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 How to download for newbie simmers

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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: How to download for newbie simmers    9/10/2013, 18:39

Part 1
What you need (programs & tools)

I would recommend getting these programs & tools in place before downloading anything. Click the name and it will redirect you to the site where you can download. You might have to register at Mod The Sims if you are not already a member to download.

Step 1 - Make a new folder on your desktop or somewhere safe on your computer. Call it Sims 3 Tools or something like that. I have mine on my desktop.
Step 2 - Download the following. Place them in your new folder

Delphy's Dashboard
Delphy's Custard

For a more in depth guide as to what each offers click on HERE (dashboard) and HERE (custard)

Another very handy program is a zip or rar opener. I use Izarc its completely free and easy to use, you can get it HERE Others you can use are WinRAR and 7-Zip

I also keep this in my folder, the one I keep my sims 3 tools in.

Step 3 - Now we need to download a resource cfg file. We have to make a folder for this in a certain place. Lets make the folder first before downloading. Open up your sims 3 folder. You can find it here

My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3

Right click and make a new folder. Call it Mods. Now open your new mods folder and make another new folder and call this packages. Now the 2 folders are made. We can download the resource cfg.

Downoad it here

This is where we will place the rescource cfg file (check pic below)

Now we have all our folders in place we are ready to download. Lets move on to the next step. We will use items from here at Simtech, but the process is the same wherever you download from.

Part 2


Lets go choose a sim to download. I am using this sim ( Monique Irvine by Me) You can get her here

Under the pictures for Monique you will see a CC List. What I usually do is download the skin and hair first. The skin is usually, 9/10 times a package file. More tips on how to install package files below. The hair is sometimes a package file (if its a retexture) but usually it is a sims 3 pack and will transfer with the sim, but to be on the safe side I would download it anyway.

NOTE - When you download a sim without the skin or hair. They could crash your game. Here are a few tips to try and combat this.
Missing Skin - You will find a charcoal sim in your create a household (missing skin) To combat this, click on the sim, go to basics, click on the skin you want to use, age up the sim to adult, or down to whichever age you choose. They look weird right? Almost transparent, don't worry. Change the age back to the original age and voila your sim now looks normal.
Missing Hair - This is noramlly what crashes my game, hence the reason I download the hair and place it in my game before the sim. If you are lucky and the game does not crash, simply choose a new hair to place on the sim.  

Lets download the skin first. Click on the link to get the skin. Once you find the skin (on that particular site you can change the language to suit you) click on the download link and a new window will open. Ad.Fly do NOT click anything yet. Wait 5 seconds until you see this (pic below)

Click on skip add. Another window will open (see pic below)

Click on Save File. It will download into your downloads folder found here My Documents > Downloads. To open this file we will use the file opener you downloaded earlier. (see pics below)

Now you need to right click on the file, find your file opener, highlight it, As you can see it opens up another list, click on extract here. You will see that all items within the download then seperate (see pic below)

I use the non default version but it is up to you which one you use.

Non default does not replace any skins in your game
Default does replace them.  

Leave everything where it is just now, we will come back to these files shortly. Now you can download the hair and any other items you want from the cc list under the sim then download the sim. Once you have opened and seperated all files using the step above. We can then move on to installing everything in the right place.

Tip - I make a new folder within my downloads for each sim I download and I place everything I need within that folder before installing. (see pic below)

Sims 3 Pack

Before installing anything we need to check it using our tools from before. To check the sims 3 pack open up your custard tool, click on file, then open and choose the sims 3 pack you want to install, not sure on how to use this? Go to the link at the top of this post and follow Crins instructions.

If everything is good to install. We can carry on. Close the custard tool.

This is how I install my sims 3 pack downloads, other may do it differently but I find this the easiest way for me. I open up my sims 3 downloads folder {{ My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Downloads}} and my folder containing the sim I just downloaded (see pic below)

Now highlight the sims 3 packs (green icons) and drag and drop into the sims 3 downloads folder (see pic below)

Before going on to the next step I will show you where to place your sim file in case you would rather use that or if the sims 3 pack of the sim does not install through the launcher. <---- this can happen on occassion.

Sim file

If you would rather use the sim file and not the sims 3 pack of the sim you downloaded this is where to place it.

My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Saved Sims (see pic below)

Before Opening the launcher to install the sims 3 packs from before we need to place the package files (in this case the skin) Move on to the next step.

Part 3

Custom Content Package Files

To place the package files open up your packages folder you made at the beginning of this tutorial.

My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Mods > Packages

You might find it easier to make individual folders here for each package item. for example I have different folders called, clothing, skins, hair etc etc

As before highlight the package file and drag and drop into whatever folder it is going into (see pic below)

Now you can move on to the next step, Don't worry we are nearly done.

Final Stages

Close all open folders, or minimise them its up to you. I minimise mine, just in case the sims 3 pack sim does not install through the launcher.

Open up your launcher, click on downloads, tick each item and click install (see pics below)

Now as you can see my launcher shows both items have installed, but have they? Let us make sure before opening our game.

Close the launcher. I can here you saying what? why? All will be clear in a moment.
Re - open the launcher. Click on downloads. Do the items still show as being installed? If so carry on into game. If not (see pic below)

Oh dear my sim did not install. This could be because I don't have all EP's installed or it could be something else, I have no idea why this happens sometimes but not to worry it can be solved. Remeber I showed you how to install the saved sim file. Well this is where we need to use it.

Once you have installed the sim file into the saved sims folder, you can open the launcher and go into game.

Note - If the sim did not install through the launcher you might have to go and collect all clothing etc individually from the cc list provided. Only do this if you want the clothing the sim is dressed in. I usually don't do this as I have plenty of other clothing items in my game.

Go into create a household and look for the sim you have just installed. Click on the thumbnail and hey presto there she/he is.  (see pics below)

Now you can change the sim to your liking or play with them in your game.

I hope this tutorial helps you all. If you have any questions feel free to post them below and we will help you as much as we can.

hugs hugs

**Live - every moment - Laugh - every day - Love - beyond words**
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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: How to download for newbie simmers    13/10/2013, 13:23

remember if there are any questions at all, no matter how minor feel free to ask. We are here to help in anyway. Also if there is something missing from this tutorial you feel should be included post below and we will add it in to the main post.


**Live - every moment - Laugh - every day - Love - beyond words**
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PostSubject: Re: How to download for newbie simmers    15/10/2013, 00:49

Great idea hun. this should be useful to a lot of people. :) XXX
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Admin Mag
Admin Mag

PostSubject: Re: How to download for newbie simmers    15/10/2013, 19:20

This is an AWESOME idea MamaHen  I always love your tutorials because I know they are very thoughtful and you go step by step from beginning to end and show EXACTLY what needs to be done! I really like that you have even let everyone know the necessary programs, etc. that's needed even before starting!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I think this is VERY helpful!!!!!bluelov kissy 2 

Anyone can criticize...can YOU inspire? - unknown

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PostSubject: Re: How to download for newbie simmers    

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How to download for newbie simmers
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