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 Low FPS and game lag...

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PostSubject: Low FPS and game lag...   24/6/2013, 19:51

Hi! I'm posting this for another person...

Here are some of the computer specs.
Windows 7
4gb RAM
Nvidia geforce 8400 gs

Severe game lag. Game Runs 30FPS suddenly drops to 1FPS

She has tried everything from removing the graphics to clean to the lowest possible settings. Still the same. Also tried all the tips like game booster and driver updates and roll backs...Is her card going bad???
Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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PostSubject: Re: Low FPS and game lag...   25/6/2013, 16:43

It's definitely the card if your friend hasn't been experiencing any other symptoms. (Apart from the obvious, like the lag, graphics glitches or colour disturbances)

The G84 series cards are known to have defective cores that don't handle heat like they're supposed to, leaving them more susceptible to heat damage and poor performance in otherwise healthy systems. So it looks like her 8400 is on the way out. Apart from physical damage, there's not much else that would cause a FPS drop like that. 

She can try a full, clean re-install to rule out a game issue if she wants, but I'm pretty sure it's the card. Most suitable replacements aren't too expensive though!  

If she wants a rough guide at what sort of replacement she should go for, tell her to take a look at this: - right at the top there's a handy table of most graphics cards and their ability to run the game with each expansion. It's not completely up to date and is based on desktops, but can be used as a general guide for laptops too, you just have to take into account the other system specs a bit more :)
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PostSubject: Re: Low FPS and game lag...   27/6/2013, 01:39

And you need more RAM
EA will tell you now you need at least 8GB of RAM
4GB will not cut it, I am prime example number one
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PostSubject: Re: Low FPS and game lag...   27/6/2013, 03:25

I'll just throw in my thoughts on the RAM here :)

I'm going to play devil's advocate and disagree. I'm not sure how necessary 8GB of RAM would be for sims 3 and its expansions alone. My system copes well with only 6GB, playing on highest settings for long periods of time, and combined with the rest of the system, that's more than enough.

I guess it depends on the individual system's ability to compensate for weaker functions. For example, a system with a high end GPU will drain less power from the CPU while maintaining high performance standards, meaning a relatively low amount of RAM would have a much less negative impact on overall performance.

Also, the system requirements depend on the expansions installed. I reckon 8GB RAM is overkill for a game like this. By default, on a Windows based OS, the game can only access 4GB of RAM. Although this can be bypassed and having more RAM means more of the 4GB total can actually be used by the game, it shouldn't be too big of an issue if the rest of the machine is ok.

In this case, a drop in FPS would probably have little to do with the amount of RAM. Although the 8400 is known to cause problems, it's still a dedicated card, so the GPU is responsible for the amount of graphics processing power and RAM is less likely to be causing a problem.

Upgrading the GPU here would be enough to solve the problem and avoid a huge bill! If a RAM upgrade is within budget and is something they want to consider, that's perfect! Helloooo awesome gaming system, haha! - but this time, I reckon just replacing the crazy GPU would do :)
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Low FPS and game lag...
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