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 Pirate's Cove: A Love Story- A Sims 3 short story

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PostSubject: Pirate's Cove: A Love Story- A Sims 3 short story   5/11/2014, 00:12

Fall has set in here in Barnacle Bay, the days are getting shorter and the cool autumn air brushes against my face as I sit out here on the verandah looking towards Pirate's Cove. I am reminded of a story that my grandma once told me when I would sit on her lap in the study near the fireplace and we would gently rock back and forth in her favorite rocking chair.  

Pirate's Cove...named that by the townsfolk when the first Pirate ship came in seeking shelter from an early Winter Gale storm. Grandma said they came back each spring and stayed through the summer selling their wares from distant lands. It was down at the Al Fresco market when she first saw him. A young lad helping set up a stand with a striking lady dressed in vibrant colors and hair black as the winter night sky. He was just as striking with his golden bronzed sun kissed skin and hair as black as the lady he was helping. Certainly she knew he was not one of the regular towns boys she grew up with and went to school with, and there was no rumors going around that anyone new had arrived in town. They both had to be from the ship now sitting in Pirate's Cove. Sitting on a bench, trying not to stare in his direction, he caught her eye, gave her a wink and she instantly felt lightheaded, dizzy and it felt like her heart stopped and the world ceased to spin at that one brief moment. Shaking her head, she got up from the bench and went home, but the image of that boy had been seared into her mind. Every time she closed her eyes she would see him. That night her dreams were filled with his face. Grandma said that she eventually worked up the nerve to go down to Pirate's Cove and see the boy. She had to see him and maybe that would get him out of her head, but that proved to not be the case. See grandma said that when she saw him again standing on the dock next to their ship and then when he started walking towards her she said she felt like she was going to faint.

"Who are you?" he asked her when he finally approached her. "I have seen you before".
" name is Samantha" she said in a near whisper feeling like her heart was about to beat right out of her chest.
"Hi Samantha, I'm Peter" he said.
"You live here?" she asked, and suddenly regretted asking such a silly question. Of course he lived there. Why else would he be dressed the way he was!
"Um...yeah." he said. "But you don't have to be afraid of me. I'm not going to hurt you."
"I'm not afraid." she said.
"Well I have to get back, lots of work to do before we sail out." he said excusing himself then turned around and asked "Samantha, can I see you again?"
Oh Lord have mercy! He wants to see me again! Why me? I'm certainly not the most beautiful young gal in Barnacle Bay! "Yeah, sure...but I'm not that pretty. There are other girls here who are more..."
"Pretty?" he finished and then said, "Samantha, you are beautiful and I don't want to see you just because I think you are beautiful. I want to see you because I want to get to know you. It's kinda boring and lonely having no one my age to talk to."
"Oh." she said feeling ashamed of her response. "I live just up the hill there" she said turning and pointing to the large plantation looking home on the hill.
"Great! I'll come by then." he said and went back to his ship.

Grandma said they spent every moment together from that day on. She hated the winters because Peter wasn't there and one Fall she even begged him to stay but he said no that he was afraid that if he did he'd get bored and she would get bored of him. Grandma said that she told him that would never happen because she loved him.

Then one spring and all through the summer he never came back. She would check the cove everyday and no ship. She would scan the horizon day after day after day, and no ship would appear. She began to think of horrible things, like what if they got caught in a storm and their ship went down. Or they were taken over by some of the more ruthless Pirates out there and are being held as prisoners. Or that he had found another girl in another town. Heartbroken, she tried to get Peter out of her mind and go on with life but no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't forget about him. On her 20th birthday she was about to go out with some girlfriends to celebrate when a knock came at the door. When she opened it up, there stood a tall, dark and handsome young Pirate man. She looked into his eyes and instantly flung her arms around his shoulder squealing in delight.
"Peter!" she gushed "Is it really you?"
"Yup it's me." he said. "All grown up and by the looks of it, so are you." with a little mischief spark in his eyes.
Grandma said they went off together. They walked the coastline, frolicked in the water and fell down laughing in the sand under the summer sky with stars shining like diamonds and even the moon seemed to be sharing in their delight. Then Peter pulled her close to him and the next thing grandma says she remembers was waking up on the beach in Peter's arms with him watching her.
"I have to go." he whispered
"Peter. You just got here!" she said
"We were only here one night. We are setting sail this morning. I must go." he said
"No Peter! Stay. Stay here...with me. Please don't leave me again. she pleaded.
"Sam. I have to go. This is my life. I will always be with you as a part of me is now with you." he said kissing her gently, then got up and left.
Stunned not knowing what he meant she stumbled to her feet and went after him, following him back to Pirate's Cove only to find that their ship was already heading out to sea.

Grandma said she never saw him again after that day, but she did figure out what he had meant by he would always be with her as a part of him was now with her. Nine months after that day, grandma had my dad. Grandma said she wished Peter would of had the chance to meet his son.

When grandma passed away one autumn day, just like today, a ship had sailed into the cove. I didn't think of it much as they have been coming in from time to time, but I saw an elderly man standing on the hillside, alone. In his hand he carried a single rose and he appeared to be crying. After the service and we all retreated into grandma's house and I helped my dad attended to the guests. I sneaked back outside to see if I could find him and ask if he was my grandpa, but he was gone and the only sign he had been there, was a single rose with a pirates hat on my grandma's grave.

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Pirate's Cove: A Love Story- A Sims 3 short story
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