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 How to find backup folder for Sims 4 Studio Jackpot tool

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PostSubject: How to find backup folder for Sims 4 Studio Jackpot tool   3/6/2016, 20:22

With the release of the latest patch (June 2, 2016) S4S had updated their beta tool - Jackpot - to include Batch Fixes. This function will allow you to have a backup of all the CC that was updated and those that failed to update for whatever reason. Below I have put together a tut in how to find that folder.

In my Documents folder (start or menu on your computer > Documents) I have a Sims 4 Studio folder, click on it and then click on Open.

Inside you will find different listings, click on Batch Fixes, click on Open

Inside that folder you will see the Date of your recent Backup. Click on that and then click on Open

Inside this one you will find your Backup file and the Failed file

And that's all you have to do. If for some reason something was to go haywire, you will have your backup file to fall back on. (***As a precaution, ever since the patch that came out that Disabled your mods folder, I have always pulled my mods folder out completely before patching or install of game pack, stuff pack or expansion pack. Once patched or extension installed, I started the game, let it generate a new mods folder and then exited the game. I then open my backup mods folder highlight everything in there except for the Resource.cfg file and place in the new game generated mods folder. Remember any mod that modifies the game in anyway such as: Andrew's pose player, you will need to check with that creator to see if any updates to it have been made or if any were needed.***)

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How to find backup folder for Sims 4 Studio Jackpot tool
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