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 The Sims 4 and what I have found out -Tips/Tricks

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PostSubject: The Sims 4 and what I have found out -Tips/Tricks   3/9/2014, 14:09

So I thought I would share what I think about this new game. I've spent most of yesterday in game. One thing I looked for right away were the Sims I had created with the demo. They weren't there so I exited out and went digging for information. On the forums (official) I had come across someone asking that same question.

Q:How do you bring your Sims from The Sims 4 demo to the full game.

A: Open up Documents > Electronic Arts folder > Sims 4 demo folder > select Tray and open. Highlight everything in this folder. Now open up Documents again > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Tray and open then paste. Now your demo creations will be in your library the next time you open up your game.

Some other things I have found to be very useful I have put below along with things that I have found. As I remember things and come across more I will keep this thread updated.

When placing objects, windows. Hold down on Alt to allow you to have a more smoother spot placement. Windows now are able to move up and down so doing this will allow you to have more control over just exactly how you want that window placed.  **Note: MOO or MoveObjectsOn cheat does not work in TS4 as long as you are patched with the December 2014 patch**

Motherlode: It took me a bit to get this cheat to actually take hold. But it does work.

Widening the stairs is another area that is suppose to be much easier by design by simply pulling or pushing them. I haven't been able to get them to do this yet and I've had a bit of a time placing them on foundations where I've wanted them to go. When widening the stairs I have found that because the lots that are available aren't very big (Willow Creek 3 30x20 and in Oasis Springs 1 40x30 & 2 30x20) when putting the stairs to a deck you will need to build the foundation or deck/patio in sections. If it isn't wide enough for 2x wide stair you won't be able to drag it. so you'll need to make sure your deck is 3 squares wide to do 2x width stairs.

Roof. Now this is an area that I'm still struggling with. There are only a few that you can work with and getting them to flow with each other has become a bit of a challenge for me. (Although I never did like the roofs in TS3 either.) It is really nice to be able to push and pull them, much easier than in TS3 and the design ability is much much more better.

Tutorials (lessons)!
Oh my gosh. This will drive you insane as there is no way to turn them off in game! why would they do that??????? Still working out how to turn them off, on the official forum a simmer posted that if you right click on the game icon in Origin > Game Properties > type in no_tutorials that should turn them off. I haven't had any luck with that yet. (I haven't checked the box that is under the command box...yet.)

Foundations and walls. It is nice to build your home first then if you want to put a foundation in you can. This way it comes out exactly the way you want it. Of course if you want to extend a wall or deck/porch all you need to do is click on that area in build mode and drag. The foundation comes with it. Plus you can choose different heights for your foundation by using the slider. This is the same with the walls. However, I'm still working on whether you can build a split level home. (one part of the home on a higher foundation than the other.) This is the same with the walls. There are 3 different heights. But if you raise one wall, all walls will raise on that floor level. (Still seeing if I can't make some rooms that are regular then build a room with higher walls and possibly moving it and see if the walls remain - will update this theory.) UPDATE: NO you can not build separate rooms on the lot and make one room with a different wall height. All walls on lot will raise. But, you can make your walls different heights between floors. Meaning. The walls on the main floor can be high and the walls on the second floor reg or med height.

Decks/patios. Yes! Finally some rounded corners! And that's all I can say on that.

Cheats (in general). When bringing up the cheat box you will need to use ctrl+shift + C to get rid of the cheat box. For testingcheats you can type in either: on or true. To edit in CAS for full edit (gender, age, walk, traits etc) you will need to type in cas.fulleditmode Shift +click on Sim you wish to edit and select Modify in CAS.

Taking screenshots in live mode. Press Tab on keyboard. Press "C" to take screenshot. In the upper right hand corner is a menu. Click on the camera icon and then screenshot icon:

Next you will see all the screenshots you have taken in game.

If you click on a screenshot another window will pop open offering an array of options where you can: enter a description, trash it, it tells you who is in the picture (if any sims are present) you can scroll between the pictures, select as memory and it gives date and time taken. Once you have made your choice click the check mark. Unless you are deleting it, then you will get a pop up asking you to confirm you choice.  

Aging options: With TS4 going back to the way TS2 was as far as loading screens, easier ability to manage housholds (playing more than one), there are aging options available. Go to the upper right hand of your screen in live mode > click on "..." (menu) > Game Options > Game Play > In the next window select Auto Age (Played Sims) and there are 3 options to choose from. If you are playing more than one family and you don't want the others to age while not active select "only active household" then click on Apply Changes and exit out of the screen.

Work and School options: Just like in TS3, there are options for your sims when they are off to work or school. In the lower left hand corner when your sims are gone their profile will be grayed out with two icons. Briefcase and people. click on the people one to bring up options: Leave School/Work early, normal, take it easy or slack off, make friends, schmooze with boss/co-workers, study/work hard, and an option that is career/job related.

Fences. In order to put fencing around your lot, you are no longer able to go right to the edging of the lot to build. You can use hedging to make a fence row at the edge of your lots. When placing fencing around your deck/patio, if your stairs are in place you will need to hammer out the pieces of fencing from in front of the stairs. Fencing will also automatically bend to curved foundation/deck/patio sections.

So far aside form some of the things that I'm used to be able to do in TS3, keeping in mind that this is a brand new game and all the bells and whistles are still being worked out. I have found that the whole loading screen thing really isn't that bad. The emotions will certainly keep you on your toes as they do fluctuate. And I can see that things could get very interesting with those emotions.  

My rating for The Sims 4 so far?   Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

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The Sims 4 and what I have found out -Tips/Tricks
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