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 ~:.~On Painted Wings: A Rainbowcy/DITFT Legacy~.:~

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PostSubject: ~:.~On Painted Wings: A Rainbowcy/DITFT Legacy~.:~   28/8/2014, 03:16

Rules for Rainbowcy found here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Rules for the Differences In The Family Tree [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

This legacy is a DITFT/Rainbowcy! My first one too! I tend to play by my own rules but will follow some of the rules set by the Rainbowcy Challenge.

My Sims are based loosely on BERRY Sims so they will have the unique name qualities.
Not necessarily food or fruit related but somewhere in between.

Here’s the color code I will be following for my Rainbowcy:

Generation One: White
Your colors are white and light gray.
Your colors are based on a cloudy sky

Founder: Chamois (pronounced Sham-mei) Mist Alborn

~DITFT: Farmer~

Prologue and Generation One 1.1


The town of Twinbrook. A quaint and homey little patch of suburbia just on the outskirts of Bridgeport, the bustling city with skylights and tall apartments. Now most city folks think that Twinbrook is the best place in the world to live; with rolling green hills and a beautiful river, but for some, it can be considered the worst place ever.

This was the case for an out of place Berry by the name of Chamois Mist Alborn. With hair as white as a dove and soft as a cloud, and eyes as clear as crystal she’s quite a sight to behold. Chamois is a Colourless Berry, meaning her skin, eyes, and hair lack any color pigmentation. For most it’s hereditary; others a genetic anomaly.

Chamois has spent her entire life in an orphanage. She was found abandoned as a toddler and has been a source of ridicule ever since. She’s been called Albino, Ghost Girl, Freak, and even crueler names which she won’t mention. Plus…she’s a Fairy. That’s right a fairy the kind with wings. Not like Tinkerbell however.

That is another reason she is different.

All the other children in the orphanage do not look like her in fact they are normal. She is considered the ‘abnormal’ one.

She isn’t the only Berry Sim in the orphanage. There’s an older boy by the name of Dove Lane Stirling. He is a mixed color Berry. Half Orange half Colourless. Although he seemed to fit in a lot better than she did. No one seemed to notice his pure white eyes and orange hued skin. His hair was almost sunshine blonde so he looked mostly ‘normal’.

Here is where Chamois’ journey begins, in the home of Leonard and Nanny Muggins and the Home for Neglected and Forgotten Children.

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PostSubject: A Farm Loving Fairy Childe   28/8/2014, 03:18

A Farm Loving Fairy Childe
~Sometimes loneliness is our only companion. At least when it rains, you can’t see my tears.-Author Unknown~

1st Person POV Chamois Misti Alborn

My name is Chamois Mist Alborn, but since everyone I know calls me Mist so you can too. I’m a Colourless Berry, and a Fairy.
I live in the town of Moonlight Falls, but it wasn’t always this way. I grew up in Twinbrook, the most awful place I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

My entire childhood right up until my Teen years was spent in a foster home with Leonard and Nanny Muggins and 4 other children.
At that time I was only a toddler.

Let me tell you how it all began:

I had been dumped on the doorstep of the foster home and found by Leonard.

There was no note just a small scrap of cloth with my name on it.
The only possessions I had to my name was a teddy bear and a ragged doll which was named Miracle.

That doll was my only friend for the first year I was there.

I was a constant source of ridicule and torture while I was growing up.
I was called Winged White Freak or Ghost Girl so much that I started believing it was true.

I had no friends and was never treated kindly.

I was always alone.

Locked in a room for hours with nothing but a white teddy, my doll and some nursery toys to occupy my time.

I was so lonely I ended up crying most of the time.

When I was hungry, Nanny would come in, plunk a bottle down in front of me then leave without a second glance or even a kind word.

I had a potty chair to use but it was hardly cleaned and almost 90% of the time I ended up soiling myself despite knowing how to use the chair.

When bedtime came I was roughly scooped up and placed in the crib, a muttering of ‘goodnight little winged freak’ reaching my ears.

Then the light was shut off and I would sit in the dark silently crying until I fell asleep.

Other times, I would end up falling asleep on the floor because no one would answer my cries.

This same routine went on for 6 straight and miserable years.

The only happy times that I can vividly recall was when Dove would come and play with me.
He was the only one in the house who never called me Freak or Winged White Ghost or any of those other cruel names.

He called me Mist instead of my first name.

I looked forward to his daily visits.

Dove would spend his whole day with me, giggling with me as we played with blocks or just sitting with me and keeping me company.

He’s the only reason that l survived living in that terrible home.
When the other children picked on me, he’d chase them away then hug me saying one day he’d get me out of here; everything would be okay.

My Toddler years went faster than I had thought. I had taught myself how to walk and talk.
But reading was something I would always have trouble with since no one taught me how.
Dove would read with me on occasion so I wasn't going to grow up completely illiterate.
My birthday came and went. No one but Dove celebrated it.
He brought me a white bear wearing a orange dress and it even had little white fairy wings. I loved it!

The years flew by quicker than I had realized. Soon I had aged into a child.

But my troubles didn’t stop there in fact they got worse.
There was one boy, Benjamin, or Benny as he was often called that just had to make my life a living hell.

On numerous occasions I had found him outside torturing a little white cat I named Wisp.
I jumped down his throat about it and he would turn on me calling me the ‘Winged Freak’ over and over.
I hated him, sometimes I wished I could use my powers and hex him into eternity but sadly fairy magic doesn’t work that way.

“Stop picking on my cat, Ben. She’s done nothing to you so LEAVE HER ALONE!

He just glared at me, smirking like he knew something I didn’t.

“What are you going to do about it freak? Huh? No one likes you, and no one will ever love you.
Who would want to love an albino winged freak anyway?” Ben sneered at me as my face fell in hurt and shame.
I tried putting up a brave front but deep down he was probably right.

“Stay out of my way or I’ll make you regret it.” Was all he said, leaving me hurt, bewildered and scared.

After the confrontation, I isolated myself and spent my time painting.
It was the only thing keeping me from breaking down.
I could hear Dove and Benny arguing downstairs. Dove was jumping on Benny's case for harassing me.
It was nice to have a Knight but for me life was becoming more and more uncertain.

The only time the other kids weren’t picking on me was when we were all doing our homework.

It was actually the only time the entire household was quiet and busy doing their own thing.

Nanny would be on the computer working on her latest book, Leo in his meager but thriving garden (which was something I was interested in) and the other kids either playing in the yard or doing other activities.

A few times I would try and approach Mr. Leo about helping in his garden but he would always yell at me and shoo me away.
So I would watch him and study what he did from the kitchen window. I made notes on which plants he was growing and in what season.
The things needed for fertilizer and how much water to give each plant.
I plan on having my own farm with a huge garden when I get out of this home.

Dove stayed by my side despite all the problems. He loved it when I transformed into my tiny fairy form and would tickle him.

He always looked amazed when I did that.

His birthday came and went and he was now a Teen. He was lucky, he got a beautiful cake for his birthday, as did all the other children who were growing up all around me.
I was the only child in the house now.
Everyone else were teens and so much more crankier than I've ever seen.
All except Dove. He's still the same gentle, quiet and caring person I've come to admire. That is why I call him my Knight.

Soon my birthday came and went, no one celebrated which wasn’t a surprise.
The other kids, Dove included got cakes; me? I got nothing but I was used to that by now. 'Freaks don't get cake and presents...' they told me every time there was a birthday.
So I wasn't expecting anything from anyone. Not even my Knight, Dove.
It was just another day...

Even as a teen I still spent most of my time painting but I also started showing interest in Leo’s garden and would watch him work in it from the kitchen window.
I had a small notebook full of notes on gardening so I was more than ready to start one of my own.

After my aging into a Teen, nothing circumstantial happened in fact it was mostly just doing homework, making and correcting my gardening notes, painting, and avoiding all the other now, teenagers in the house.

After several years of just the plain old same routine I was ready for change. I was close to graduating high school, I only had one year left as did Dove.
Most of the other kids were busy with learning to drive, boyfriends, girlfriends, social clubs and avoiding cops after curfew. Me? I was doing quite well for myself.
I was maintained my place on the Honor Roll, was a straight A Student with extremely high marks in Fine Arts and Science.
I painted several paintings that I considered Masterpieces. One of them was a Portrait of Dove.
He was always saying it was extraordinary and to have it framed. I told him I'd frame it once I was in my own house.
I could never allow that painting to grace the walls of THIS house.

Soon Dove’s birthday was here. He was finally a Young Adult and ready to move out into the world and leave this berry-forsaken place we even dared to call a home.
An orphanage was NO place for children to live in.
I promise that when I get my own home and have enough finances I will adopt 3 orphanage children just so they can have a chance at a better life than what me and Dove have had up to this point.
Dove like always; smiled broadly and said it was a great idea.
He would help me achieve it.

He made good on his promise that he told me so long ago:

“Someday I’ll get you out of here”
He told Nanny of his plan and she didn’t care.

“Nanny. Now that I’m old enough I’m moving out and I’m taking Mist with me. We’re leaving.” Dove said as I hovered in the doorway near to them.

I was shocked. I didn’t expect him to actually do it. I had thought that it was a childhood wish…not that I’m complaining of course. I’ve wanted this more than anything.

“I don’t care what you do Dove. You can have her. I’ve got my own problems to take care of. You were a good kid, I hope she will turn out as good as you did.” Nanny said somewhat nicely and turned back to her novel.

Leo however would hear nothing of the sort.

He told Dove that the ‘freak’ was his responsibility and I was not going to be permitted to leave.

Dove stalked up to him angrily; his eyes blazing with hatred and something else I couldn’t quite identify.
"Leo you are damned lucky you are an Elder or you'd be on the ground. DO NOT call her a ‘freak’ again in my presence. She is more special than you could ever know! We're outta here. I'm packing her belongings and she's leaving with me. End of discussion."

Leo backed down since Dove was now old and big enough to do him serious harm.

Dove didn’t even hesitate he called a cab, packed my paintings, childhood toys, and clothes and pets then we left.

He literally grabbed me by the wrist, guided me into the cab and told the driver to take him to the airport, we were leaving Twinbrook behind…for good.
I asked him where we were going and he said that he had an acquaintance in Moonlight Falls, town of the Supernatural.
We were going to stay with them for a little while then move out on our own. I didn’t question him and looked forward to my new home.

After a long flight we arrived in Moonlight Falls.
The town was huge and I could see other fairies like myself everywhere.
Dove explained that in this town, being a fairy was common place so I wouldn’t be shunned.

“What about me being a freakish Colourless Berry Fairy?” I said quietly; mostly to myself but Dove heard me.

“You listen to me, Mist, you are NOT a FREAK you understand me? Yes you are Colourless, but that makes you special. My dad was a Colourless Berry and he was proud of it. You should be too. Why do you think that I’ve spent my entire life protecting and loving you? It’s because of the fact that you are special. If anything with those beautiful crystalline wings of yours you are a white ANGEL not a freak as you have been called all your life.” Dove said holding me close.

I was speechless and grateful.

“I’m an angel huh? Wish I could believe that. But thank you Dove, it means allot to hear you say that.” I replied giving him a quick peck on the lips much to his and my shock.

He looked at me sheepishly.

“I-I-I’m sorry Dove, I don’t know what came over me. Please for—“he cut me off.

“It’s okay Mist. I’m not mad. Don’t worry about it.” He replied calmly then went back to reading his book.

After a while we reached a large Victorian style house. “This is our temporary home. We can only stay here a night or two until I find us some property here in town. So make use of it while you can okay?”

I nodded and went inside to look around. The house was huge it had 4 bedrooms, 4 ½ bathrooms and a large den area and breakfast nook.
I wished I could live here forever. It was so different not having to share everything.
I loved the silence also it was so quiet I could hear the ticking of the kitchen clock and the clicking of Sasha’s claws on the hard wood flooring.

Oh, how silly of me to forget, when Dove moved me out of the Muggins’ home he took the family dog, Sasha a gentle but large St. Bernard mix, my cat Wisp and the family’s fish. He had told me that he felt that they didn’t deserve pets and we could take better care of them. To which I readily agreed!

Later that day, Dove had received his high school Diploma from Twinbrook High. It had been sent to Moonlight Falls after we moved.
He was proud of himself and I was very proud of him as well. He had worked hard to earn it. I was still in school so I'd get mine a little while later.

He made Autumn Salad for dinner, then read his book some more while I worked on my homework.
Even though we only had a few days here I loved every minute of it.

I've been worried about where we would live after our time in this house is up.
Finally after a long and seemingly tense silence I voiced my concerns.

“Dove?” I asked as I pushed the salad around on my plate.

He glanced my direction, “Yes? What is it?”

How do I begin…”Um we only have one more night in this house, where are we going to live? What are we going to do?” I asked finally voicing my concerns and slight fears.

“Don’t worry, Mist. I have it all under control.” Was his reply.

Somehow that reassured me.

The next morning I looked around the house I had grown attached too.
Would our new home be as lovely as this one? I'll be happy in whatever house we have but I just want a home to call my own.

Today was the last day I was going to be here. I went to school, art class, then came home?
Guess I can’t call it home anymore. By this evening we would be moving.
Dove had secured our new lot and we would be able to move in right away. I was very excited.

Generation 1.2 Next Segment...The Fairy on the Farm...

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PostSubject: Re: ~:.~On Painted Wings: A Rainbowcy/DITFT Legacy~.:~   28/8/2014, 17:34

Loved the story Chelsea! Will be waiting for the next segment

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PostSubject: Re: ~:.~On Painted Wings: A Rainbowcy/DITFT Legacy~.:~   

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~:.~On Painted Wings: A Rainbowcy/DITFT Legacy~.:~
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