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 Patch 1.38 Info

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PostSubject: Patch 1.38 Info   3/9/2012, 00:35


This happens every time haha!
too funny

So I'm moving house and can't get online for a few days, I finally get 10 mins online and I find EA have released another patch.
Aaand this one is a dodgy one. There's been lots of issues reported with this one (more than usual that is haha!)

This is a pretty short post compared to my usual update guides, sorry guys!

Anyway, here's the official patch contents:

"This game update includes the following changes:

Base Game:

New decorative drainpipes, roof cornices, wall patterns, a bookcase, and neighborhood rock objects.
New Create a Sim controls for ears, nostrils, jaw, and skin color.
Updated collection journal to track collectables.

Online Feature Updates:

Send or receive a surprise gift box to/from your friends! It could contain anything from a chunk of Simoleons to a painting, or even a car!
Receive an Elixir from Supernatural players containing magical properties that will affect your Sim’s lives!

Late Night:

New moodlets and socials for Vampires.


You can now browse a larger selection of our most popular Store content directly in Buy Mode!"

... sounds harmless enough.
Don't install if you want to lose the function of your mods. Wait until they've all been updated before installing the patch.
Or just take them out and add in each one as it's updated. Twallan has already started updating, others will most likely take a while.

Usual steps apply.

1. Disable all custom content (sims3packs through the installed items tab of the game launcher, and move your Mods folder away from your Sims 3 folders)
2. Backup (make a copy of your save files or your entire Sims 3 folder if you want to)
3. Quit all other running programs and let the update finish completely.
4. Re-enable sims3pack custom content via the game launcher.
5. Remove all mods that will need updating from your Packages folder (this includes Twallan's mods, Awesomemod, XCAS, slider hack mods, and anything else that is game version specific)
6. Run the game to test.

Any questions or problems, feel free to post in here.
I'm not online as much as usual since I've just moved and we haven't got our proper broadband in yet, but I'll still be checking in when I can!

more love more love

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PostSubject: Re: Patch 1.38 Info   3/9/2012, 01:15

thank you for posting this info isla. you know me hun. i could be weighting a life time. you know i don't update till everything is sorted out. :) luv u luv u
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Founder Mag
Founder Mag

PostSubject: Re: Patch 1.38 Info   3/9/2012, 01:38

thanks Isla hunny, again I will wait until everything is done

more love more love

**Live - every moment - Laugh - every day - Love - beyond words**
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PostSubject: Re: Patch 1.38 Info   3/9/2012, 11:35

haha I'm a bit cautious about this one. There seems to be a lot of problems coming out of the woodwork as more people install it.
I've had people email me about missing interactions, UI display errors and CAS glitches. And then there's the Launcher issues and the usual 'everything is broken' complaints.
too funny
BUT I'm waiting on emails back to confirm whether these are just incompatible/outdated CC/mods issues, I'll keep an eye out and see if there's any confirmed bugs from the update.

I really doubt there will be, as much as EA likes to break things, I can't see anything in the patch details that would cause things like that, so it's got to be some sort of external problem caused by people not paying attention and leaving CC/mods installed while they're updating!

Twallan has pretty much updated everything important. Awesomemod, XCAS, slider hacks etc will all take forever as usual haha!

more love
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Patch 1.38 Info
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