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 could this be a graphics issue

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PostSubject: could this be a graphics issue   1/2/2012, 15:12

this is dogs, cats and anything else smaller than a deer do this weird fur stretch out thing. Here is what I have done, 1) cleaned out all my bad cc, (found a bunch that were bad), 2) updated my graphics card. (now here's the kicker, when I bought Pets, installed it, it ran just fine. then a notice came up for an update, I updated. Now I'm getting this issue with small animals.) Another simmer on sims3fanatics, said she is having issues with their game freezing after she has played it a bit. She didn't leave much other info, but was wondering if anyone had heard about a new patch.
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PostSubject: Re: could this be a graphics issue   3/2/2012, 00:56

Hmm... there were fixes for some graphics issues in the patch - with most people the issues came up as soon as they installed it. But that doesn't mean you're not having the same problems.

There are some graphics cards that are known to have issues with running Pets - the reason behind that is the graphics requirements to run the game properly increase when Pets is installed, so cards that are only borderline able to run the game without Pets will struggle with that expansion and that's what causes the animals to have the weird distortions.

There's some more info on the issue over at Crinrict's blog here: explaining a bit more about the cards that are affected and some suggestions as to what you can do about it.

Basically if your card is one of the struggling cards, then upgrading the software for it might not do much to help! Although clearing out any bad custom content from your game and having a general spring clean of your cc will help take the load off your processor and will free up some RAM.

It's a pretty vague issue and EA really haven't been very much help with it at all! They've released what was supposed to be the 'main' patch for Pets, and anything that's released now will be a more general patch with fewer fixes etc. As far as I know they're always working on patches, but nobody knows exactly which glitches will be fixed. What I can tell you is that from what you say, it does sound to me like an issue with your graphics, but there's not a lot you can do about it besides install a different graphics card, which can be expensive!

I really wish EA had made more of an effort to tell people about the increased requirements and the effects of the patches - they just tend to shove them out there with very little explanation!

I hope something in there has at least been sort of helpful! Keep going with clearing out the bad cc and keep an eye on how much you install - be careful with mods etc - the usual stuff! If I'm wrong and your problem is a glitch rather than a graphics issue, lets hope it's one that's fixed in the next patch!

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could this be a graphics issue
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