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 Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69

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Founder Mag
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PostSubject: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   17/2/2016, 17:34

Sims 3 Story by InaMac69

Prologue - Tina Cartwright is a young adult just stepping out into the world. Having recently lost her family, the only family she has known, she is forced to see the world in a different light. Not everyone is who they seem. Tina has just turned 21, her best friend Holly is on hand to guide her through this rough patch but is Holly all she seems? Is she hiding something from Tina?
Our young friend has hopes and dreams of being a painter, owning her own gallery, falling in love and someday having her own family. Will she get all her heart desires or will Holly have other plans.

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PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   17/2/2016, 17:35


Chapter 1 - The Early Years (pg 1)

Chapter 2 - Family Life (pg 1)

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PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   17/2/2016, 17:35


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Founder Mag
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PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   17/2/2016, 17:36

It is a bright, sunny crisp dry day in Sunset Valley. Geoff & Debbie Vincent are just about to settle down and watch some mid morning tv show when there is a light knock on the door.

"I'll get it hunny, probably some sales rep"

As she opened the door she was greeted by her sister Harriet holding her 3 month old daughter Tina.

"Hi sis, come in. What brings you here?"
"Hi Deb, is Geoff home?"
"Yeah, why? Do you need a shelf put up or something?"
"No, I need to talk to you, both of you"

Deb took Tina and put her on the playmat she had bought a few days ago. She sat next to Geoff on the sofa and turned the tv off.

Harriet sat down with a serious look on her face. She looked as though she was about to burst into tears. Deb thought to herself, I hope she isnt going to tell me something is wrong with Tina, we have all waited so long to have a new baby in the family. Harriet and Deb had both been trying for years to have a baby and at the ripe age of 42, Harriet got pregnant, much to everyones surprise. A one night stand of all things. So now we have Tina, a sweet bundle of joy and happiness.

Harriet struggled to come up with the right words to say. This is the hardest thing she has ever had to do but she knew it was the only solution. The only way to keep Tina safe.

"I need you to take Tina" she blurted out.
"For the night? No problem you know that we love to have her here"
"No not for the night sis, a bit longer than that"
"Oh, for the weekend, still not a problem" Geoff said.
"No, look, I need you to take her. To bring her up. Keep her safe"

Both Geoff and Deb looked at each other, shocked to the core.

"Why? Whats going on? Are you serious?" Deb was almost shouting at Harriet.
"It's him, he's back"
"Who, the father?"
"Nooo, he's long gone. As soon as he thought about being a father he ran. Noah, Noah is back and he is looking for me."
"NOAH!! You're kidding me, how did he find you? Does he know about Tina? Does he know about me?"

Deb was almost frantic at this point, how could he be back? She thought they had dealt with him a long time ago when Momma was still alive.

"Who is Noah?" Geoff looked from one sister to the other, seeing shock, or was horror in their faces.

"He is someone Harriet knew a long time ago. She was supposed to marry him. He turned to the other side though and Momma forbid Harriet from seeing him again. We knew it was for the best, he is not someone you would want to know"

"Deb, can you keep her safe? If he finds out about Tina he will do everything in his power to ...."
"How can I keep her safe? Isnt she best with you?"
"No, I can keep moving, he will follow me. He won't bother you as you don't have what he wants."
"Girls you are totally confusing me, what does he want? And why will he follow you and not bother Deb?"
"It's a long story darling and someday I will tell you everything, for now though we need to help Harriet"
"Does that mean you will keep her safe?"
"Yes, without question. Now how long have you been here? An hour, you better go, dont go home either go straight out of town"
"I know, what about Tina's things? Will you go get them?"
"No, I will arrange to get new things for her, it's not safe for any of us to go near your place in case he's watching"
"True, look sis I will be in touch if I can"
"Ok, take care and someday we will meet again"
"Geoff, I have a box in the back of the car, can you bring it in. It's for Tina. Promise me you will not give it to her until she is 21. Its important she does not know anything until then. She won't be ready to handle anything or anyone before that"
"Sure thing, are you taking the car with you?"
"No, there is a young man coming later today to pick it up. He bought it for 500, keep that money for Tina, you can use it on clothes or toys or whatever you need. I will try and send more if I can"

With that the sisters embraced each other with tear stained faces. Harriet picked up Tina and gave her one long last cuddle. "Until we meet again my lovely, Momma loves you so much" Harriet gave Geoff a tight squeeze. "Don't press her too much for information on the past Geoff, she will tell you in her own time."

Then she was gone.

"What the heck is going on Deb?"
"Sit down love and I will tell you all about my past life, before you and me had even met"

Deb sat and told Geoff everything about her childhood. About her Momma, about how Harriet had met Noah. How Noah had changed and how he almost took her sister with him. If her Momma hadn't have done what she did, then maybe Harriet would have been lost forever. Noah was now back and the main priority is to keep Tina safe, no matter what the cost is.

Tina was still playing happily on the playmat when the young man came for the car. He tried to get the price down, but Geoff knew they were going to need every penny from the sale. The young man still had a pretty good deal though and drove away at break neck speed in his new mini cooper. Deb picked up her niece.
"Darling she is hungry, this is the last bottle. Would you mind going to the store and picking up a few essentials for Tina? I don't want to go out with her yet just in case"
"Sure thing, will I get bottles, nappies, a cot, some toys? I can nip into the discount store just outside of town and see what they have"
"You are the best, and hun, be careful"
"I will Deb, lock the door when I go and don't let anyone in until I'm back"
"Ok, love you"
"Love you more"

Deb fed Tina, then changed her nappy.

"Well little one, looks like its just us for a bit. I am sure your Momma will be safe and will come back for you. Until then lets make sure we keep you safe shall we"

Tina looked into Debs eyes and Deb was sure she saw a tiny flicker, just enough to show that maybe Harriet was right when she said Tina was special. Deb had put it down to Harriet being a proud Mom when Tina was born.

She looked deeper into Tina's eyes but nope, it must have been a trick of the light. Her beautiful green eyes were just that, green and full of hope for the future.

Early Years Continued

Deb and Geoff had not heard anything from Harriet in over 6 months. Tina was now a bubbly 2 yr old. Full of mischief and always keeping them on their toes.

Deb now worked from home as a painter, she went back to school not long after Tina came to live with them to concentrate on Art & Design. Geoff also worked from home as a writer. They didnt want to leave Tina with a childminder, they had decided at the beginning that 1 of them must be with her at all times. Especially at this young age. They did go out for walks and as yet had not seen the elusive Noah. Maybe, hopefully he had indeed followed Harriet out of town. Now though Deb was beginning to worry about her sister. She hoped Harriet had kept moving and will get in touch soon.

"Here you go sweetie, some yummy blended casserole" Geoff had just given Tina her lunch. She still preferred soft foods, maybe because she could play in it more.

"She is getting so big Deb, do you think we should tackle potty training?"
"Yeah, we could do. I'll get the potty out"

"My goodness, I have never known a kid to learn that so fast"
"Our Tina has brains as well as beauty then"
"Yup, just like her Auntie"
"Haha stop with the flattery Geoff Vincent"
"I only speak the truth my love"

Over the next week, not only did Tina master the art of potty using but also learned to walk and talk. She is growing up so fast. Deb knew the day would come that they would have to let her go to school, alone and that worried her so much.

As they tucked her in that night, Geoff saw something in Tina's eyes. "Hunny did you see that?"
"See what?"
"That light go across her eyes"
"No, are you sure it wasnt the night light reflecting across her face?"
"Am pretty sure it wasnt the night light Deb, it was weird, sort of like when you have a flash go off on your camera"
"Oh ok, nope I didnt see it. Lets leave her to sleep"

Later that night when they were both relaxing, Deb got a message from Harriet.

""I'm ok. Can't chat long. Being followed. Will be in touch soon. Check the paper and the Hot Spot web page in future. I am ditching my phone. Love to you all.""

"She didnt mention Tina?"
"No, she didnt Geoff. Maybe she is scared in case someone finds out about her"
"My god, she must be going mad with all the moving around and not knowing how her daughter is"
"Yes, but she knows Tina will be safe and well looked after here with us. I just hope she soon finds peace for her sake"
"Me too darling"

"Do you want to go to bed hun?"
"In a bit, I want to make sure Tina is out for the count before heading up"
"Ok, we will sit here for a bit then"

Deb and Geoff sat on the sofa for a few hours, listening for any noise coming from Tina's room. Their little angel was fast asleep with no worries in the world.

Well, no worries yet....

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   19/2/2016, 17:09

Chapter 1 is now published


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Head Admin
Head Admin

PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   19/2/2016, 17:53

Oh my...I'm hooked!

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Founder Mag
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PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   19/2/2016, 19:17

glad you're enjoying it so far MJ, will have the next chapter up in the next day or so love2u

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PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   19/2/2016, 20:02

Very good hun. Sounds very interesting to. :) XXX
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Founder Mag
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PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   19/2/2016, 21:51

thankyou honey, its my 1st story that is more serious. Usually I write funnies but I thought well I might go along a different route with this one. Glad your enjoying it so far

hearty luvs

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PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   21/2/2016, 15:45

Very good so far mother, keep up the good work A+
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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   21/2/2016, 17:04

thank you toots, and thanks for correcting the typo, loves ya love2u

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Founder Mag
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PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   23/2/2016, 08:19

Six years later, Tina is now 8yrs old and although her family life has been a happy one she always felt there was something missing. Her Aunt Deb and Uncle Geoff were always on hand to offer advice, support and an abundance of love but Tina needed more.

Every morning Geoff scanned the newspaper for any notices of Harriet. It was usually the same ""FAO - DGT Doing ok, no changes, Lv H"". On this day though something else caught his eye.
"Deb hunny, you better come read this"
"What is it?"
"You just better read it"

As Deb read the article in the paper her face went ashen white.

""FAO - DGT He knows. He does not know where. Sorry H""

"Oh my god, he knows. What do we do Geoff?"
"We could move?"
"No, we can't do that. He might know about Tina but I am hoping he doesnt know where she is"

They decided to stay where they were. It might be safer to have Tina around familiar faces. Her school had been told her biological father might try and snatch her. Obviously this is not entirely true as Noah is not her father, but the school don't need to know that. All they have been told is to look out for any strange or suspicious activity surrounding her.

Tina thrived at school, she had this ability to learn anything at double the speed of her classmates. Deb knew this was part of who she was, part of the genes flowing through her veins. Deb always helped her with her homework. She loved to see the love Tina had for learning. She knew that one day Tina would need to learn a whole new set of skills in the future and this gift she had for taking things in would be a godsend.

Some evenings Geoff would challenge Tina to play a video game. He almost never won haha. Her hand eye co-ordination was superb, it was if she knew what was happening before it did. Her reflexes always astounded him.

"Are you ever gonna let me win little lady?"
"Nope, see I win again"
"Yes you did, yes you did sweetie"
"Uncle Geoff can I ask you something?"
"Fire away"
"Why don't I ever have any friends?"
"Oh, err I thought you had plenty of friends at school?"
"No, well I do, but not like friends that come over to play. I ask them but they always say no"
"Well maybe instead of asking them here you could ask them to the park on Sunday with us"
"I asked Meredith to come over and she said no cos I have weird eyes"
"Weird eyes? You have perfect eyes sweetie"
"But she said they go funny when I get annoyed at something or when I am thinking too hard"
"In what way? Did she say?"
"Yeah she said they have like a shiny light go across them"
"Well I think maybe she needs glasses as I can tell you there is nothing wrong with your eyes at all. Maybe she just thought she saw something"
"Yeah maybe"

Geoff wasnt convinced that he had answered that the right way, he would speak to Deb later and see what she thinks.

A few months passed and there had been no more news from "H". Deb turned to the internet in hopes of finding messages. Nothing. They carried on living their life as best they could. She was worried more for Tina than anything else. Not only about Noah now knowing she exsisted but about her mother. They had not heard anything else from her since that last message. Now there was the worry of Tina having no friends her own age. Tina will hopefully understand why as she gets older but for now Deb and Geoff would just have to make sure they were around for her.

Tina's thirst for knowledge was still very high. Geoff taught her how to play chess and yes you guessed it, in no time at all she had mastered the game and poor Geoff didnt win at that either.

Family Life Continued

Years passed as the family coninued. Tina had turned 16 last month. Deb and Geoff made the decision to enroll her in the highest academic school around. This meant new teachers, new classmates, new rules. Deb had a meeting with the Head Master and explained all about the "Biological father thing" He was more than happy to help keep Tina safe. He was new to the school, he had only moved into the area at the start of the new term. There was something vaguely familiar about him but Deb could just not put her finger on it.

It's a new day for Tina. She starts her new high school today. She is looking forward to being challenged, academically of course.

"Aunt Deb, do I look ok?"
"Tina you look fine but do you need to wear make-up to school?"
"Yes, yes I do. Everyone my age wears make-up"
"If everyone your age were to jump off a cliff would you do that too?"
"Haha no, I bet you wore make-up to school at my age"
"Yeah I did and you know what, I sounded just like my mother when I said that teehee"
"What was she like? Grams, I never met her and you don't talk about her much"
"I will sit down with you one day and tell you all about her, she was an amazing woman. Now go to school or you'll be late"

Later that evening at dinner, Tina asked a question neither Deb or Geoff were ready to answer.

"What happened to my mother?"
"Your mother?"
"Yes, my mother. Why did she leave me here. Not that I don't love it here with both of you but....well I just would like to know"
"Oh, well it's a very long story darling and not one for the dinner table"
"Can you tell me after dinner then?"
"Yes, I will sit down with you later and we can have a chat"
"Thanks Aunt Deb"

Later when all the dinner dishes were done and Tina had done her homework, Deb was about to call Tina to chat when she had an excrutiating pain go across her chest. Geoff was so worried he called for the paramedics. When they arrived they done a few tests and decided it would be best to take Deb to the hospital for more tests. Geoff wanted to go with her but she convinced him to stay with Tina.

"Tina can you come down please"
"Uncle Geoff whats wrong?"
"They have done more tests on your Aunt Deb, they want her to stay in hospital for a few days to explore more"
"What did they say? Is it her heart? Is she ok? Is it my fault for wanting to know about my mom?"
"Good grief sweetie, no no its not your fault at all, dont ever think that. Yes it has something to do with her heart. We will know more tomorrow I think"

Tina excused herself and headed to her room. She wanted to know more about the human heart and decided to do some research on her laptop.

She didnt really know where to start so typed in "Heart or chest pain" There were lots of pages to go through. I will start at the top she said to herself and work my way through them all until I find some answers.

She sat there until nearly 1am, searching and researching.

"Tina, lights out sweetie."
"Ok Uncle Geoff, night, love you"
"Night night, love you too"

Deb stayed in hospital for over a week, getting test after test. They eventually discharged her on the grounds she takes it easy. No stress. Easier said than done am afraid. Life carried on as normal, Tina decided not to press her Aunt for any information on her mother or grandmother, well not until Aunt Deb was back to full health.

Geoff decided it time Tina learned how to drive. He was once again surprised at how fast she learned.

"Deb, is it normal for you know, people like Tina to learn things so quick?"
"What do you mean?"
"Like driving, I took her out for her 1st lesson and bam, she knew more than me in an hour"
"Oh dear Geoff, you do exagerate, but yes people like Tina do learn more quickly than others. Her mom was the same"
"Have you heard from Harriet?"
"Nope, its been years. I think maybe she is no longer..."
"Don't hink like that darling, she is probably on the move"
"I hope so Geoff, it's the not knowing thats stressing me out"
"I know darling, but you know what the doc said no stress"
"I know, look do you mind if I go to bed?"
"Why would I mind, I'll join you"

A few months passed and no change with Debs health. No news from Harriet.

"Deb, Deb....She's ok"
"Harriet, look in the paper"

There it was, the message they had been waiting for "" FAO - DGT Everything ok. He's GONE. Lv H""

"What do you think it means, he's gone?"
"Hopefully it means he's GONE, you know"
"It could just mean he gave up looking"
"My god, I hope so"

Life settled back down for Geoff, Deb and Tina and it wasnt long before Tina celebrated her 18th birthday. Yet again though, it was just the 3 of them. Still no friends her own age to come and celebrate with her.

Tina came home from school one day and announced there was a new girl in school.
"Her family just moved here from Riverview and Mr Renfrew, the Head, has asked me to show her around the school."
"Thats so nice sweetie."
"Her name is Holly, she is really nice. Can I ask her round here?"
"I don't see why not"

Deb was a little bit on the apprehensive side about having a stranger in the house but Geoff convinced her it would be ok, it was only a girl. A girl for Tina her own age.

"Deb look, we are not young anymore. She needs someone her own age to talk to."
"I know but I just don't trust anyone, well you know why. What if they find out about her"
"What are they gonna find out, you said yourself years ago what your mom done is strong enough to last a lifetime"
"Yes, MY lifetime, and Harriets. Not Tinas. She wasnt born when my mom protected us"
"Surely it will cover Tina too?"
"I don't know, maybe I should try and contact Harriet?"
"It wouldnt hurt"

Deb left a message in the paper "FAO - H Lifetime protection, yours mine & T? LV D"

Now they wait and see what Harriet says. In the meantime, Tina invited Holly over to study.

"So how do you like the school Holly?"
"Its a good school, the head is actually my uncle. So I have to say that haha"
"Really, I didnt know that"
"Not many people do, can you keep it a secret for me, I dont want people to think am a teachers pet or anything"
"Ok, your secrets safe with me"
"Now I told you a secret can you tell me one about you? Like who is your mom?"
"To be honest I don't remember my mom, my Aunt Deb is her sister, twin sister but that is all I know really"
"Why did she leave?"
"I have no idea, I did try and find out but with Aunt Debs weak heart I don't want to push her into telling me"
"Whats wrong with her heart?"
"Oh she has a weak disposition so my Uncle says and anything too stressful could make her have a huge heart attack and could kill her"
"Oh, not good"

Tina noticed Holly's face change, she was sure she saw a flicker of light go across her eye. Tina felt very uncomfortable as if someone or something was trying to warn her of some impending disaster. She shuddered. Holly looked up and stared at Tina.

"Everything ok?"
"Errr yes Holly, I just had a weird feeling of something. Maybe there is a draft coming in somewhere. Do you feel that cold air?"
"Nope, am nice and toastie"
"Must be me then"

Tina shrugged it off. Holly left about 10 that night, Uncle Geoff took her home saying it wasnt safe for a young girl to be walking through the town by herself. While they were away Aunt Deb wanted to talk to Tina.

"Tina sweetheart, there is something I need to tell you"
"Fire away Aunt Deb"
"Its about our family"
"Oh ok, you, me and Uncle Geoff?"
"No more about OUR family, your family"
"Oh ok then is it about my mom?"
"Yes and your Grams, and her mom and Grams"
"My gosh, ok do you need a drink or anything before we start?"
"No am ok darling"
"Holly left some of her juice behind, mind if I get some of that?"
"No not at all, in fact do me a small one darling will you, I am a bit thirsty"

There was only enough juice left for one of them so Tina poured it into a glass and handed it to her Aunt. She got herself a small milk instead.

"Now where do I start"
"Start with why mom left me please Aunt Deb."
"Alright then, you came to stay with us when you were only 3 months old."
"Aunt Deb, are you ok?"
"Yes dear, why?"
"You look very pale, maybe you are tired. Do you want to lay down?"
"No am fine, this juice tastes very sweet, maybe its too sweet for me"

When Deb leant forward to place the glass on the coffee table, she dropped it. The juice went all over the floor. Tina jumped up and grabbed the kitchen towel and started to mop it up.

"Tina, maybe I should go to bed"
"Here let me help you"
"No, no its ok. Can you tell Uncle Geoff to come up when he's home please"
"Yes of course, you sure you're ok?"
"Yes, sweetie am fine"
"Do you want me to call the doctor?"
"No, no its fine. Goodnight darling"
"Night Aunt Deb, love you"
"Yes, yes, I love you too"

Deb managed to climb the stairs to her bedroom. She could hear Geoff coming in downstairs. She heard Tina tell him how she was not feeling well. She heard him run up the stairs.

"Deb, Deb, Deb"

That was the last thing she heard.

"Tina, TINA...."

Tina flew up the stairs to find Uncle Geoff cradling Deb in his arms.

"Call the doctor, quick. in fact call the paramedics"

The paramedics came, what did she have to eat or drink last? They asked.

"Juice, I gave her juice"
"Do you have any left young lady"
"No, wait there might be some in the bottom of the bottle"
"Can you get it"

Tina ran as fast as she could to the recycle bin. There was no bottle. How can that be? She put it in there. She looked in the bin for the kitchen towel she used to mop it up. It was not there either.

"Its gone"
"What do you mean its gone?"
"The bottle its gone"
"What did it say on the label, can you remember?"
"No I cant, wait it was a green bottle with lemons on it"

The paramedics worked on Deb as they spoke.

"We need to take her in"
"I'm coming with you"
"Uncle Geoff can I come?"
"Yes, sweetie yes come on"

With that they all left for the hospital. 100 thoughts were going through Tina's mind. Where did the bottle go? Where did the towelling go? Will Aunt Deb be ok? Holly, omg Holly she might be ill too. She drank from the same bottle.

"Uncle Geoff the bottle was Hollys"
"The juice, it was Holly who brought it. Shall I call her to see if she is ok? She might be ill too"
"Tell the doc when we get to the hospital sweetie, he can call Holly or her parents and find out what was in it"

At the hospital, the doctors worked frantically on Deb. Her heart had stopped 3 times already.

"I am sorry, we tried our best to save her...."

That was all Tina heard. Her Aunt Deb was gone.

"Do you know the cause?"
"I am sure it was an allergic reaction to something she may have ate or drank. It interferred with her meds."
"When will you know for sure?"
"After the post mortem"
"When will that be?"
"In a day or so, look Mr Vincent I am so sorry for your loss. Maybe you should take your niece home, she looks beat"
"Yeah, thank you"

Tina and Geoff headed home.

A week had passed and there were still no answers as to why Deb had passed. The post mortem didnt show anything wrong. There were no signs of any allergic reactions, no sign of a heart attack. Nothing. The doctors were totally at a loss of explanation and they put it down to natural causes.
Tina and Geoff tried to carry on as normal without her. Tina's grades suffered and Geoffs health deteriorated. Holly and her family were so supportive through all the hard times. Holly stayed with Tina on numerous occassions just to make sure she was ok. Geoff became close to Holly and trusted her with the well being of Tina. Maybe through his grief his judgement was clouded. He left a message in the paper for Harriet ""FAO - H, D has gone. Lv G&T"" He hoped this news would bring Harriet back. He needed her or rather Tina needed her now more than ever.

It had been almost a year since Deb had gone. Tina needed a date for her prom and asked her Uncle Geoff to take her. He accepted as he knew Deb would have wanted him to be there for their niece.

That was the 1st time he had smiled in a long time. Maybe just maybe, the healing process had begun. Tina could only hope and pray that they could put everything behind them and move on. She had become very close to Holly over the last year. Holly was the only friend that Tina had, had ever had. She knew she could trust her with anything. They all had a blast at the prom. Uncle Geoff danced the night away. By the time they got home he was just plum tired, he headed up the stairs to his bed. Geoff checked the paper just in case Harriet had been in touch.

""FAO - G&T Be careful. You are in Danger! Trust No-one. I'm coming home. Lv H""

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PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   23/2/2016, 11:55

Chapter 2 published kissy

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PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   23/2/2016, 15:49! What a chapter! I'm stunned at Deb passing and this Holly girl...mmmm, something tells me that her and the new Headmaster are not to be trusted. My first thought was the new Headmaster was that Noah.

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PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   23/2/2016, 16:01

glad you enjoyed it MJ love2u There might be more twists and turns than you expect coming up in the next few chapters. Will have to keep you all guessing on who is who and what is what and who is doing what eeeeeppppp eeeeeppppp

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PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   4/3/2016, 06:38

This is really good hun. :) xxx
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PostSubject: Re: Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69   

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Bound - A Sims 3 Story by InaMac69
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