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  I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   30/9/2014, 16:15

If you are wondering what the Rosebud challenge is, then head on over to TSCC and read all the rules.
I decided I would give this a go, as well you all know I can't resist a challenge LOL
I will be posting it on both here and TSCC for all to read.

Hi everyone, so I thought I would give this challenge a go. Mind you after reading everyone's stories so far, with all the hardship, the glitches etc I was beginning to think Oh Lordy what have I let myself in for affraid

However, as a true simmer and someone in need of a good challenge, I made myself a little simmie to help. Let me introduce

Anya Morgan.

As you can see I have placed Anya on her plot, emptied her bank account and we are ready to roll.

Day 1

We need money.

"Anya you need to dig."
"DIG ?? In these heels ?? Are you kiddin me ??"
"Nope just dig, you will find something, then you can sell it"
"I did not sign up for this"
"You didn't sign up for anything, I made you"
"Ok, wrong words to use, you didn't say I had to work"
"OMG, this is not work this is survival !!"
"Oh look I found a saphire, its all pretty and shiny"
"Good sell it"
"I don't wanna"
"Sell it"
"Anya you have no money, just sell it"
" 24s for it, you happy"
"Nope you need more money, go find something else to dig up"

"She is such a slave driver, I mean come on, dig she says, DIG. I don't see her helping"

As Anya was digging away she got the strange feeling she was being watched.

"Oh good lord you scared me"
"Oh did I?"
"Yes you did, oh and did you see I got a piece of Shinolite, isnt it fab"
"Hmm hand it over lady"
"Excuse me..."
"I said hand it over, I want it"
"I don't think so matey, who do you think you are? I do all the work, and you just shimmy on over and expect me, hand over my fortune, back away now or else..."
"Ok, ok, I'm going you mad amazonian"

He ran in the opposite direction, do you blame him haha, I wouldnt mess with Anya either. When the strange man left, Anya sold her shinolite. I sent her to dig up more stuff, in fact she ended up with, 1 elmira lamp (sold), 1 chef gino (sold), 1 flamingonium (sold) and 1 plathinium and yep you guessed it (sold). How much do we have ?? Not a lot LOL

"Is that tasty?"
"It's soooo good, nom nom nom"
"Did you make it?"
"Nope she did"
"Who is that?"
"I have no idea, I smelt the food from a mile away and followed my rumbling tum"
"Hahaa ok, you were hungry then?"
"Starving more like"

Lets leave her eating just now. Not long after that Anya found herself sitting at the chess table at the park, woot woot she got the logic skill. Then she was in the park lounge area, where she managed to chat up some bloke.

"Hey, I'm Anya, and you are ?"
"Just leaving"

Oh dear that didn't go well did it??

"Anya you need more money"
"Oh right, let me listen to this song then I will go dig up some more stuff"

Anya went on her little digging adventure but found herself once again chatting up a random stranger.

"Hi I'm Anya"
"Oh err hi"
(at least this one is sticking round a bit longer than the last)
"Sooo where is the best place to dig around here?"
"I have no idea, I don't dig"
"Oh, well normally I wouldn't either but the wicked, evil, inhumane creator of mine took away all my simoleons and I have to dig to survive"
"Good luck with that then"
(Another one bites the dust)

Anya headed back to the lounge and had a quick nap on the sofa, it was a very quick nap as no sooner had she put her head down the place filled up with loads of people. Up she got and headed out the door.

"You know miss, if you need somewhere to sleep you can take my bench"
"Your bench?"
"Yeah I sleep in the park"

"Oh well a bench is better than nothing dear. You better catch up on rest as tomorrow, you dig again muhahahaa."
"Dont be so evil, goodnight"
"Goodnight Anya"

I actually feel sorry for Anya. I thought I would have had enough for a bed at the end of today, but nope, not yet, maybe tomorrow. Until then we say night night.
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Head Admin
Head Admin

PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   30/9/2014, 18:15

OMG! This is hilarious and sad at the same time. Poor poor Anya...I sure do hope she can dig up some grand sum of money to be able to at least buy herself a bed! LOL I'll be tuning back in.

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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   30/9/2014, 23:37

Looks good hun. And interesting. :) XXX
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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   1/10/2014, 07:27

thankyou honey, I will be posting more today luv u luv u
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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   1/10/2014, 10:29

More from Anya and her Rosebud Challenge

Day 2

Before we start, or should I say wake her up to dig some more, this popped up

70 simoleons !! Why ? There is nothing there apart from the mail box. I was wondering if maybe she has to pay the mail man for delivering the bill in the 1st place, she aint gonna be happy Evil or Very Mad  After waking up from a night on the bench, Anya set about looking for more rocks to dig up.

"Hey Anya, what ya doing? That's not a rock"
"I know its not a rock, it looks interesting, thought I would shove my hand in this hole and see what I could find"
"Is it safe? There might be a spider in there"
"I am not scared of spiders, rats yes, spiders no"
"Ok there might be a rat in there, it will nibble your fingers"
"Oh you are so evil, there are no rats in here, how do I know? Its filled with slimey stuff"
"Ha ha, a frog"

Anya sold her frog, she then went and dug up some more shiny rocks and sold those too. I had a surprise for Anya waiting back on her lot.

"Anya sweetie, you look exhausted"
"I am, "sniff sniff", I want a shower, a good sleep, a peepee, a massage, my nails done, look at my hair, "sniffle sniffle" I wanna, I wanna, I don't know"
"Honey, look, go home. There is a surprise for you"
"Kk, is it a nice surprise?"
"Just go home and see"

"There you go Anya, you have a bed and a T.V. Ok they might not be the best, but you can now sleep here and have some fun watching your favorite shows."
"Oh thankyou dear, they are awesome"
"I didn't buy them you did, all that hard work digging up those gems, this is what you got"
"Oh, ok, now can I get to sleep? I am totally zapped"
"Awww ok, sweetie get some sleep, maybe tomorrow you can find a job?"
"Hmm maybe, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Day 3

"Wakey Wakey rise and shine, Anya get up its half past nine"
"Go away, am sleeping here"
"Anya, time to get up, we have work to do"
"What ? Go away"
"Oi !! Get up"
"Fine !!"
"Grumpy butt"
"Evil queen"
"I'm not evil. I am here to help"
(grumbles under breath)
"HEY !! There is no need for that!! Get up now or I delete the bed"
"I'm up, I'm up. Happy now"
"Oh dear, Anya you need a shower, you stink"
"Tell me something I don't know"

I set off looking for somewhere Anya could shower. The gym, woot woot. I'll send her there.

"Why are you walking funny?"
"Oh quick this way...hold it in"
"What do you think I'm doing"
(Someone catches her eye on the way to the loo)
"Why hello, my name is Anya, I'll be back"
"ANYA !! Toilet NOW"

"Man, that was close, I nearly had an accident"
"Well maybe if you didn't try and chat up that young guy"
"Leave me alone, he was cute"
"You are such a flirt, now go have a shower, you have green mist all around you, smells like cabbage"
"How do you know what it smells like? Is this a scratch n sniff screen?"
"Hahaaaaa, no, I just imagined it smells like that"
"Well it could smell like, roses for all you know"
"Doubt it"
"Nah, your're right it does smell like cabbage, where's the shower?"

After Anya spent almost an hour in the bathroom, she took a better look around the gym. The cute guy had left. I wonder if he ran away in fear of being chatted up more LOL.

"Does my butt look big like this?"
"Anya what are you doing?"
"Oh, I'm just chatting to Sam here"
"Hi Sam, Anya stop with the flirting"
"Its not lady like"
"Ok, hey have you seen my muscles?"
"I noticed you were more, errr, toned than before"
"Yeah, I mean I am now more, more, whats the word?"
"Muscular, do you like it?"
"Not sure, I might get used to it"
"I think you might have to, as I have no idea how to tone them down"
"Ahh right ok, well never mind I will be happy whatever, I am a confident woman, who is happy in her own skin"
"That is a fab attitude to have Anya"
"Yeah if someone likes me for me, it shouldnt matter what size I get"
"True, very true. Now lets go and see if we can scrounge some food from your new neighbours"
"Oooh yes, I'm starving"

Anya's neighbours were more than happy to let her in. I think maybe they were a bit intimidated to be honest. I mean would you turn her away? Nope neither would I LOL She stayed there most of the day, scrap that she stayed there ALL day. She ate her way through 2 yoghurts, a bowl of chips, drank 2 glasses of milk, used the bathroom, had a shower, chatted to the neighbours and she even went on the computer and found a job. She is now Palette Cleaner in the Painter Career Track. Time to send her home so she can prepare for work, by that I mean go to bed, she has nothing else on her lot yet. Haha.

Day 4

This is much harder than i thought, we are on day 4 already and still no walls or anything. Right lets get things moving shall we.

"Good morning Anya"
"Good morning"
"You look much happier today"
"Yeah, I feel happier, I had a good sleep. I went over to my neighbours early this morning, they let me in to shower, use the loo and even gave me breakfast. How nice was that?"
"Very nice of them indeed hunny. How much money you got?"
"Don't look yet, wait until I get back from work. I found some more little dig sites around the back, over there. I am gonna dig them up later so we can sell stuff and make more money"
"Great stuff, now get off to work. I'm going out. I will come back later"
"See ya"
"Oh, have a great 1st day sweetie. Good luck"
"Thanks, byeeeeee"

While Anya was at work I couldn't help myself I had to look to see what we could buy / build. Oooooh we have enough for a wall and a toilet. eek   <---- runs off to get them. Time whizzed by, literally..... is it me or does time go really really fast in this game?

"I see you found your toilet?"
"Oh, I am so glad you got me this, nobody was home next door and I was bursting"
"You don't mind its outdoors?"
"At this point in time I wouldn't have cared if it was a hole in the ground haha"

After Anya finished her very public toiletry needs she set off to dig up some more cool stuff. She even found plants to harvest, carrot, strawberry, sage and onion. All sold. Once she was done we set about getting her a few essentials.

"Oh Anya look, you almost have a complete room"
"I know, it's fab isnt it? I mean another day and I can have 4 walls and a door"
"I am so pleased for you sweetie"
"Thanks, now you can go for today as I am just gonna finish my snack, watch some comedy and then off to bed"
"Ok dear, I will be back tomorrow, night night"

I left her there, enjoying her almost room. Now when can I get someone to move in (goes and checks the rules) Oh ok, gotta have 4 walls, a door and a window. Well maybe in a day or 2 then.

Day 5

After her shift finished at work, I checked to see what she needed to do in order to get promoted. View 3 pieces of art and get painting level skill to 2. Now the viewing should be easy enough, I can send her to the museum they have paintings on the wall. The painting level might be a bit harder to do, might have to buy an easel before completing the walls. I sent her off to the museum. After she completed the task of viewing said 3 paintings she found time to socialize.

"I'm Anya, just moved here"
"Hi, how you finding life here?"
"Good so far, who is that guy?"
"Sidney, he is a friend of Joey Wolf"
"Not that I know who that is, does Sidney live around here?"
"No, he is just visiting I think"
"He looks kinda cute don't ya think?"
"Errr I suppose"

Anya started to walk away when......

"Hey blondie"

A strong, husky male voice called to her. She stopped in her tracks.

"Whit whoo, look at you. Tell me darlin, do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?"
"Oh, errr, hello"
"Tell me your name sweetheart"
"Anya, my name is Anya"
"Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful lady. I'm Sidney, my friends call me Sid but you darlin can call me anytime."
"Haha ok, anytime, what you after?"
"Nothing sweet Anya, nothing at all. Can I take your picture to prove to all my friends that angels do exist?"
"Sure why not"

"I have to get going Sid, but can I see you again?"
"I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?"
"Haha ok, here it is. Call me"

With that Anya left the museum. I had been busy on her lot while she was away. She had enough money to buy an easel, a shower,  a mirror and have the last remaining wall built we even managed to get a door and window put in. The only thing is the room wasnt big enough to have everything inside so I moved the bed, tv, fridge and easel outside. This is good news as it means she can ask someone to move in when she is ready.

When Anya got home, the sink was busted soooo, since we had spent almost all the money she decided to fix it herself. Just as she was finished there was a knock at the door.

"Sidney, hi, how did you know where I lived?"
"I followed you home, not that I was stalking you or anything, I wanted to see where you lived"
"Oh, well, errr as you can see I don't have much in the way of a home as yet but I am working on it"
"Come and sit down and tell me all about yourself"

"Where do I begin"
"At the beginning"

Anya told Sid all about how she got to where she is, including all the digging, the selling of her shiny things. The green cabbage mist (she wanted him to know everything) I would have left that bit out haha. He sat there until the wee small hours of the morning. When she had finished he surprised her with this.....

"That is quite a story, look I know we have just met but...When I look into your eyes, it is like a gateway into the world of which I want to be a part of"
"What are you saying?"
"Anya, let me help you"
"You want to move in?"
"More than that darlin"
"You want to....errr, be my boyfriend?"
"Sweetheart, do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material. What do you say?"
"It's a bit fast don't ya think?"
"Anya, live life to the fullest, grab every opportunity, don't let it slip by. Go on say yes, ask me to move in"
"Ok, what the hell......Sidney will you move in with me?"
"Hell yes......Forget about Spiderman, Superman, and Batman. I'll be your man."

And with that he moved in bringing with him a LOT of money, woot woot, we're in the money, we're in the money. Time to build.

Look we have a house, all be it not a huge fancy mansion, but  ahouse with walls and rooms and a kitchen and ...well you can see. LOL can you tell I'm excited   too funny too funny  Tune in next time for more with Anya and her new man Sid.

love2u love2u
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   1/10/2014, 14:53

Looking good hun. and now she can use the toilet in privet. lol :) XXX
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Head Admin
Head Admin

PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   1/10/2014, 15:47

OMG Ina, you had me in stitches! LYHO too funny  LYHO  too funny LYHO

Those pickup lines were the bomb. very funny

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   1/10/2014, 20:38

thanks guys so happy you are enjoying Anya's little adventure. You know I am loving this sim, she makes it so easy to write about her escapades. LOL

hugs hugs hugs
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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   2/10/2014, 14:05

Thankyou all for commenting, reading, following. You ready for more !!

Day 5 (Cont)

Before I let these 2 lovebirds settle in, I wanted to have a quiet word with Sidney.

"Hi Sid, right I need to have a quick word with you"
"Hi, fire away, am all ears"
"Just what are your intentions here?"
"What do you mean?"
"With Anya, what are you up to? I checked your relationships, you have 2 other lovebirds!!"
"Well, what can I say, I'm irresistable"
"No your not"
"Oh yes I am"
"Oh no your not"
"Oh..but yes I am"
"No your...forget it, what are you gonna do about those other girls?"
"Dump them of course, I mean, look at Anya, she is heaven on earth, I don't want anyone else, she stole my heart. You don't need to worry, I will love her for eternity."
"Oh, you are good. I believe you."

Anya came back into the room.

"Why me Sid? I'm nothing special"
"When I look into your eyes my heart starts racing and I see myself falling for you, I do't wanna lose that, which means I don't wanna lose you."
"Oh, Sid. You make my heart all gooey"
"Let's go to bed sweetheart."
"Sid, maybe you should know...I am keeping myself for my wedding night."
"Oh baby, I love that you said that"

With that they went off to bed, to sleep.

Day 6

Anya woke up feeling very happy with herself. Not only had she bagged a man, she had a house !! Woot woot go Anya   cheer2 cheer2

"Good morning honeybear"
"Good morning my love"

There has been lots of this going on. Not only in the kitchen but ...

On the sofa, in the bedroom and just about everytime I turned round the 2 of them were lip smacking LOL
I sent Anya to the gym for a workout. She was getting bigger with each sway of the hips.

"You still got those abs then?"
"Yep, huffle puffle, don't speak to me, huff puff I'm trying not to faint here"
"Oh, ok...gawd your so out of shape. Is this what love does to you?"
"Eh ! What do you mean, gasp gasp"
"I mean you were fitter yesterday, now that Sid has rolled in, your all out of breath"
"Shut up, it's nothing to do with Sid, pant pant"
"Then why you struggling?"
"Am not..."
"You are"
"Are..forget it"
"Why you being..pant gasp..snidy?"
"Am not being snidy"
"You jealous??"
"Of what?"
"Me n Sid finding..huffpuff gasp Lurrvveee"
"Hahahaaaaa (ROFL)"
"Go away, you, you...."

"Sid, what are you doing here?"
"I couldn't let the light of my life workout alone"
"Awww, honeybear, I love you"

Did you notice she stopped panting, and looked more in control when he arrived? I wonder if he is what she needs after all. AND so you know I was not, am not and will never be jealous of Anya.   rapberry

"Were you hungry my love"
"Oh errr, sorry did I eat that too fast honeybear?"
"No not at all, I love a woman who enjoys her food"
("pssst Anya, you scoffed that down, whats up?"
"Ssshh I am nervous"
"I dunno I got this feeling something is gonna happen"
"You're being silly, now enjoy Sid's company")

I left them alone for a bit while I wondered around the town, its's quite a nice town isnt it? I am in Oasis Springs, if you hadn't already guessed. After about an hour or so I went back to check on Anya and her honeybear.

"Woah!! Look at that rock, does this mean? Are you 2? Did he? ANYA are you gettin married?"
"Yes, yes, yes haha, Sidney asked me to marry him, can you believe it, me..."
"Oh honey I am so pleased for you, sniff sniff"
"Are you crying?"
"Oh sweetie they are tears of joy"
"Awwww thankyou, now I don't mean to be rude but..."

"Sidney, honeybear, I  love you so much."
"And I love you Anya darling"
"Do you want a big wedding honeybear?"
"I was hoping we could exchange vows now, so we can end this day as man and wife"
"And woohoo??"
"Well yes and woohoo haha"
"Ok, lets do it, the vows I mean, now, here in our bedroom"

"I Sidney Velasco aka Honeybear, take you Anya Morgan aka my love,  to be my wife, my partner in life and my one true love. I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before. I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live."
"I Anya Morgan take you Sidney Velasco, for all that you are and all that you will be, as my husband"

"Is that it, Anya, all your gonna say?"
"Yep, Sid knows how i feel, he knows I will love him forever. And anyways, I wanna go to bed haha"

Woot woot they are married. How come they don't change names? Oh well never mind, I ran out of time to pop more on today, but I will leave you with this.....Until next time, mucho loves to all.

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Head Admin
Head Admin

PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   2/10/2014, 14:36

Aww...**sniff, sniff** that was so sweet. I'm so happy Anya is happy and I sure do hope Sid is true to his word bout the other two lovebirds in his life.

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   3/10/2014, 09:46

thanks MJ, you know I love this challenge, don't get me wrong its harder than I thought but I am so enjoying it so far love2u love2u
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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   3/10/2014, 09:50

Thankyou all for reading and following Anya on her merry little adventure. kissy kissy

Day 7

Good lordy day 7 already, how long is the life span? (YA 20 days) Ahhh not too bad then. Oh by the way I checked to see if Sid was YA and NOPE!! He is an Adult, oh my...this means he will pop his clogs, kick the bucket, give up the ghost whatever way you put it before Anya, if all goes to plan. Then again she might do something stupid and leave the earthly plain before him affraid
Let's go join the lovers and see what they are up to today.

"Hey Sid, what ya doing"
"Errr swinging from the lampshade shouting tarzan, what does it look like I am doing?"
"Very funny, NOT...Why are you digging? Where's Anya?"
"I'm digging to get more money, we need to add more stuff to the house, she might be at work, I left the house early"
"I thought you 2 had some money?"
"Yeah but we need more for the....nope I will let her tell you"
"Tell me what?"
"You will have to wait and see, now if you'll excuse me I have work to do"

I left him to dig. He managed to find a fair bit of loot. Good old Sid.

"You got fed up digging then?"
"Yeah, thought I would try fishing"
"Caught anything yet?"
"Yeah, a cold haha"
"Nope nothing, might go get a drink then head home to see if Anya is back yet, you coming?"
"Don't mind if I do"

"Here try this, its a non alcoholic fruit cocktail"
"Mmmmm its very fruity"
"Obviously since I did say its a FRUIT Cocktail"
"Hey, I was just saying"
"Am heading home now, gotta go see my Anya"
"Ok, I will finish my drink then follow you over"
"Kk, see ya there"

"Anya my love, I met your creator at the park today. You havent told her yet have you?"
"No honeybear, I was waiting until the right moment"
"Well I think you should tell her soon, as my dear you are, well lets just say you can't hide whats happening for much longer"
"I know, I know you are right darling"
"Coooie, anyone home? Its me Ina can I come in?"
"Here's your chance Anya, tell her now"
"Oh lordy here goes, In here Ina love"
"Hey Sid, Anya"
"Ina, can you sit down I have some news"
"Oh, is it good news?"
"Yes very good news, well my honeybear and I think it is"
"Ok shoot, tell me"

"Oh Anya, Sid, I am so happy for you both....that was very quick though wasn't it?"
"Haha, what can I say, we woohood and bam, pregnant"
"Are you happy sweetie? Is this what you want?"
"We are very happy, now I am very tired and need to nap. You can stay and chat to Sid if you want to"
"Well I am afraid I have to go for a bit, got errands to run, but I will be back later, now you go rest and I am sure Sid will look after you"
"That I will, you can be sure of that"
"He is so sweet Ina, he looks after me just fine"

I left them there, over the next couple of days 8 & 9 nothing much happened, Sidney kept digging, Anya went from bed to work, then back to bed.

"OMG!!! ROFLMAO!! What the heck are you wearing?"
"Shut up, stop laughing"
"Ina, stop, laughing"
"I can't, hahahaaa, what in god's name are you wearing?"
"My uniform"
"Hahahaaaaaaaaaa, love the glasses, nice touch"
"Go away, I'm late for work"

Later that night..........

"Where are you going sweetie?"
"It's time"
"Huh!! for what?"
"Ina it's know BABY time..."
"Oh, where's Sid? You got your bag? Did you call an ambulance? You got everything? Take it easy, breathe"
"I am breathing"
"Not you me!!!!!"
"Sid, honeybear you coming?"
"I'm here my love"
"Sid, Sid, long are the contractions, did her waters break....have you got everything you need?"
"Ina dear, go and wait in the house. Anya does not need a headless chuck running round, calm is what she needs right now"
"Kk, call me with news, any news, just call me"
"I will, now we have to get going"

How the heck am I meant to stay calm....nice cup of tea and a choccy biscuit I think. While I paced the living room floor, I decided to check their funds. Oh they have a wee bit saved, haha, they are gonna need it. What the!! I heard a noice from the bedroom.

Crikey   eeeeeppppp  TWINS   dancewitme

"Ina this is Erika"
"Oh Sid, she is beautiful"

"And this is Anabelle"
"Oh Sid, another beautiful little girl"
"Yes, Anya done so well. I am such a proud man at this moment"
"I bet you are"
"I told Anya the other day, In 10 years time I will love another girl, and this girl will call my darling Anya mommy, I didnt expect to get 2"
"Haha Sid you know you got a BOGOF deal"
"Huh!! BOGOF whats that?"
"You know, buy one get one free, they have these deals at the supermarket all the time"
"Oh right, errr, you have a very weird sense of humor you know"
"Yeah I know, its a gift"
"If you say so, haha. Now these girls need their sleep"

Day 10

"Good morning honeybear"
"Good morning mommykins"
"Haha, I'm not used to being a mom yet"
"I know how you feel, I didnt sleep much, every little noise and I was up checking the girls"
"Yeah I know, you were like a meerkat"
"Haha I know darling"
"oooh I can hear them, I'll go and feed them if you want to tidy up for me"
"Consider it done my love, anything for you"

"Morning Anya, how was your 1st night as a mom?"
"Oh Ina I love it, I mean just look at these 2 little bundles of hope and love"
"Awww they are so cute"
"I know, I am so happy right now, exhausted but happy"
"Look I was thinking, I can re-model the house a little while you and Sid get some rest"
"Oh could you? That would be fab"

Sooo we had enough money to enlarge the kitchen a little, pop on a porch area (ready for stairs) and we even started the upstairs area. I did leave them with 500s in case of bills or emergencies. I left them to get accustomed to parenthood.

Day 11

"Honeybear, what are you looking at?"
"Oh my love, I was just looking at that strange person out there"
"Look out the window"

"Good lord, what are they doing?"
"Push ups I believe, the thing is they have been there for over 2 hours now"
"You think they are stuck?"
"I have no idea, maybe Ina can sort it"
"What if she can't, will we have to live with a stranger exercising out there for ever?"
"I hope not, where is Ina anyway?"
"I have no idea, she is usually around somewhere"
"Well before she gets here I have something I want to tell you"

"You to me are everything, the sweetiest song that I could sing, oh baby, oh baby, To you I guess I'm just a clown, Who picks you up each time you're down Oh baby, oh baby, You give me just a taste of love to build my hopes upon, you know you got the power girl
to keep me holding on, So now you got the best of me, come on and take the rest of me Oh baby..."
"Oh Sid, my honeybear, I love you"
"I love you more"
"No I love you more"
"let's go to bed"
"I'm not tired"
"Nope neither am I"
"Oh...I see"

Ahem right I will leave them there just now, I don't want to cramp their style haha. Until next time, this is Ina checking out   flower flower
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   3/10/2014, 13:46

Aw...twins! Man they move fast! LOL I'm still working on getting moola saved up and haven't even made it to first base with Zest yet! LOL

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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   3/10/2014, 14:44

This is on of my favorite ways to play. Your doing so well and your way of telling it is wonderful cuddle

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.”
― Dr. Seuss
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   3/10/2014, 14:54

Mj speed is the name of the game in this challenge, I had to work like crazy to get enough to pop walls up add in a door and window and voila got Sid to move in, he brought with him plenty of wonga, dosh, cash, readies to spend haha. You are doing awesome and you have me so intrigued with what Zest is hiding Suspect Suspect

@ Buttons, I am enjoying this challenge so much, but keep forgetting to look at how much everything is worth haha. Too busy getting these 2 lovebirds sorted with a decent home. I bet there is no money left and I will be the one player to get to gen 10 with no money teehee love2u
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   3/10/2014, 15:04

hugs  You are doing a splendid job and seem to be very well organized. That is what it's going to take to get this challenge completed. I was a little helter-skelter in the beginning but I think I finally have a handle on how to get through it even though I created the challenge.

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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   3/10/2014, 19:41

thankyou EQ, you have set up quite the challenge haha, I am loving it so far hugs hugs

Day 12

Oh I didnt know you could just click the basket and age up babies straight away  doh   Well I do now, lets age them up...

Top is Erika then its Anabelle, as you can see they were hungry. Even though they had just been bottle fed moments before aging up.

"Hi girls, I'm Ina, I created your mom"
"Who? Eeena did you say?"
"No, Ina"
"You sound funny"
"What do you mean I sound funny"
"You don't sound like us, you have a funny accent"
"Oh, it's a Scottish accent sweetie"
"Where's that from?"
"Errr Scotland"
"Is that in London?"
"Oh good lord, noooo London is in England and Scoltand is above England"
"I don't know where that is"
"Go google it on the pc"
"Whats google?"

With that I left the room to find Anya or Sid. These girls are hard work.

"Hey you guys, you need to help your girls with their geography"
"They didnt know where Scotland was, is rather"
"Well Ina they have just aged up, give them a chance to learn a few things"
"Oooh touchy arent we"
"No just tellin it as it is"
"Oh, have I offended you?"
"No, not at all, just I have a few things on my mind"
"Like what?"
"Come and find out for yourself"

"Girls, your father and I need to tell you something"
"Yes mommy"
"Go ahead my love, I am right here"
"Well errr, you are going to have a baby brother or sister soon, very soon"
"Oh daddy, that is so good, I will be a big sister"
"Yes Anabelle you both will"
"Good grief, guys....You have only just had these 2, what are you thinking? You trying to put me in an early grave"
"Ina, its good news, we are happy"
"Yeah but, its not you that has to click the buttons to make sure you are all fed, clean, doing tasks to keep your plumbob green"
"What's a plumbob?"
"Sorry Erika, its something above your head which lets me know how you feel"

Erika looked above her head at this point and had a very scared expression on her face.
I left the house, needed a coffee and some chocolate, ahh sod the coffee where's the wine!!! I need a drink, only for medicinal purposes though you understand

"You know Erika, that Eeeena person is a bit mad"
"Yeah like silly mad, haha"
"Like goofy mad haha"
"Like scooby mad teehee"
"yeah, you wanna go play?"

Humph!! Not got anything else to say here  Shocked

"So what you think mom will have"
"What do you mean? She's having a baby"
"Yeah I know that, dumbo, I mean a boy or girl?"
"Don't call me dumbo!!"
"But you are"
"Am not..."
"Are too..."
"Am not..."
"Dumbo, dumbo, dumbo..."

Typical siblings, playing 1 minute and fighting the next. While the girls went to tell tales on each other I got them a little bit of their own space with the little money Anya and Sid had saved.

We finished the walls, added stairs and a few essentials for the girls. I actually had visions of the 4 of them taking it in turns to sleep in the bed, money was tight, very tight. In fact I just hope the bills are not delivered for a fewdays or we might have to go without power (Ssshhh) best not to say that out loud in case Anya hears me. She scares me  affraid  

Day 13

"You going to work Anya?"
"Yeah gotta get some dosh ready for this bundle coming"
"Ok will see ya later"

The day went in very quickly and poor Anya was totally whacked when she got home and went straight to bed.

"Yes petal"
"Where's mom?"
"Sleeping, why?"
"Just askin"
"Ok, anything you wanna ask mom you can ask me"
"Ok, where do babies come from? Do mommies eat them off the floor and that's how they get in their tummy"
"What? Errr no, thats not how they get there"
"Well how do they get in there then?"
"Errrr ask your mom"
"But you said I could ask you"
"Yeah well errrr, you need to ask your mom that one Erika"
"But why?"
"Cos I said so"
"No go and play with your sister"

Poor Sid was not expecting that one. Haha. Why is it that they always say ask your mom? In reference to the mommies eating babies - my youngest son actually asked me that when he was 5 haha.

Day 14 & 15

I know it seems we are getting through the days very quick, well thats because we are haha. Sometimes I forget to snap pics and have to make do with what I have. I need someone to sit beside me when I play to say yep snaphot that one, or oooh that would be a great shot. It would be so much easier wouldnt it?? Hence why these 2 days are rolled into one, I did forget to take pics sorry peeps.

"Honeybear it's time"
"Oh Anya love, we have no babysitter"

(Ahem guys, you dont need a babysitter, the girls can fend for themselves)

"Oh hi Ina, good, let's go sweetheart"
"OOohh aarrrggghh"
"Anya my love, can you stand?"
"Anya breathe puff pant, in through the nose and out through the mouth"
"Take my hand my love"
"Err Ina a little help please"
"What do you want me to do?"
"Help get her up"
"Anya up now"
"Ok Sid here's what am gonna do, click on her to go to the hospital, she will get up and go"
"Do it, Ina, do it"

With that I did do it. And just as promised she got up and went to the hospital. It didnt take long before the noise of a baby filled the air.

Another girl, woot woot, this is Kara. Now who was the 1st one to interact with this little cutie pie...

"Coochie coo"
"Awww she is cute Anabelle, and you are such a fabulous big sister"
"I am going to look after her, always"
"Thats good, I know she will be the same age as you and your sister soon, where is Erika? has she said hello to Kara yet?"
"She's in there"

Anabelle pointed to the lounge, so off I went to see what Erika was doing.

"Hi Erika, what ya doing?"
"Hi Ina, watchin this"
"Whats that?"
"Its shark boy"
"Oh is it good?"
"Yeah its funny, shark boy has to .....Whats that smell?"
"Oh its Kara, she has done a stinkie"
"Oooooh grose"
"Its not that bad"
"It is, cough cough"

With that she ran outside. Little drama queen, haha. I will leave you there for today. Thanks for reading and I will be back with more soon.   luv u  luv u  
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   3/10/2014, 19:48

The twins are so pretty and fight like true sister. Haha

My my, they really aren't wasting any time now are they! Baby no 2 or 3? on his/her way

Loved the update Ina.

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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   4/10/2014, 20:46

Great update! Things are really moving along. The girls are so cute. LOL at the Shark on TV bravo

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.”
― Dr. Seuss
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   6/10/2014, 11:32

thankyou for reading, glad you are all enjoying it so far, another update coming soon, very soon, now in fact LOL mrprpl mrprpl

Day 16

We start off today's update with a little celebration. Kara got aged up woot woot.

"Honeybear, give me a hug"
"What's up my love?"
"Nothing, I just need to feel your arms around me"
"Awww sweetheart, you know I will always have my arms around you"
"I love you honeybear"
"I love you more"
"Ahem guys, hi, can you do the lovey dovey mushy stuff in your room"
"Hi Ina, look at our girls"
"I see them, are you gonna eat some of that cake, it looks good"
"You wanna slice?"
"Errr, how you gonna get it through the screen?"
"Oh errr, I dunno"
"Haha, never mind I have a cup of tea and a kitKat here"

"Mommy this is good cake"
"Thankyou Kara sweetie, now dont talk with your mouth full"
"Its ok sweetie, your new to childhood, you will learn"
"Mom, can I sit next to you?"
"Sure sweetie, come round this side"

"Sid, I have to go to work, will you be ok with the girls?"
"My darling Anya, of course I will"
"Ok, have a good day"
"You hurry back from work my love, I miss you already"

OMG these 2 just keep getting more loved up, its so sweet yet sickening at the same time LOL

"Kara, how come you got ginger hair?"
"I dunno, how come you got black?"
"Dad has black hair, so I gots mine from him"
"Yeah, well, Erika has yellow hair"
"Haha its not yellow its blonde"
"Ok, she gots blonde, mom is white"
"Yeah but mom dyes her hair"
"Whats dyes?"
"She uses a bottle in the bathroom and puts it on her hair, it stinks, I thinks its called amnominia or something, Dad always coughs when she does it"
"OMG will you 2 shut up, mom doesnt dyes her hair with amnom, amon, that stuff, she uses bleach"
"Bleach? Like the stuff you put in the toilet?"
"Haha mum has a toilet head"
"Haaaaa, wanna go play?"

While the girls were playing outside, Sidney took advantage of the bath tub.

"Hi Sid"
"OMG, Ina...Out, I'm naked in here"
"You cant see nothing"
"Its not the point"
"I can stay if I want to, there is nothing you can do about it"
"I can tell Anya"
"Fine, I'm going...before I do though, let me just say you are looking quite buff there Sidney"
"Haha, no need to get all shy, I have seen it all before"
"Hahahaaaaaaaa just kidding"

Later that evening.

"Oooh you smell nice honeybear"
"I had a soak in the tub, I used some of them oils you got"
"Hmmmm, which ones?"
"I used the Patchouli Dark one"
"You do know that is an aphrodisiac?"
"Is it? Well I don't need one of them do I?"
"Ooooh Sidney"
"Oh come on, guys, wait until I've gone"
"Ok, bye Ina"
"Huh?, you kicking me out?"
"Yep, bye Ina....shut the door on your way out"

Well that was nice of them wasnt it. Hmmm might as well grab a :CoffeeSip:

Day 17

"This is your 1st day at school Kara"
"I'm excited mom"
"I know you will be fine sweetie, your sisters will look after you"
"I dont need looking after, I'm a big girl now"
"I know you are, I am just saying if you need them, they will be there"
"Ok, ooh there's the bus, bye mom"
"Bye sweetie"

The day flew in, literally.....Both Anya and Sid were at work and all 3 girls were at school so the clock zoomed by. When the girls arrived home, I got them to start their homework.

"Sooo if 2x2=4, what is 3x2?"
"Errr, 6 I think"
"Yeah its 6"
"Ok, and if 3x2=6, whats 4x2?"
"Add 2 onto the 6 and thats your answer"
"Yeah but..."
"Kara, do your own homework"
"Yeah, but Erika I need help"
"Me too, Erika"
"Wait for mom then"
"Ok, you wanna go play?"

With that Anabelle and Kara gave up on their homework and went outside to play.

"Right you 2, I was told you didnt do your homework"
"We gots stuck"
"Let me help you then"

"Dad can you help me please?"
"Sure darling, is this your homework?"
"I done that already, this is extra credit"
"Erika, you are so clever sweetie pie"
"I know"

"Did you have a good day honeybear?"
"I did my love, and you?"
" know we have 3 beautiful daughters?"
"Well how would you feel about having another?"
"Eh!! Are you telling me you are...we are"
"Yes, Sid we are expecting....again"
"Oh my love, I am happy and scared at the same time, I am nearing old age"
"I am nearing adulthood too my darling"
"This has to be the last one my darling"
"I know, but ....I am so happy"
"Me too, my love, me too, now eat your dinner as you are now eating for 2"

"Why did you tell mom we didnt do the homework?"
"I didnt"
"Did to"
"Did not"
"Did to"
"I didnt tell her"
"Who did then?"
"Ahem girls, I did"
"Inaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, why did you tell her?"
"You need your education to get on in life, its very very VERY important"
"I hate you Evil or Very Mad "
"Oh dear kara, I dont mind if you hate me right now, as long as you know I will always love you. I might not like the way you are acting right now but it will never change the way I feel"

Day 18

"Girls while you are here, daddy and I have something to tell you"
"You having another baby?"
"Errr yes, Anabelle, how did you know?"
"Cos you got fat again"
"Its not fat sweetie, its a baby growing in there"
"I wanna boy this time"
"Well we dont get to choose sweetie"
"If its a girl can you send it back?"
"Cough cough, splutter Errr no, it can't go back"
"Well I want a brother I gots 2 sisters already"
"We will have to wait and see what we get, now finish eating and then go and play"

Haha I would like to see someone try and send a baby back, its bad enough getting it out never mind pushing it back in ""OUCH!!""

"Oooh a new planter"
"Hi Ina, yep, I thought it was time to grow our own"
"How organic, fab idea Sid"
"Thanks, I ordered it from ebay, got a great deal too, so I got more"
"How many did you get?"
"4 I think, I cant remember"
"Cool, you will have a nice wee garden when your done, where is everyone today then?"
"I think the girls are playing round there and Anya is playing on her new toy"

"Hi Erika where's your sisters?"
"Don't know, don't care"
"Oh dear, are you alright?"
"Yeah, I like to play on here on my own"
"You look like a monkey swinging on there"
"Yeah I know haha"

"What are you 2 doing in here?"
"Nothing, I was hugging Anabelle cos Erika shouted at her"
"Oh, why did she shout at you?"
"Cos she wanted to play on the monkey thing, and I wanted to play on them and she said I couldnt"
"Well, why dont you play with Kara then"
"Yeah, shes the bestest sister"

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters....... eeeeeppppp

"Oh my good lord Anya"
"What ya doin missus?"
"Errrrr, working out? What does it look like?"
"Yeah but, you're about to pop, should you be doing that?"
"I can do what I want, I'm a sim remember?"
"Oh haha, you may be a sim, but you are real to me"
"You're a donut Ina"
"Can I be a fruitcake instead? I dont like donuts...hahahaaaaaa"

I will be back later with more, this Ina signing out TTFN   kissy kissy
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   6/10/2014, 15:12

Wow, you're doing so well and the family is really coming along nicely! The girls on the couch discussing their mother's hair totally did me in! more love

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.”
― Dr. Seuss
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   6/10/2014, 15:52

LYHO too funny LYHO Thanks for the laughs Ina! I can't tell you how many times I've busted a gut laughing. I especially like the part where the girls asked if the baby could go back if it was a girl and not a boy. very funny  And the hair dye part lol1 bleach lol!

Awesome update  waiting to see what happens next depopcorn

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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   6/10/2014, 15:56

so happy you are liking it ladies, oh tere is plenty more to come. hearty luvs hearty luvs

You know when I write I just jott down what comes into my head LOL
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   6/10/2014, 15:58

That's pretty much the way I write all my stories, I take a bunch of screenshots and then let the words flow. If I tried to write it all down, it just wouldn't turn out the way I want it.

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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   6/10/2014, 16:09

its the best way, I dnt have a plan or follow a certan route, just go wth the flow luv u luv u
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I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge
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