too funny

can't wait for more! very nice chapter happyfeet

Anyone can criticize...can YOU inspire? - unknown

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Head Admin
Head Admin

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   6/9/2016, 20:14

Had me wondering there for a minute if we were going to find out if Piers was the daddy or not! Lot's of big decisions to made.

Kyle is such a little cutie!

Patiently waiting for the next chapter depopcorn

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   7/9/2016, 07:51

thank you for reading chickadees love2u

Hoping to get the next chapter up this weekend, if not before hugs

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   26/9/2016, 15:18

Oh my lordy, I din't think it had been so long since updating this sorry my fault

Ok, let me grab my pics and I will be back in 5 scared

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   26/9/2016, 16:30

Chapter 6

So where did we get to?? Ahhh I remember Piers had found out that Kyle was his son. It's been a little while since we checked in hasn't it?

"So how are things with Kate?"
"They are going really well mate"
"That's good. Have you picked things up?"
"You know, are you hooking up?"
"Ohh, yeah. That side of things are really taking off"

"I need to tell you something"
"Yeah, what?"
"You know Kyle is mine right? Well I was talking to Kate and we want to pick things up, you know be a couple and all that"
"Yeah, but you're doing that already"
"I know but....well we err, wanna take it a step further mate"
"Oh, you moving in with her?"
"Errr yeah, you don't mind do you?"
"Why would I mind? It's sounds like a good idea to me"

"Yeah but it means you won't have my money coming in"
"Look Piers, Kate and Kyle need you more now. And anyway, I can always get a new roomie"
"Look, I can stay until you find someone if you want?"
"Nah its fine, just go be with Kate and the little man"
"You sure?"
"Yeah, you need any help to take your stuff over?"
"No man, its only a few bags."

With that Piers and Carter had a manly hug and he was gone in a flash.

"Here we are again Carter my boy, just us 2. What you gonna do now?"
"I thought I would advertise for new a new roomie"
"Good idea. You need the extra cash coming in so we can do more to the house"
"Yeah but am sure you could help out if needed"
"Nope, not just now. You have to earn some dollar before I help you I've already done loads to this place and ahem I am not a great builder you know"
"Hey this place is awesome, you can build"
"Flatterer, but go on tell me some more haha"
"Nope got to get that ad online"

*Double room within a nice home to rent.
Own bathroom, shared kitchen/diner/lounge.
Parking space for 1 car available.
Rent to be arranged.
Viewing a must

"How does that sound Ina?"
"That sounds good. Hopefully you get a good tenant and not some horrible slob, I cant be done with mess you know. I might have to kill them off if they mess this place up"
"Hahaaaa you are funny, kill them off, yeah right"
"I am serious!! One click and pffft gone!"
"Crap, you could really do that?"
"Yep, dont mess with me Carter or you could be gone too"
"You wouldn't"
"I would"
"Am off before I do delete you since you are annoying me."
"Ok, see you later then. Have a good night Mrs"

I decided to go catch up with Piers and Kate now they are official.

"Kate, thats it all in. I am officially living with you and Kyle now"
"I'm so happy Piers darling"
"You know, to be honest I am too"
"You din't think you would be?"
"Not that, more a little nervous about it all"
"Come here you silly man"

"Awwww you 2 are too sweet"
"Ina, err, hi"
"Hi Kate"
"Err what you doing here?"
"Thought I'd drop in and see how things are"
"Everything is fab."
"I can see that haha. Piers you know you have a family to take care of now?"
"Yeah, I know. I am so happy to be here"
"I know that, but look, the part time job just aint gonna cut it now. Time to find something else"

"Honey, Kate, I just got a better job."
"Yeah, what was on there?"
"Well I could have gone into styling, or day care but I applied to be a firefighter and they accepted me. I start tomorrow"
"Ohhh, a firefighter eh? Do you think you might be able to bring the uniform home?"
"Why would I wanna do that?"
"OMG Piers you are so slow............women, some women, most women have a thing for firefighters, or a man in uniform"
"Oh, I see, errr yeah I can wear it home sometimes"
"Ahem, you two, am still here you know"
"Sorry Ina"
"Right am gonna spend some time with Kyle"

"Awwww he is so cute, it's good to see you with him"
"You know Ina it's totally strange but I know I'm where am supposed to be"
"That's good Piers, I hope everything works out for you and Kate."
"Me too, and this little guy needs a bath and bed"
"I will leave you to it. Night Piers"
"Night Ina, say night night to Ina Kyle"
"Nig nig, mwah"
"Awww night night little dude"

A couple of days had passed before I went back over to see Carter. Thought we'd better let him get some response of that add.

"Baby are you sure this is the place?"
"Yep am sure hun. Look someone is coming"

"Hi am Carter, you must be Mr & Mrs Lopez?"
"Yes, I'm Roberto and this is my wife Rosa"
"Hi pleased to meet you. Come inside and let me show you around"

"As you can see it's an open plan, lounge/kitchen/diner"
"It's very nice, it's bigger than it looks from outside"
"Yeah like a tardis"
"Haha, yeah it is"
"Follow me and I'll show you the room upstairs. At the end of the hall behind the stairs is a bathroom."

Roberto and Rosa looked impressed with my building/decorating skills as they followed Carter upstairs.

"This is the room guys. It looks very bland at the moment but if you decide to take it then you can decorate it to your own taste. Through the door at the end is your own bathroom."

"I love it, Oh Robbie it's perfect for what we need right now"
"Well look I will leave you to look around a bit on your own. Come down when you're ready"

"What do you think? Do you think they'll take it?"
"Not sure Ina, she seems more happy bout it than him"
"Hmmm I did notice he didn't really say much did he?"
"Nope, oh well we will have to wait and see"

"Well Rosa my love, what do you think?"
"Robbie I love it. It's what we need right now"
"I know, I just wish I could afford our own place"
"We will soon enough, we need to find somewhere now before we start work on Monday. Then we can save as much as possible for the deposit on that big house near the beach"
"Yeah, look if you say yes we will move in"
"Then I say yes, just need to talk to Carter about the rent"
"Ok, Rosa let's do it"

Sealed with a kiss. Roberto and Rosa moved in straight away. The rent? Well lets just say they brought with them a good chunk of money and when they both start work that will bring in some extra dosh and we can maybe get some improvements done around here.

"Hey guys am gonna leave you to it for a bit"
"Ok Ina, sure you don't wanna stay for dinner?"
"No am fine thanks sunshine, you enjoy, bye guys enjoy your 1st night"
"Thanks Ina, bye hun"
"Bye Ina, take care"

With that I left them all to it. Awww its so nice to see a lovely couple move in with Carter don't ya think?
Ok, am off now. Tune in next time to see how Roberto, Rosa and our own Carter are getting on. I will also keep you up to date with Piers, Kate and Kyle.

Love n hugs

hugs hugs

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Head Admin
Head Admin

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   26/9/2016, 17:08

Oh my. I do hope things work out for Carter and his new roommates, they seem a nice enough couple.

Happy to hear that Piers and Kate are trying to make a go of things, lets hope it's for all the right reasons and not just for the sake of the wee little one. But it appears that Kate still had some embers glowing for Piers.

Awesome update Ina!

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PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   26/9/2016, 19:29

Awwww, tis sweet (<---You see how u rubbing off on me!) kissy 2

Glad there is some help paying those bills & we have a new family!

Anyone can criticize...can YOU inspire? - unknown

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   26/9/2016, 19:38

So glad you are both enjoying Carter and his wee legory. The new couple were a gift from Jacko, so I just had to use them in the story/legacy or whatever you want to call it LOL more love more love

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Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   17/10/2016, 16:25

Chapter 7

Now where did I get to with this??? BRB just got to check eek

Ahhh yes that's right the new lodgers/roomies had just moved in. Ok lets get on with it I love you

"Have you decided what you are going to do with the extra money we brought in?"
"Errr nope, think maybe Ina has a plan"
"Hahaa yes I do Carter, yes I do. Well I actually have a couple of things in mind. Maybe you would want to choose?"
"Yeah go on tell us what they are"
"Ok, 1st I was thinking of adding a pool and landscaping the garden or 2nd I could build a garage with laundry and a gym/games room above"
"Oooh I like the pool idea"
"Alrighty Rosa, what about you Carter?"
"Well I actually like the garage idea, the pool can wait for now as we really do need a laundry room am sick of using the laundrette"
"Hmmm ok, I will see what I can do with the funds available"

"So Ina asked Carter what he wanted to do with the money we gave him"
"Oh ok, what did he say"
"Well she asked if he wanted a pool or garage"
"And what did he say?"
"He liked the garage idea only because she said she could do a lundry room in it and he is fed up using the laundrette, but really shouldnt it be us who decides what the money gets used for? We brought it so don't you think we should get a say in how its spent? I wanted the pool, I bet she builds the garage"
"You know honey, it really is up to Ina and Carter, yes we brought some money in but at the end of the day we are only extras in this legory, we are not main characters"
"Well, we should be MAIN characters"
"Yes dear, now get into bed so I can cudlle you"
"Cuddle is that all?"
"Well, you never know what will happen once you get in here"

Time for me to leave the room..........

Guess what I built while they all slept????

Yep a GARAGE muhahaha No pool in sight Rosa !!!!!

"Good morning sunshine, did you see what I done for you?"
"What, oh mornin, nope not yet. What did you do?"
"My goodness you must need glasses, see that big building over there? It's a garage with laundry etc"
"Oh awesome, thank you Ina. No more laundrette for me then lol"
"Haha, you can now do your washing at home. Are the others up?"
"Yeah I think so, think Rosa is in the kitchen"

"Morning Rosa"
"Yeah, mornin"
"Whats up with you? You seem a bit grouchy?"
"Nothing is up with me. Just tired thats all"

"Morning Roberto"
"Morning, oh and thanks"
"For what?"
"Building the garage, now I have to put up with misery pants downstairs"
"Ooooh, is that why she is grumpy? Cos I didnt build a pool?"
"Yeah I think so, she did say she had a bit of a tummy upset though so it could be that"
"Oh dear, maybe I'll stay out of her way for a bit"
"Lucky you, I have to deal with her LOL"

"What are you doing out here?"
"I had to get away from all the banging and huffyness going on in there"
"Oh dear I think I must have upset her, I better go apologise"
"Apologise for what?"
"Not building a pool"
"Look Ina, this is out legory, you can do what you want and so I can I, well mainly you, no need to apologise to her"
"Yeah but if I don't you guys will have to deal with her all day"
"Not all day, I can go to work haha"
"True, well Roberto then"
"Hey, he chose to marry her and I bet its not the first huff and I can sure as hell say it won't be the last either"
"Well am going in anyway, wish me luck"
"Good luck Ina, you are a brave woman"

Crikey, she can't be that bad surely? Well am going in.....

"Oh wow they look so tasty. Look Rosa am sorry if I upset you"
"Ina, you didn't upset me, well maybe just a little but it's ok"
"You sure you're not mad at me?"
"Yes am sure, everything is A-OK, now look I am really hungry and need to eat"
"Ok, I will leave you to it sweetie"

"Hey babe, guess what? I just landed a job at the stadium. I start tomorrow"
"Oh, thats great news baby"
"Yeah, what you reading?"
"A cookbook, I really have this craving for some cheesy bean pie"
"But you don't like pie"
"I know isn't it odd"

Uh oh !!!!! We ALL know what this means Suspect Suspect

While Rosa was busy I decided to add to the garage, well not add as such more landscape some of the garden around it. Am getting quite carried away with myself these days. Don't worry builders, I am not taking your crown....yet LOL

"Hey Piers mate, hows it going?"
"All good dude, listen I am calling to see if you want to come to dinner next week? Kate's family are coming over and I could do with the back up"
"Sure what day?"
"Think its Friday will get back to you with a time, gotta go, Kyle is ready for bed"
"Kk, chat soon"

Not much happened for the rest of the night, a bit of tv, a bite to eat, a couple of toilet runs. You know the normal household stuff.

"Good mor....Oh my lordy! Are you?"
"Errr yes I am. Morning Ina"

"Baby I need to tell you something"
"Yes my love"
"We are expecting"
"Expecting what?"
"You know, expecting a baby. You're gonna be a daddy"

"Oh my darling I am so happy, come here and give me a kiss"
"Roberto, what will we say to Carter?"
"The truth babes. We still have a while before the baby comes"
"Yeah true, can we afford our own place?"
"We will have to darling"
"Time to tell Carter"

"Eating again? Look you better get dressed as Rosa is coming down to tell you something"
"What she gonna tell me?"
"You'll find out in a moment"

"Errr Carter can we talk to you for a minute"
"Yeah sure, whats up?"
"Well you know the other day I wasn't feeling too good?"
"The day you offered your stomach to the white throne?"
"Yeah, well it turns out, I'm...I'm pregnant"

"Awww man that's great news. I'm so happy for you guys"
"You sure? It means we have to move out before the baby comes"
"Look its fine, I can always get a new roomie"
"I am pleased, I thought you would be mad at us"
"What?? No way man. This is awesome news. Look I gotta go get ready for work. I am happy for you both"

Wow, he took that well didn't he? Anyhoo I left them to it for a bit. When I went back Rosa was away looking at a house that came onto the market at a really good price.

"Oh wow this is nice"
"Hi Ina, yes it's on for a really good price"
"Awesome, it looks huge"
"It is, 7 bedrooms"
"Wow, how come its on for so low?"
"The owner died and the family just want rid of it, they think its haunted"
"Eeeek, that doesnt bother you?"
"Nope not at all"
"Ok then, can we leave before it gets dark?"
"You wuss"
"I know, come on lets go"

View from outside...Was that a ? Did you see that? ... booboo Hide

A few days later...

"Hey Rosa how you feeling?"
"Hungry, haha, always hungry"
"Did you get the house?"
"Just waiting on Roberto now, he was calling into the realtor office on his way home"

"What the feck are you wearing?"
"What? Oh my sport uniform"
"Eh?? Oh crapanoodle I forgot to sort your career wear out hahahaaaaaaaaaa"
"Ina shush, baby what did they say? Did we get it?"

"Drum roll please Ina"
guitar rock guitar rock guitar rock guitar rock guitar rock
"Dont have drums but I gave you guitar roll instead"
"Ok, not the same but whatever"
"ROBERTO, did we get it?"
"Sorry baby, YES YES YES we did, we pick up the keys tomorrow"

With that we will leave them there for now. I wonder how Carter is gonna feel when they move out? I also want to know who might be moving in, well I have an idea but am not saying anything zip mouth zip mouth Until next time, love n hugs to all hugs

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PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   20/10/2016, 13:05

Chapter 8

Back so soon I here you ask? Well yes, yes I am. I have another little instalment for you all. Ready? No? Oh you need a cuppa, me too coffee

depopcorn depopcorn

Ready now? Yes, ok let's go....

"Oh you've moved in already? Sorry, didn't realise you were on the phone"
"It's ok, hang on 2 mins"

coffee <- More coffee while I wait

"Sorry Ina, was organising a friend to come and stay"
"Oh do I know them?"
"You should do, you created her LOL"
"Sssshhhhh you giving the game away LOL"
"Sorry teehee, yes we moved in yesterday. Need to get some rooms ready before the baby comes"
"Crikey, not long to go then"
"Nope not at all"

"Roberto, I need to go for a nap, can you listen out for the door"
"Sure baby, who is coming then?"
"Meredith is coming today, she is going to see what she can do to get this place organised"
"Meredith? You're friend from Uni?"
"Yeah, she is an interior designer now"
"Awesome, sure you go ahead and I'll get ready for when she gets here"

A few hours later.....

"Helloooo anyone here?"

"Hi, Meredith. I didn't hear you come in"
"Hi sugar, the door was open so I just let myself in, this place is huge"
"Yeah, but not that practical really"
"Listen sugar you just leave it to me, we will have this place the envy of this town, you wait and see"
"Ok, just remember we don't have millions in the bank. Limited funds at the moment"
"Sugar, don't worry. I got you, now show me the main room you want done"

"This is the main family room, kitchen, open plan diner"
"Nice space, right we can re-do the kitchen, make everything fresh and with not much effort"
"Easy for you to say"
"Roberto sugar, trust me"
"Hah, I will try Meredith"
"I have a team coming in half an hour, so you 2 can vamoosh out"
"Oh and maybe if there are any funds left over can we please have a shower fitted into one of the bathrooms? It's all bathtubs"
"Oh am sure we can do something sugar, now go"

After a little time we have this...

We even had enough funds to do a master bedroom with en suite and nursery room. How good is that? I think I managed it very well don't you?

"Playing games Meredith?"
"Yes I am Ina, I have been invited to stay a while so thought I would get some game play in"
"Awesome, what game are you playing?"
"I dunno what it's called haha but it is addictive"
"I will leave you to it"

Later that evening, a visitor came calling...

"Hi I'm Carter"
"Well hello sugar, I'm Meredith"
"Its a pleasure to meet you Meredith"
"Oh please the pleasure is all mine"


Rosa invited Carter to stay for dinner.

"This is delish Rosa, thanks for asking me to stay"
"I agree, it is tasty sugar"
"Carter, do you wanna stay for a bit after and play some GTA?"
"Sure Roberto, I don't have any plans tonight"

"Mate I am thrashing you at this"
"I know, I have been a bit pre-occupied lately"
"Rosa is due any day now, well any hour really"
"Man I need a girl, all my mates are kicking out rugrats these days"
"You do mate, you need a nice girl to keep you warm at night"
"I can think of better things to do than keep warm"

Oh dear am off before I hear anything I don't wanna hear if you get my drift.

"Where are you going?"
"Home, Rosa went into labour so they are off to the hospital"
"Oooh exciting.... what did you think of Meredith?"
"Ina am not answering any questions about Meredith tonight, its late and I need to go home"
" you like her?"
"Just tell me?"
"INA..I'll talk to you another day"
"Fine...I'll go in and wait on the baby"
"Ok, night Ina"
"Night Carter"

It wasn't long before Rosa and Roberto returned, well I say it wasnt long it was daylight before they got back.


"Yes, imagine our surprise"
"How you doing Rosa?"
"I'm errr shell shocked, a bit sore but ok"
"Well congrats guys, what are their names"
"Teresa and Maria, after our mothers"
"Awwww so sweet"
"Yeah, thanks."
"Go get some sleep you 2, I'll watch them for you"
"You sure?"
"Yeah, Meredith is still here so she can help me"
"Thanks Ina you're the best"

I sent the 2 of them off to bed and kept an eye on the babies for a while. When mom and dad got up we aged up the girls.

Dad took over for a few hours while Rosa went out to the salon. A little bit of pampering was definately in order after producing such little cuties.

"Nice hair cut Rosa"
"Thanks Ina, needed something more manageable"
"Yeah, it suits you"
"Aww thanks sweetie"
"I am going to leave you for a while Rosa, let you get aquainted with your girls"

I will leave you there for now, hope you all enjoyed this little update. I will be back soon with more from Carter and his legory.


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PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   20/10/2016, 13:52

you rock Very nice, wow don't know how I missed Chap 7! LOVE the new chapters! And I think Meredith has some MAD decorating skills for sure! A+ LOL (I really loved her from your CAS entry, hot stuff so glad you are using her in this legory) Woo-woo!!!

I think somebody is getting excited about building now... angel mrprpl

Anyone can criticize...can YOU inspire? - unknown

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Awesome, awesome, awesome chapters! I think Meredith and Carter should hook up. lovzzzz

The twins are beautiful and I love Rosa'a new do!

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So happy you are both enjoying this so far. luv u

I just had to use Meredith in this, she is a force to be reckoned with LOL and yep I am enjoying the building thing for now, who knows how long that will last haha.
The twins were a total surprise to everyone, me included LOL

I will try and get more done over the weekend, hmmm I wonder if Carter likes Meredith or not????

hugs hugs

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Chapter 9

Hello again tis me, haha, as if you hadn't guessed. Well here I am with another instalment of Carter for you. Now remember in the last chapter Carter met young Meredith?? Well he seems to be a bit smitten I think. Shall we see why I came to that conclusion... ok, get ready as here we go ...

"Hey Carter"
"Hang on Ina, am on the phone"

I overheard Carter on the phone.

"Yeah so errr, Roberto could you get me that girls number, yeah Meredith"

Ooooh !!

"Where you of to?"
"I need to pop out for something"
"Oh, what?"
"Nothing in particular, just a few bits"
"Can I come?"
"I won't be long, you just stay here"
"I want to come"
"Nah, I want to go on my own, I'll be back soon"

Later that evening, after Carter got back from work.

"You look deep in thought, whats wrong?"
"Oh err nothing"
"Come on Carter tell me, I might be able to help"
"Well, you know that girl I met? Meredith"
"Yeah, what of it?"
"I can't get her out my head, I asked Roberto to get me her number but Rosa said she would have to ask her first cos she dont like passing out numbers"
"Oh I see, and has she got back to you yet?"
"Oh ok, well give till tomorrow and call Rosa to see whats happening then"
"Yeah, I might just go to bed then"

The following day I found Carter out and about.

"What on earth are you doing?"
"I couldnt sleep, so I came here"
"Still no number?"
"No, and I cant get hold of Rosa or Roberto, they wont answer their phones when I call"
"Thats not like them, how many times did you call?"
"When I couldnt sleep I got up and tried Rosa, she wasnt happy that I woke her up"
"What time was that then?"
"Around 4am"
"Oh Carter, how many times did you try after that?"
"I dunno, maybe about 10 or so"
"Carter you called them that many times in the space of a few hours?? No wonder they're not answering"
"What can I do then?"
"Go home and see if she is on facechat or facetalk or whatever you call it"
"Good idea"

"Did you find her?"
"Nope, but Piers is online, reminding me about the dinner tonight"
"Oh I forgot about that"
"Me too, am gonna have some lunch then do a workout before getting ready, might keep my mind of other things"
"Ok, do you know who's going tonight?"
"Piers said, kates mom & brother will be there, the nanny June, and Kates cousin is in town so she will be there too, oh and me, Piers and Kate and little Kyle"
"Well you never know yo might hit it off with June the nanny or the cousin"
"Yeah true"

I left Carter to go do his lunch and workout.

Meanwhile over at Kate & Piers....

"Piers did you get Carter? Is he coming?"
"Yes babe he is"
"Thank goodness, maybe now Meredith will stop calling me for his number"
"Why didnt you just give it to her?"
"I wanted to set them up over dinner, I didnt realise they had already met"

"You are a crafty one Kate, come here"
"Haha, Piers, I'm not crafty at all"

Piers grabbed Kate and gave her a big kiss. I just hope it all goes well tonight. Dinner was set for 6pm, everything was ready for their guests.

"Hi Carter"
"Meredith! Hi, didnt know you would be here"
"Yeah, Kates my cousin, her mom is my moms sister"
"Oh right, this food is good don't you think?"
"Very tasty, so what you been doing since we last saw each other?"
"Oh nothing much, just work really"
"Me too, nothing much at all"

Small talk eh? Neither one of them is admitting to the numerous calls made to friends trying to get each others numbers. After dinner the guest all mingled.

Kates mom, Celia with baby Kyle. Behind them we have Piers. June the nanny is tidying up while Kate and her brother Tyler catch up. Can you see Carter? Yep he and Meredith look as if they are deep in conversation.

Piers holding Kyle, Celia and June chatting about babies, Tyler got a book to read to Kyle and yep Carter and Meredith still chatting.

"Come on little man, time for bed. Uncle Tyler is gonna read you a story"

It was getting late so Tyler read a story to Kyle while Piers, Kate & June tidied up the rest of the dinner dishes. Celia called a cab and Meredith and Carter eventually exchanged numbers before they went their own way. Later at the Celia's place (she rented a home for a week so she and Tyler could spend some time with Kate and Kyle. Meredith was staying with them for a few days.

"So Meredith, you and Carter seemed to hit it off tonight?"
"What? Oh we just talked"
"Yeah all night LOL"
"Tyler, he is a good guy, I like him"
"Oh we know you like him dear"

After the game had finished Meredith went off to bed before they asked her any more questions.
The following day....

"Hey Carter how did dinner go? Ohhhh whats this? A love letter?"
"Errrr, yes in fact it is, am gonna post it before I go to work"
"Awwww carter you are so mushy and romantic"
"Feck off Ina, am gonna finish this then am off out"

Awwww how sweet is he? I hope Meredith is the romantic type, what if she dont feel the same way? I know she likes him, but wht if she only likes him and not likes likes him, you know what I mean.

Later when I got back, once I knew Carter would be home.

"Hi Car...Oh hello Meredith"
"Hi, err can we have a minute please"

Uh oh, I wonder if she is here to chat about the letter??? Oh please please let it be good news, Carter needs some good news.

"So Carter, sugar, did you send me a love letter today?"
"Errr, yes I did, look if its not what you want then I fully understand, I mean I like you, well more than like you. In fact I cant stop bloody thinking about you and its driving me insane."
"Sugar, look, can we go inside and talk, its raining and am getting soaked"
"Sure, come on in and dry off"

"Look Meredith, what I said outside, I meant it"
"Oh I know you did sugar, its just..."
"I know, you dont want a relationship, you just want to be friends"

Oh dear it doesnt look good does it...

"No Carter, look, I errr"
"Just tell me Meredith, is there someone else?"
"There is nobody else, I just, look at me. You could have anyone you wanted"
"I am looking at you, I am always looking at you"

Carter reached out and took her hands.

"Meredith, since I met you at Rosas, I cant stop thinking of you. I tried many times to get your number,I really want to get to know you better"
"Yes but..."
"No buts, you are stunning. You are the most attractive woman I have ever seen."
"What? You must be joking"

He pulled her in closer.

"Meredith, my heart is racing and each time I look at you all I want to do is kiss you"
"Carter I....."

He didnt wait another second. Carter pulled her in closer, looked deep into her eyes and locked lips. Oooooerrrr go Carter!!

"Will you be my girlfriend Meredith?"
"Oh Carter, yesssssss"
"Lets take a pic and we can send it out to everyone"
"Sure, we are now exclusive right?"
"Honey, of course we are exclusive. You are the only one for me Meredith. You have made me so happy"
"Oh Carter, sugar, Its getting late I better get going"
"You aint going anywhere honey, thats it from now on, you are here with me. Always"
"You want me to move in? Dont you think its a bit soon?"
"Nope not too soon at all, when something feels this right, no need to wait. At least stay with me tonight"
"Okay I'll stay tonight then we can chat more in the morning"

"Come here sugar"

Errrr think am gonna go do some upgrades to the house. Dont wanna intrude on anything.

As you saw in a pic earlier I had upgraded carters garden area.

While they were canoodling in the bathroom I got some more work done on the gym area, think it looks more like a gym now dont you think? Right I better go say goodnight to them before I head of.

"Carter, Meredith am going now"

No answer.....

"Guys am off"

Still no answer.....I wonder if they have gone to bed, I better go up and see.

"Guys...OH shit, sorry, errrr look am going, enjoy, sorry, see ya"

OMG!!!! I couldnt get out quick enough LOL Oh well, lets leave them to it shall we. Till next time folks

hugs hugs

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PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   8/11/2016, 15:56

OMG I'm dying over the last part! very funny very funny very funny

Excellent story! I am so glad that Carter and Meredith finally hooked up! ollydance ollydance

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It was bound to happen MJ, they are made for each other, literally, I know cos I made them LYHO

I thought I would put that last bit in as it is something I would probably do haha too funny

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Chapter 10

I think I can remember where we left off last time, the shower scene!!!!

"Good morning Meredith"
"Morning sugar"
"Did you have a good night?"
"Oh yes, the best night"
"Where are your clothes?"
"Sugar, I only have the clothes I was wearing and they are in a heap on the floor in the bedroom"
"Oh, ahem so they are"
"Its warm in here so I can get dressed later, Carter needs to catch up on his sleep"
"I bet he does haha"

"Did I hear my name?"
"Morning Carter"
"Oh hey Ina, come here you sexy sexy girl"
"Err guys do you want me to leave?"

kissy kissy kissy kissy

"GUYS!! am still here you know"
"Haha, sorry. Need to get things done anyway, I would much rather do...."
"Carter!! FFS am still here!!"

With that I went and took a look round the house to see what needed done. My god they need to clean up, do the laundry you know important things, not that am saying doing OTHER things aint important but when you have guests, they can wait a bit. Am I a guest? Would you call me a guest or something else? I dunno, am a guest today LOL

"What you doing out in the rain?"
"You said to clean house, so I needed to put the newspaper in the trash, so its your fault"
"Oh dear, ok sorry."

"How are things Meredith?"
"All good, in fact better than good, things are truly amazing. Everything is amazing, Carter is amazing"
"I think I get the picture. So you like him then?"
"Oh sugar like is an understatement, can you fall for someone after only meeting a few times? I never thought it would be possible, but here I am"
"Hey if its meant to be its all good"

"Hey Kate, its me. Guess what?"
(on the phone)
"Hi Meredith, where are you? Mom called me and said you didnt go home last night"
"I know I was errr, well I was with..."
"Carter?? Are you with him now? Tell me all the details, spill the beans cuz"
"Haha yes, am with Carter. I spent the night and am planning on staying here for a while, you know to see how things go"
"Oh wow, that was quick. Look I gotto go sort out Kyle. You wanna meet for a coffee or something later?"
"Maybe cuz, will let you know. Am not sure what am doing today"
"I know what you wanna be doing, am I right? LOL"
"You know me too well, but yes given the choice I would..."
"Say no more, love ya"
"Love ya, give Kyle big hugs from me"
"Will do, bye for now"

Meanwhile .....

"Hey mate, got a few mins to chat?"
(Piers on the other end)
"Yeah mate, what up?"
"Nothings up at the moment but I was UP all night"
"Ohhh who's the lucky girl?"
"Meredith, man she is ..."
"MEREDITH?? Kates cousin Meredith?"
"Yeah, she is the bomb man"
"I dint know you liked her"
"Listen Piers, I think its more than like"
"What!! you only just met her, how can you fall for someone that quick, come on mate think you might just be in lust or something"
"Nah honestly mate its more than that, I dont want her to leave"
"Shit man, was she that good LOL"
"Yeah and more, I think am gonna ask her to move in"
"After one night??"
"Yeah, look I gotta go. You wanna catch up later?"
"Sure man"
"K bye"

Holy crap!! LOL things are moving fast aint they?? Anyhoo I left them to it for a few days. You know to get to know each other, yes Meredith moved in and brought some money with her. I decided to write down everything I could do with the dosh. A pool, an upgrade to the house, maybe even send them on holiday. Not sure yet what to do, lets see how things are going with the two love birds.

Wowsers, what the feck is going on here????

"So Meredith, I know its been like a week or something but I really do want to spend each and every moment with you. I never want to lose you. Will you marry me?"
"Oh Carter sugar, yes yes yes, I love you so much"

"Awww guys, congratulations"
"Thanks Ina"
"Guys, can youstop smooching for a min please"
"Sorry LOL, I just cant get enough of this girl, she is my world"
"Awwww Carter, I didnt know you were so romantic"
"Oh he is Ina, he makes me feel like the only woman in the world"
"Honey, you are the only woman in the world for me"
"Awwww sugar, I love you so much"
"I love you more"
"No I love you more"
"No I love you more"

I am not getting in the middle of this love fest LOL

"Baby lets go to bed and cuddle"
"Sure sugar, its that all you wanna do?"

Flippen heck is that all these two do....Love is in the air I think. Later that night...

They had company in the form of a burglar!!!! How dare they, I mean who made burglars for the game anyway?? It annoys me at times. Funny at other times though LOL. Anyhoo I thought meredith was gonna go over and thump the intruder but nope she wanted to smooch Carter. You go girl. The cop looks as though he is enjoying the view too much though hahaaha. When they went back off to bed I decided to spend some of that money on upgrading the house.

I made the foundation bigger, added in a lot more room downstairs. Put in a couple of desks down the side, expanded the kitchen a little. Upstairs I added 2 more bedrooms (you know in case any little people come on the scene) I waited until our love birds got up then i re-done the master suite. Not too bad for now. Still got to decorate and add in some more things.

"Morning guys, what you doing today then?"
"Well am gonna go take a gardening class, then am gonna register as self employed in the gardening field"
"Oh that would be great Carter"
"It was Merediths idea, I never thought of it before"
"Well its a fab idea, how bout you Meredith?"
"I have a painting class this morning, then I will register as self employed too as an artist"
"Wow, so both of you can work from home then?"
"Yes, it makes sense. We can both earn a lot more being self employed"
"True, true"

"I also have a strict training program planned, so I can lose a bit of weight"
"Carter honey, I need to lose a bit of weight before we get married"
"But, I love you as you are, there is no need to lose anything. You are perfect"
"I nealry choked then LOL. I know you love me as I am but I want to do this"
"You aint gonna lose too much though right?"
"No no sugar, just enought to rock my dress"
"What dress?"
"The wedding dress baby, the wedding dress"
"Well I think you will look amazing in a potato sack"
"Hahaa Carter you are funny. Now go or you will be late"
"Yeah am going, promise me one thing though"
"Whats that sugar, you wont lose too much, you know I love you with your womanly curves"
"You mean my boobs LOL"
"Well errrr..."
"Go now, LOL"

Later that day after they had finished their classes...

Meredith threw herself into her workout routine.

"What you eating Merdith?"
"Salad, green salad, got to keep it up you know, I have seen a lot of dresses in the wedding mag. I really need to shape up a bit"
"But sweetie honestly you dont need to"
"I want to though"
"Well as long as you are doing it for you and no other reason"
"Nah just me, Carter loves me no matter what size I am, I just want to fit into those dresses haha"
"Ok, I am gonna nip over to see Kyle for a bit"
"Alrighty see you soon Ina"
"Bye bye chick"

I decided to go over to see Kyle as it was his birthday, time to age up.

Kate and Piers had decided on no party. The only people there are kate, Piers and their nanny June, oh and Kyle of course haha.

Piers had decorated his room for him. I think it looks pretty good. Kyle certainly aged up to be a cutie eh?? I think he is gonna look a lot like Piers as he gets older.
Well folks am gonna leave you there for now. Until next time. Thanks for reading hugs hugs

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PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   28/11/2016, 19:53

bravo I love Chapters 9 & 10...sorry I just got the chance to read them now! :fantastic: So happy for Mere & Carter! :woowoo:

Anyone can criticize...can YOU inspire? - unknown

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PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   28/11/2016, 20:14

am so happy you are enjoying this Amy hunny, I think I love Meredith & Carter and they will have tons more fun coming soon love2u love2u

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Awesome chapter Ina! I agree with Carter, Meredith will rock any dress she doesn't need to lose any weight. love2u

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PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   29/11/2016, 08:52

Thanks MJ, so happy you are enjoying this. I know Meredith is/was perfect the way she is but wedding dress creators do not think about the bigger woman when designing their dresses. I found she looked like a marshmallow in most of them LOL so the easiest solution was to lose a bit of weight so she can rock the dress. heart spin

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Chapter 11

Hey guys !!! Hello all kissy

Ok so last time Carter & Meredith moved in with each other and got engaged. I know it was a very very quick turn around, but you know what? I don't care tongueout This is a fictional pixelated legory and it needs to be fast flowing so I can keep you all reading hahahaaaaa. Ok, so where did we leave them. Oh yeah that's right Meredith was trying to lose some weight.

"Hey Carter hows things?"
"Ina, hey. Tis all good"
"What ya doing sitting here?"
"I was asked to wait here by Meredith. She went to the weigh in at slimming world and said she needed to show me something"
"Oooh I wonder what it is?"
"Me too"

"Here's my better half, my smexy lady"
"Hey sugar, guess what? I done it"
"Done what honey?"
"I reached my goal weight, now I can fit into regular sized clothes"
"Baby, you know you didn't need to lose any weight. I thought you were perfect, you are perfect no matter what size you are"
"Carter sugar, I know you love me no matter what but I didn't love me being bigger"

"Oh my Meredith, you have lost quite a bit"
"Yes Ina I have, thanks for the support you gave me sweetie"
"No problem at all. Look at waiste line, the boobies look fab"
"I agree..... hahahaaa...hmmmm"
"Errr Carter am still here!"
"Wow, I fancied you before but man, I am ..... wanna go to bed?"
"CARTER...hello am still here!!"
"Come on babes lets go to bed...."
"FFS... am out of here. Might as well be feckin invisible. Talking to a brick wall."

"Come on girl, time to road test that new body"
"Haha sugar I can walk you know"
"Yeah but this way is quicker"
"Oh ok then, you smell good"
"Grrrrrr so do you....."

Right I left them to it. Let's go back in an hour or so. Don't want to walk in on them again do we??

"Meredith. Can I talk to you?"
"Sure Ina, go ahead whats on your mind?"
"Well I know I made you both, and I know I sort of had you both fall for each other. But can you please stop canoodling in front of me?"
"Canoodling?? Sweetie we do way more than that hahaha.... want the details?"
"Errr nope, I can guess"
"You sure? You see Carter has these magic hands, he can touch me right..."
"No more!! Lalalalalaaaaaaaa"
"What you doing?"
"I can't hear you, I got my fingers in my ears and am lalalaaaing to block out the chatter"
"Oh Ina you are so fecked up darling, absolutely nuts LOL"

I didnt want to hear the details. I mean come on, am not a prude or anything but well, I can guess what they get up to. I have a very VIVID imagination.

"Catching up with the garden then?"
"Oh hey Ina, yeah, I sort of been neglecting it recently"
"I have noticed, the weeds are a bit long"
"Yeah, Meredith has been keeping me busy with wedding plans among other things"
"Ooooh wedding plans... have you decided where? When? "
"We are gonna chat later, if we dont get side tracked"
"Side tracked?"
"Yeah, she is so damb sexy I can keep my hands to myself"
"Dont go there matey, had enough of that from Meredith"
"Oh, what she been saying? Is she satisfied? Do I need to change the way I ...."
"STOP!!! All am gonna say is she is satisfied and you probably dont need to change anything"
"Good to hear, now what exactly did she say?"
"Ask her not me."
"I will, now I got to get on with this do you mind?"
"Nope got to go make a coffee anyway"

I decided to sort their backyard out. Well really i was avoiding them. I know, I know they are pixel characters and not real and I am responsible for all the smex talk etc but well they are real enough to me. I needed a distraction for a while so I got to making a pool area. It still needs a bit more work, I want to add a bridge thing over the gap but need to find out how to do that.


"So sugar I have a plan"
"Yeah baby whats that?"
"I don't want a big fancy wedding, I thought we could do it here. In the garden. Give out open invites to everyone, i they come they come, if they don't they don't. As long as you are there I really don't care if anyone or no one turns up"
"Babes that sounds great. How long do you need to set it up?"
"Me? I thought we could ask Ina to help"
"Great idea....Ina, there? INA"
"Oi no need to shout, what is it?"
"Meredith has something to ask you, I need to pee"
"Oh yeah fly move....Yeah Ina I have a question for you"
"Sure fire away"

Meredith explained what she was thinking and I agreed it sounded like a wonderful idea.

"Sure, ok I will sort it out, don't you worry over anything. Ina is on the case"
"Awww thanks sweetie"

"Hey you, you better go get ready you get married in an hour"
"Yeah, I will, can you help me?"
"Thought you would never ask....come on Meredith lets get you all spruced up"

It didnt take long to get her ready. The wedding is all set to go in the garden. Now dont get too excited as I forgot to take pictures........ sorry my fault I did get some but I got carried away with everything and just forgot.

Meredith & Carter waiting for me to get them hitched.

The vows.

Some guests, and dancing.

"Oh hello Mrs Stevens"
"Hello Mr Stevens, my husband."
"You are now my wife, my lover, my bestfriend, my one and only soul mate"
"Ohhh baby, lets go to bed and get this marriage rolling"
"No need to ask me twice...."

Well can we guess what these 2 are doing here????
Definately consumating their marriage I think LOL
Back away slowly Ina....

"Good morning Mrs Stevens"
"Haha that sounds so strange, but good morning Ina"
"Where is he then? Your husband?"
"Oh he is sorting the honeymoon"
"Oh nice, where are you going then?"
"I dont know he wouldnt tell me. He just said to be ready in half an hour"

The Stevens went off on their honeymoon. They went to France for 3 days.

"Oh Carter I cant thank you enough for marrying me, then bringing me here to France"
"Oh my darling, I want to give you the world."

I left the two of them to get on with their honeymoon. Here are some quick snaps of them doing the french thing.

They just had to do some ""French Kissing"" in France LOL

They really did enjoy their honeymoon. But all good things come to an end.

"Oh baby, lets get a selfie in France"
"Oh sugar, I love you"

"Well my darling tomorrow we go home"
"I know, time to start living as man and wife"
"Oh baby, I cant wait"
"Me neither, come here sugar and kiss me one more time in France"
"better yet, lets get back to the hotel and we can do more than kiss"

Good lord they are at it again. With that I will leave you there for now.

Loves ya all hearty luvs hearty luvs

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Chapter 12

Yep here I am again, so soon you say?? Well the truth is I got a bit carried away playing with Carter, NO!! Not like that, err well sort of like that but not me, more Meredith his wife and Carter, you know the newly weds from Ch 11. Anyhoo, as I was saying I got carried away witht he game and ended up with tons of pictures so I split them into 2 chapters, 11 and 12. So here we are with chapter 12. I hope that made sense as I do tend to ramble on a bit, see doing it again, shut up Ina and get on with it.....

I decided to redecorate the downstairs as a wedding gift to Carter and Meredith. I prefer this layout to the completely open layout don't you? I might change it again in time but for now I am happy with it.

"Hey guys can you unlock those lips long enough for me to welcome you back?? No...ok well I will come back later then"

A little bit later, or rather the following morning...

"Good morning Carter"
"Morning Ina, isn't it a wonderful day"
"You're in a good mood today"
"Listen since having Meredith in my life I am in a good mood everyday"
"Awww you're so sweet. How is married life then?"
"Oh its feckin brilliant, I mean I didn't know I could be so happy"
"I am so pleased for you Carter"
"Thanks, but you know what, YOU made it happen. You gave me Meredith, you gave me this home, you gave me..."
"I know I know, LOL"
"You are the best creator I know"
"Carter I am the ONLY creator you know haha"
"True but you are still the best"
"Shucks little pixel man, you are too kind. Is that your wife calling you?"
"Yes it is, be right back"

"Carter sugar I have some news to tell you"
"Yeah, what is it baby"
"Well thats just it"

"We're having a baby"
"What, wait, when? How? Wow"
"Well the how I think you know, the when, soon and the that a happy wow or a shock wow?"
"Its a happy wow, hello little bumparoo I'm your daddy"

Awww so sweet. Yes yes I know its a bit quick but hey what can you do? This is how I roll. Get them hitched then bring on the babies LOL

"Catching up on some reading guys?"
"I said, catching up on some reading?"
"Oh yeah Ina am reading a book on how to cope through pregnancy, its very interesting."
"Good stuff Carter, is that so you can help Meredith more?"
"Errr yeah, of course. I will help her with as much as I can but she has the hardest job of all. I mean man I ddn't realise a woman goes through so much in pregnancy"
"Of course we do, we are creating a whole new life and sometimes its not the easiest of things to do"
"I know, well I can guess."
"What about you Meredith what are you reading?"
"How to make cookies"
"Yes I have been craving them for days LOL"
"Ok then, cookies for dinner then is it? haha"
"Oh yes, lots of them too....nom nom nom"

"Hey guys, no baby yet?"
"Not yet Ina but soon"
"How do you know soon? You having pains?"
"Only practice contractions at the moment so nothing to worry about."
"Have you picked any names yet?"
"Nope we are gonna wait and see what we are having"
"Oh so you don't know yet?"
"Nope we wanted to be surprised, anyway we don't mind as long as the baby is healthy"
"Excuse me I need to go to bed, I am so tired"
"Aww ok sweetie, night night"

Meredith waddled off to bed. I went around the house to see what needed doing and Carter played a little chess online with Piers.
The next morning.....

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKkkkkk is that? Has her waters broke? Where is she, for gods sake man get her to the feckin hospital..."
"Ina, Ina, INA....calm down...the dishwasher broke. Meredith is fine she is upstairs painting. We got up at 5am this morning as she couldn't sleep"
"OMG...I htought, phewee, man that almost gave me a heart attack you know"
"You are such a drama queen"
"No am not, haha, I'm going up to see how she is feeling"

"Hey hun, how you feeling?"
"Like someone is stomping on my bladder...urrgghh am so tired now and am so ready to get this thing out"
"This thing? You mean your tiny little bundle of joy"
"Nope I mean thing....honestly Ina I feel as though there is a whole football team in there. I am getting kicked and thumped all over the place"
"Awww hunny, you know it does feel like that at times but it wont be long now"
"Can't come quick enough for me"

A little bit later...

"Yes little one its daddy again"
"Carter sugar can we do this on the sofa, my back is killing me"
"Sure baby, come and sit down"

Hmmm, I wonder if the back pain is a sign? Man have you seen the weather outside?

The rain is so heavy, I hope she dont go into labour tonight.

"hey Carter what ya doin?"
"The damb shower broke, can you use that thing to fix it?"
"What thing?"
"The master controller thing, you know repair all"
"Why would I do that? You need to up your handiness skill"
"Yeah but come on, I might be needed any second"
"Needed for what?"
"Errr duh!!!!"
"Oh yeah LOL, sure you go on and see if she is ok and I will fix this"

Just then we both heard this awful shrieking noise...

"WTF was that?"
"Shit, baby...what do I do Ina"
"Take her to hospital you moron"

"Is it time?"
"Oh yes its time"
"Good luck sweetie, Carter is out at the car waiting for you"
"Thanks Ina, see you soon I hope"

As you can see it is still raining, in fact its now a full blown storm raging out there. Fancy a coffee while we wait? Am having one...Oh yeah I better get some baby stuff into the house...LOL might wait to see what they have before doing that, you know pink or blue...maybe I better just do it neutral colours.
Ooops too late here they come.... what did she have?

Awww look at the little baby girl....hang on, whats this??....

Oh man another girl, yay twins...and I lurv the names very apt on this .....what hang on.....

Holy Moly !!!!!

Wow, 3 of them. Wow, errr.....what can I say to that?

The following day (once the shock had worn off)

"Good morning Carter, got your hands full there"
"Errr yeah sorry Ina cant talk at the moment got another 2 of these to get done"
"I know, oh dear, how can something so tiny smell so bad?"
"Haha, at least your through a flippen screen am right here"

"They are so cute though"
"They are, but not at 3am when they all scream for a feed"
"True, I thought it was bad with 1 never mind 3 of them"

"And mommy got number 3 done"
"Hi Ina, yeah we have it down to a tee now"
"You make a good team then Meredith"
"Oh yes we do, I would love to have a night for the two of us though without having to stagger bed time"
"I remember that, one goes to bed early while the other stays up to do the last feed"
"At the moment its whoever can keep their eyes open longer LOL"

"grabbing some food then I see"
"Oh god yes, we were starving LOL"
"Yeah its probably the only time we can get to spend together"
"Well look I have a plan"
"Yeah whats that then?"
"Well leave the bambinos downstairs tonight and I will watch over them. If they wake up I will come get you"
"Ina really? You would do that for us?"
"Yes Meredith dear of course"
"Can we go to bed now then?"
"Errr yeah, if you want to"

Haha they both bolted out that room so fast. I think they need a good nights sleep.

Awww look at those little sleepy heads. One more day and they can age up. I'm gonna quickly jump upstairs and see if our 2 new parentls are sound asleep.

WTF!!!!! Haha oh well you cant blame them can you... I mean they still need time for themselves and well I am here to help with the babies afterall.

As you can see we are having a birthday. Storm, Rain and River are about to age up.

How cute are these little guys?  Now where did mom and dad go?

"Come here you super sexy momma"
"Oh sugar, you drive me nuts"
"In a good way?"
"Oh yessss, in every way LOL"

Right time to leave I think. Triplets! can you believe it? I wasnt expecting that at all.

Till next time folks, love ya  heart spin

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PostSubject: Re: Carter - His Legory - His Life !!   20/12/2016, 20:50

Very good hun. kind of reminds me of us with out babies. lol :) XXX

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Carter - His Legory - His Life !!
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