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 My Sims 3 50 Foals Challenge/Legacy: The Rosevale-McBrave Legacy

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PostSubject: My Sims 3 50 Foals Challenge/Legacy: The Rosevale-McBrave Legacy   30/8/2014, 01:31

Okay this is probably my 3rd or 4th 50 Foals Challenge. :hmm:  I love these challenges but every time I start one my game quits and I lose the files. :confused: :HdDesk:   SOOO...I started a completely new one. :I Got It:  I plan on finishing this one!!  :Spin:

The Fifty Foals Challenge was designed with horse lovers in mind  :Horsey:

If anyone has a good stallions that I can use please post their links in your comments ^_^!


Here are some of the Fifty Foals Challenges I'm following:
I recommend them they are great reads!

Fifty Foals Challenge: Jason and Salsa Dancer

Treasure's Foals

50 Foals of Fun

Savita, Paloma and Skyler 50 foals challenge

The Fifty Foals of the Shinigami

The Frost Pastures: A 50 Foal Challenge

The Legacy Of The Fifty Foals

~Any Unicorn Foals will be uploaded then returned to the wild since they cannot be sold~
1. HoneyPie~Filly

Dam: Argo
Sire: Roman Horse (not uploaded)
Link for HoneyPie:

2. Galaxy Rosevale~Uni Colt

Dam: Lenora Uni Mare
Sire: Hades Horse

3. Whipper Rosevale~Colt

Dam: Argo Rosevale
Sire: Hades Horse

4. Shamus Rosevale~Colt

Dam: Argo Rosevale
Sire: Kaiser Horse

5. Remus~Uni Colt

Dam: Lenora
Sire: Kaiser Horse


STALLIONS USED (Links Provided): :Horsey:

1. Roman Horse (in game stallion no link) No picture available

2. Hades Horse (in game adopted horse)


3. Kaiser Horse (in game adopted stallion)


4. Apocalypse Ludwig by fleshjenn


5. Argyle by FancyFrenzy


6. Aiden by DamonaNightRhode


7. Black Jack by gympony19


8. Apache by diamonndlee


9. APHA Household by dianalaray14u


10. Warrior Household by dianalaray14u


Here are the Sims starring in this challenge:

Brittanica RoseVale
<---Better picture will be placed here!
Age: YA
Gender: F

Color: Spice Brown
Music: Dark Wave
Food: Mushroom Omelets

LTW: Illustrious Author

Traits: Equestrian, Gatherer, Artistic, Over-Emotional, Family-Oriented
Hair Color: Caramel Honey Brown/Blonde
Eyes: Golden Yellow w/Hints of White

Career/Job: Science (not for sure just yet)

Spouse: None Yet
No. of Children: 1
(Currently Pregnant. She had a little too much fun at a Keg party while at Uni one thing led to another. She doesn't know just yet.)

Resident #2
Neem McBrave

Family's Servant/Bodyguard/Aurar
Always refers to Britt as 'Mistress' even though she hates it. He is very polite and respectful, obedient and protective.
Neem speaks with a thick Brogue/Scottish accent so he may be a bit hard to understand.
I'll provide translation for his speech below the Scottish dialogue!

Gender: M
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Subtype: Wizard (witch)
Traits: Brave, Equestrian, Neat, Natural Cook, Proper

LTW: Bot Builder (loves Plumbots)

Color: Blue
Food: Mushroom Omelets
Music: Chinese

Spouse: None Yet
No. of Children: 0

Mare For Challenge:
Name: Argo RoseVale (created by Simsupastar for my bday) Dappled Palomino w/ White mane and tail
Gender: Mare
Traits: Brave, Obedient, Fast

Second Mare adopted:
Name: Lenora Rosevale
Breed: Unicorn
Color: Cremello and fleabitten grey mix
Traits: Brave, Fast, Noisy

Other pets include 3 small dogs and 2 cats that will appear later on.

First dog

Dog: Pretzel RoseVale (small dog) White terrier mix with brown spots
Gender: Female
Traits: Playful, Adventurous, Non-Destructive(trained) and Loyal
Original Sim: Lucky by Jiamond5

Second dog is a lovely little grey dog with a blue ear and paw named Inke Blott or Inkey. He is male.
Name: Ink Blott "Inkey"
Gender: Male
Traits: Loyal, Hyper, Non-Destructive(trained), Playful
Creator: Pawitively Adorable Puppies (Calista's Colorful Cats)

Third dog is the offspring of Pretzel and Inkey whose name is Phoenix. He is male.

Cats: Mischief and Magic Soon to Come!
Magic ~Female~ -Spayed-Adopted from Snow Cattery
Mischief ~Male~ -Neutered- Adopted from Shades Cattery


After moving from the hustle and bustle of Bridgeport, the biggest city she's ever lived in, Brittanica RoseVale found herself in the country town of Aurora Springs (Skies). It was a stark contrast to what she was used too. In Aurora, there was very little traffic, no loud city sounds, sky scrapers or planes.

Instead there was fresh air, rolling green hills and mountains, a beautiful waterfall, lake, ocean, and wild horses as far as the eye could see. Blue sky dominated and soft fluffy clouds replaced the city lights.

The Sims that called Aurora home, came in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors.

They were friendly, polite, and very welcoming to a newcomer like Britt. She was going to love it here.

Fresh out Sims U she sought to make a name for herself, she just didn't know how yet.

After receiving word that she had inherited a small house, large plot of land, her own personal butler/bodyguard and horse her journey begins.

Britt’s cab pulls up to her new home and she is taken aback at how tiny the house is but how large the property was, there was enough room here for an entire herd of horses much less one.

Her journey begins here:

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PostSubject: Chapter One: New Beginnings and New Friends!   30/8/2014, 01:32

“Welcome tae yer new haem, mistress."
(Welcome to your new home, Mistress.) Her new butler/bodyguard replies bowing formally to her which caught her by complete surprise as she exits the cab and puts her luggage on the ground.

“M-mistress? Who me? And who are you?” she replies shakily.

“Aye mistress. Mah nam is Neem. Ah hae bin in th' service ay yer family fur a very lang time. Ah was appointed caretaker ay yer lain until ye arrived. Thes horse is Argo, she is yoors. Yer family has hud a lang tradition ay raisin' th' finest horses. Ah hiner 'at ye will continue thes tradition wi' Argo. Is thaur anythin' ye require mistress?"
(Yes Mistress. My name is Neem. I have been in the service of your family for a very long time. I was appointed caretaker of your land until you arrived. This horse is Argo, she is yours. Your family has had a long tradition of raising the finest horses. I hope that you will continue this tradition with Argo. Is there anything you require Mistress?) Neem says as he helps her put her luggage into her room.

“I don’t understand Mister Neem. This is all so sudden. So from what you’re saying my family raised horses and left you in charge until someone could be found to inherit this place right? Exactly how long have you served my family?” She says sighing heavily and sitting down on the couch. Neem joins her. She looks away from him sadly. "I'm not used to this yet."

“At is correct mistress. I've bin caretaker haur fur at leest 5-6 years. I've bin in service tae yer late faither fur abit 12 years ur mair. Please mistress don’t worry yerself, I’m haur tae serve an' protect ye. If ye need anythin' jist ask. Ur ye hungry? I’ll make ye lunch. Is macaroni an' cheese acceptable?”
(That is correct mistress. I've been caretaker here for at least 5-6 years. I've been in service to your late father for about 12 years or more. Please Mistress don’t worry, I’m here to serve and protect you. If you need anything just ask. Are you hungry? I’ll make you lunch. Is Macaroni and Cheese acceptable?)

Britt nods and Neem immediately makes her the meal he suggested.

Soon the meal was ready and she joined him at the table. “Neem?” she asks.

“Aye mistress? Is th' food acceptable?"
(Yes Mistress? What is it? Is the food unacceptable?)

“No, your food is wonderful. I was just curious about something. Um, where do you sleep? I noticed that this house only has one room.” She says quietly.

“Mah bed is in th' main room, mistress. It woods be improper fur me tae shaur a room wi' ye.”
(My bed is in the main room, Mistress. It would be very improper for me to share a room with you.) He says as eats his meal.

“Improper? How So? If you have your own bed, you can put in with mine. I don’t mind honestly. I see nothing improper about that.” She says vehemently.

“Nae. mistress. Ah need tae be in th' main part ay th' hoose jist in case thaur is an intruder. Its mah job tae protect ye. Please understan’. But if it will make ye happy I’ll consider movin' mah bed intae yer room efter we hae gotten tae ken each other better. Is thes okay wi' ye?”
(No. Mistress. Besides I need to be in the main part of the house just in case there is an intruder. Its my job to protect you Mistress. Please understand. But if it will make you happy I’ll consider moving my bed into your room after we have gotten to know each other better. Is this okay with you?) Neem replies.

Britt nods in agreement.

“I’m gonna go for a ride on Argo, get to know her. I’ll be back shortly.” Britt says getting her boots on.

“Mistress 'at is unwise. Ye don’t ken th' neighborhuid yit. Please bide until Ah can accompany ye oan mah ain horse.”
(Mistress that is unwise. You don’t know the neighborhood yet. Please wait until I can accompany you on my own horse.) Neem said, against her going out alone.

Britt shook her head. “No. It’s still light out. I’ll be fine Neem. Please don’t worry. Put the leftover food away and I’ll be back.”

Neem was worried but inclined his head to her. “As ye wish mistress. But ken thes, Ah will bide up until yer return. If ye arenae haem by dark Ah will be lookin' fur ye an' Argo.”
(As you wish Mistress. But know this, I will stay up until your return. If you are not home by dark I will be looking for you and Argo.)

Britt smiles and walks out the door.

Argo was a beautiful dark dappled Palomino. Her bright coat shone in the setting sun.

Britt didn’t go very far just long enough for her to get used to being on the back of a horse. She had always loved horses just never ridden one. Argo was a very patient mare. She seemed to instinctively know that her rider was just a beginner so she went with a slow, steady walk.

Soon Britt and Argo returned home. She untacked the horse and brushed her down for the night. Making sure to remove any sweat that had built up under the saddle. Then Britt and Neem went to bed that night dreaming of future foals and the prospects of having a successful ranch. The next morning Britt decided to apply at the Science Center for work. She knew that someone had to bring in extra income until the foals started being born. She also voiced her displeasure to Neem about their current living situation.

“I know we’re supposed to start out slow but I can’t live like this Neem. This house is WAY too small for all of us. Isnt there something you can do?”

Neem thought about it and smiled. “Why aye thaur is mistress. Ah ken ay an auld ranch property 'at was recently vacated by their former tenants. We coods buy th' property an' move in the-day. How does 'at sound?”
(Why yes there is Mistress. I know of an old ranch property that was recently vacated by their former tenants. We could buy the property and move in today. How does that sound?) Neem replied as he took out his phone.

Britt’s eyes lit up in excitement. “That’ll be perfect. We have just enough funds for it. Neem, you make that happen and I’ll be the happiest woman in Aurora Springs.”

Neem nodded dialed the number and spoke to the realtors. “Hello thes is Neem Mcbrave. Mah companion an' Ah are interested in th' property oan th' edge ay town, 28 Seaside Court, that’s correct. We’d loch tae buy it an' we’ll pay in cash."
(Hello this is Neem McBrave. My companion and I are interested in the property on the edge of town, 28 Seaside Court, that’s correct. We’d like to buy it and we’ll pay in cash.) After several moments of conversation, Neem hung up while Britt watched quietly. “It’s aw sit mistress. We can move in immediately.”
(It’s all set Mistress. We can move in immediately.)

Britt smiled broadly and ran inside to get her luggage. After about 15 minutes she was done packing. The family climbed into the cab and soon they were off to their new house. After a short drive they pulled up.

Britt could not believe her eyes. The property was huge.

A small yellow house was engulfed by the barn sitting right next to it. There were three large pastures, a small backyard and even a gardening area. The house was moderately bigger than their last one with one bathroom, 2 large bedrooms and a good sized kitchen.

Britt loved it already. Argo was super excited and ran into the pasture nearest the house and rolled on the ground. Britt and Neem laughed. Pretzel took her new surroundings in stride looking calmly around the house before finding the biscuit ball and doghouse in the rear of the property.

Britt and Neem settled in nicely and ate macaroni and cheese for their missed breakfast. “I love the new house Neem, it’s wonderful.” Britt replied between bites of her food.

“I’m glad 'at ye ur happy, mistress. Ah aeem tae make ye happy. As lang as ye ur pleased 'en sae am Ah. But aye Ah tay, loove th' new haem. Its refreshin' tae bide oan sic' a large plot ay lain. There’s mair freedom haur.”
(I’m glad that you are pleased, Mistress. Remember I aim to make you happy. As long as you are pleased then so am I. But yes I too, love the new home. It’s very refreshing to live on such a large plot of land. There’s more freedom here.) Neem replied washing the dishes.

Amidst the revelry, Britt suddenly looked at the clock she was late for work! Her face paled. “OH NO!! I’M LATE! I’ve got to go, Neem. Please make sure that Argo has some fresh hay scattered and that Pretzel eats. Other than that, enjoy your day. I’ll be home later.”

“Hae a guid day at wark, mistress. Th' house will be freshened up when ye return.”
(Have a good day at work, Mistress. The house will be freshened up when you return.) Neem replied politely and gave a small bow.

Britt nodded and rushed out the door. Late for her first day of work, talk about bad impressions.

Neem went out and scattered hay for Argo and filled Pretzel’s dish as his Mistress had instructed him to do.

Argo decided to give Neem some attention and gave him a loving gentle nuzzle on his cheek with her nose in thanks for the hay. He laughed and petted her nose. “Loove ye tae lassie, yer welcome.”
(Love you to girl, your welcome.)

As the day wore on Neem became slightly bored since all of his chores were finished. He decided to practice his Alchemy. He was getting more skilled each day.

He also took notice of how lonely Pretzel seemed to be and decided to adopt a dog from the shelter by the name of InkBlott or Inky for short. He was a grey dog with white markings and some unusual blue coloring on his head and ears. Pretzel took to him immediately and they became fast friends.

At his own discretion Neem also adopted two stud colts for the start of his Mistress’ ranch. A young crème colored foal with a red blaze that went by the name of Hades and a brown spotted foal whose name was Kaiser. Both would be excellent additions to his Mistresses’ breeding program when they grew up.

Neem just hoped that his Mistress didn't get upset with him making decisions regarding her ranch on his own. He lived to serve and help her so in his mind he is doing just that. And the colts were very handsome, they'd produce stunning foals of their own!

HADES Mixed Breed Traits: Shy, Fast, Agile, Noisy, Piggy

KAISERMixed Breed Traits: Fast, Playful, Nervous, Untrained  

An older stallion loaned from his owner to start things off. He was a chocolate brown/black horse whose name was Roman. He and Argo wasted no time in getting to know each other. Even though he was slightly smaller than Argo, they would produce a beautiful foal.

When Britt came home she was pleasantly surprised at the addition of new animals to the household.
She loved Inkey and fell in love with the new colts, Kaiser especially. She held high hopes for him.

Neem was relieved that his mistress was pleased and not angry with him for making decisions regarding her ranch on his own.

“Thank you for getting the colts and Inkey, Neem. I love them. Both of those colts will produce stunning foals when they get older! Pretzel loves Inkey I never thought she would get lonely. Thank you for keeping her needs in mind.” Britt said looking down but smiling.

Neem bowed. “Its mah pleasure mistress. Th' colts waur a bargain th' chiel sellin' them offered a fair price fur baith an' th' dog was frae th' shelter. He seemed a perfect match fur Pretzel an' Ah coods teel she was in need ay th' companionship ay anither dog. Th' stallion ye see thaur is oan loan. th' owner wanted heem tae produce a foal afair bein' retired.”
(Its my pleasure mistress. The colts were a bargain the gentleman selling them offered a fair price for both and the dog was from the shelter. He seemed a perfect match for Pretzel and I could tell she was in need of the companionship of another dog. The stallion you see out there is on loan. The owner wanted him to produce one last foal before being retired.)

Britt smiled and nodded.

Later that evening, both Britt and Neem spent some quality time with each other and the dogs. Each getting a thorough grooming.

“Inkey is so cute. He and Pretzel make a wonderful pair, don’t you think Neem?” Britt asked as Pretzel licked her on the chin.

“Aye they dae mistress. They are a guid match. Th' resultin' pups woods be unique.”
(Yes they do mistress. They are a good match. The resulting pups would be very unique.) Neem quietly replied as he groomed Inkey.

Things went well between Argo and Roman and it was later confirmed that Argo was indeed with foal. So Neem decided to return the stallion to reduce any confrontations with the other two on the property.

Neem approached the EC and was greeted by one of the stable hands.

“Good evening sir, how may I help you?”

“Ello’ thaur laddie, Ah returnin' thes horse. He was oan loan tae us an' I’m sure his owner woods loch heem back.”
(Hello there lad, I returning this horse. He was on loan to us and I’m sure his owner would like him back.) Neem said bringing Roman up to his side so that the boy could see him.

“Ah yes. Roman. I hope that your mare will produce a sound foal. Here is the $8,790 promised by the owner. We’ll see to it that he’s returned safely.” the lad calmly.

“Thenk ye very much laddie. Mah mistress will be pleased.”
(Thank you very much. My mistress will be pleased.) Neem replied as the lad handed him the money.

While Neem was busy at the EC and Britt working on her garden, Hades aged up into a gorgeous stallion. His crème roan coat shone in the evening light. He would be next in line to sire a foal for Argo.

And things were going VERY smoothly between Pretzel and Inkey. Neem and Britt would have another surprise sooner than they expected.

Chapter One is now finished! Chapter Two on the way!
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PostSubject: Re: My Sims 3 50 Foals Challenge/Legacy: The Rosevale-McBrave Legacy   30/8/2014, 16:52

Awesome Chelsea! more love

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Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: My Sims 3 50 Foals Challenge/Legacy: The Rosevale-McBrave Legacy   4/9/2014, 07:59

awesome luv u Oh and Am lovin th' scots accent, makes me feel reit at haem. Nae need fur me tae hae th' translation at aw hawhaw. hugs hugs
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PostSubject: Re: My Sims 3 50 Foals Challenge/Legacy: The Rosevale-McBrave Legacy   4/9/2014, 15:19

@InaMac69 wrote:
awesome luv u  Oh and Am lovin th' scots accent, makes me feel reit at haem. Nae need fur me tae hae th' translation at aw hawhaw. hugs hugs

Okay Ina, it took me a bit to translate that! LYHO LYHO

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PostSubject: Re: My Sims 3 50 Foals Challenge/Legacy: The Rosevale-McBrave Legacy   9/9/2014, 09:00

@InaMac69 wrote:
awesome luv u  Oh and Am lovin th' scots accent, makes me feel reit at haem. Nae need fur me tae hae th' translation at aw hawhaw. hugs hugs

coolcool wootwoot Weel thenk ye Ina loove. aam glad 'at ye enjoyed th' scottish in mah story. its nae mah natife tongue but mah aunt speaks it fluently an' has bin helpin' me make sure 'at aam daein' th' wordin' correctly. Sae hoo am Ah daein' sae far? shy me more love
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Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: My Sims 3 50 Foals Challenge/Legacy: The Rosevale-McBrave Legacy   9/9/2014, 18:59

Ye ur daein' a grain job hen. keep up th' guid wark. Ah swatch forward tae readin' mair ay thes wee story ay yoors. Guid mince havin' yer auntie helpin' ye. say guid day tae 'er frae th' bonnie banks ay Scootlund.

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PostSubject: Re: My Sims 3 50 Foals Challenge/Legacy: The Rosevale-McBrave Legacy   

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My Sims 3 50 Foals Challenge/Legacy: The Rosevale-McBrave Legacy
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