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 Enhanced lighting in Sims 4

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PostSubject: Enhanced lighting in Sims 4   4/6/2016, 18:43

I never paid attention before the latest patch, but I also haven't had the time to really sit down and play my game. Today because the weather here is so crappy and I've done as much house cleaning as I possibly can, I found myself with some free time! Woohoo!

I jumped into a family I've played off and on and noticed the morning sun coming through the windows. It looks freaking amazing!

Notice how the sun coming in from an upstairs window shines on the railing! Awesome!!!

I love how the sun is reflecting on the window sills...

...and through the opening of the curtains with shadow detail of the window showing on the bed

This one just blew my mind! Looking from the outside towards the house, you can see so much detail from the trellis as the sun shines through the openings and the brightness from it shining on the curtains inside and adding the window shadow detail to the curtains.    

The Sims team has done an outstanding job on this kind of detail. It also seems like the whole graphic side to the game has gotten better. I love it!

Another added feature was the ability to resize photo's. The one's your Sim can take with their cell phone. Nice....
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Enhanced lighting in Sims 4
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